Why are monthly during pregnancy. Why is it dangerous?

photo of period during pregnancyPregnancy and monthly-no comparison between them. It is precisely the lack of critical days, is the main signal began an interesting position. From friends and friends can hear the stories as they were periods in the first month of pregnancy or several months as expected on time and everything was fine. But this is a painful process. The physiology of women is provided that menstruation begins when the last cycle the egg is not fertilized, this egg comes in the form of bleeding together with the particles of the endometrium, the altered layer of the uterus.

If, however, the woman will become a mother soon, almost all the processes in her body change. In large quantities produces progesterone, which helps to increase and loosening of the endometrium that the embryo was able to get a better foothold. Also increase hormone makes the uterus to contract, not to reject him.

From this short story it is clear that pregnancy and period at the same time cannot exist in nature. But there are circumstances when pregnant women have to deal with periodic bleeding. What are they period during pregnancy, what causes this phenomenon?

The reasons why can go monthly during pregnancy

Doctors have a common opinion that especially dangerous periods during early pregnancy, as it can signal detachment or rejection of the ovum, and therefore the risk of miscarriage is very high. But that’s not why I started bleeding, and to ignore this fact in any case impossible. In some cases, are month of pregnancy, take a closer look.

  1. If the body of the expectant mother does not adequately produce progesterone can occur the presence of blood with the elements of the endometrium. This means that the uterus begins the process of purification, and thus can tear is located in the ovum, the embryo. This situation is necessary to prevent, and immediately contact your gynecologist. The problem is solved quite simply, the doctor prescribes the means of supplementing the mother’s lack of hormone, the main time to seek help.
  2. Hyperandrogenia. This is another hormonal component. In other words, the predominance of male hormones. Such a situation in the absence of treatment, leads to miscarriage, but happily solved with the use of some hormonal drugs.
  3. Ectopic pregnancy. The test shows 2 strips, and monthly go in a former mode, while they can be more painful than usual. Unfortunately, there are times when the fertilized egg is not in the uterus and uterine (fallopian) tube. Such a pregnancy cannot be saved, because the fruit will not fully develop. Moreover, this situation can be dangerous for women, because increases in size the embryo can break the pipe, which is impossible to restore, and opened the internal bleeding threatens a woman’s life. At the slightest suspicion, you should immediately do an ultrasound.
  4. Pathology of the fetus. The emergence of infectious, inflammatory and other pathological processes in the womb of a mother, may be the basis of rejection of a miscarriage.
  5. Multiple pregnancy. If the uterus was formed of 2 or more embryos, one of which is for any reason rejected, may occur menstruation during pregnancy, well, or her bleeding. Your task is to take all measures to save another embryo, whose development is normal.
  6. Placenta previa. This is the reason why are monthly during pregnancy in the later stages. This is a situation where the placenta is too low, can occur at 16-32 week of gestation.

Fortunately, it is not always bleeding, threatened miscarriage or other unpleasant consequences. If once caught monthly in the first month of pregnancy, this may be related with implantation of the ovum in the uterus or delayed its movement when menstruation has arrived. In this case, the delay would be felt over the next month.

How dangerous is menstruation during pregnancy

While carrying your baby, you should not listen to the opinions of parous female friends about menstruation during pregnancy. As seen above, the causes and consequences of this phenomenon is very unfavorable for the fetus and for women, except in certain situations. The first danger is the termination of pregnancy. Second blood loss if the bleeding is too profuse. If the abdomen and lower back are painful, and felt uterine contractions, do not wait until the pain will pass, call an ambulance.

You got the answer to many expectant mothers question, are there periods during pregnancy. About the incident of bleeding, need to be urgently reported to your doctor in time to diagnose and, if necessary, to take action. Listen to your body, take care of yourself!

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