Period after childbirth when to start, how many are going, the reasons for the delay

When begin and how many last month after childbirth

when coming month after giving birthQuestion: «Why no periods after delivery?», sounds very often. Will try to figure this out. After childbirth the woman’s body needs time to recovery and return to normal condition organs that have undergone changes. Mammary glands and hormonal system need more time with them connected and the restoration of menstruation after childbirth. During this period dramatically reduced the level of proteins, prior to delivery they were developed placenta. Proteins tend to regulate metabolic processes in the body. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland regulates the activity of the endocrine glands, including the ovaries. In the postpartum period, the pituitary gland produces the hormone prolactin, which stimulates milk production in women and inhibits the development of eggs and the period when monthly after childbirth.

When periods start after childbirth?

why after giving birth, no periods or they are not regularExactly how this hormone works and depends monthly when recovering from childbirth. In this situation, everything is very individual. If You do not feed your baby breast milk, expect a period after giving birth in a month. Sometimes women who fed babies to breast-1-1. 5 years, for the same period and menstruation does not begin. If the baby is fed only breast milk for the first month after delivery will start after the end of lactation period. If You practice mixed feeding, your period may start in this period.

Young mothers very often make the mistake, which really want to warn. No need to believe the tales that to get pregnant when periods appear after birth. Regardless of whether You feed your baby breast or not, are menstruating, ovulation and conception can occur. Be careful.

Moms who gave birth by caesarean section is also interested in when coming month after giving birth in their situation. In this respect, no difference between natural childbirth and caesarean section. In both cases, the return of menstruation depends on lactation.

How long period after birth?

Not to be confused with the monthly discharge, which starts immediately after birth and continues for about 6-8 weeks. These allocations are similar to menstrual, but are not. In this way the body is cleared of secretions from the wound tissue, which arose in place of the detached placenta, separation called lachemi.

When coming month after birth, they should immediately get into the right cycle. If stable monthly cycle is recovered within 2-3 months, followed by a delay of menstruation, or decrease in the interval nothing, so maybe. But to go to the doctor it is necessary, sometimes after childbirth irregular periods can be a symptom of inflammation, tumors of the ovaries and uterus. It is better to exclude these diagnoses and to live in peace.

How long period after birth? heavy periods after childbirthChanges in duration of menstruation after childbirth should not be. If after the expiration of 2-3 months allowed for the recovery cycle, it’s not normal, you need to go to the doctor. Heavy periods after childbirth, or scanty menses after childbirth is a serious reason to go to the hospital for examination. For normalization of cycle allowable time – not more than 3 months. Then everything should return to normal.

Women who suffered from painful menstruation to the birth of a child, often wondering whether there will be all as before. In this respect, everything depends on the causes of disease symptoms. Some causes of painful menstruation really smoothly, and after childbirth, when they come monthly, the pain will not torment. About PMS this, alas, can not say, all will remain.

Delay in menses after childbirth can occur for the reason described above. Perhaps Your body needs to get back to normal over a long period. To exclude pregnancy, too, is impossible, ovulation and conception can occur regardless of the presence of menstruation and feeding the baby’s chest. If pregnancy is ruled out, you need to go to the doctor. If the gynecologist did not reveal any pathologies, it is necessary to refer to the endocrinologist.

The long delay menstruation after childbirth can be a symptom of the development of pathological changes in hormone levels. This happens due to heavy blood loss during childbirth or postpartum complications. Not necessarily that it will. Perhaps such specific features of Your organism. But to self-medicate and wait, when will my period after giving birth, not worth it. Child needs a healthy mother, better to take the survey, check everything properly and if the disease is detected, begin to treat it as early as possible. If the disease is not present — to live in peace and happiness, and not to worry and torture yourself with restless thoughts.

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