Paroxysmal dry cough

Obsessive bouts of coughing can occur suddenly and the reason for this are various problems with health. The most common factor that triggers this symptom colds. However, in some cases, a dry cough in an adult can be the consequence of allergies, heart disease, disorders of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract.

Causes of dry cough

Husband coughs

As a rule, the vast majority of cases of attacks of dry cough in humans are associated with diseases of the nasopharynx and throat and the bronchi. In addition, prolonged symptoms can cause diseases such as sinusitis, rhinitis or pharyngitis. When the cold gets to the bronchi (only in advanced stages), one develops bronchitis. Often long and dry irritating cough is bothering the children, because a child’s immunity is not very strong and can not resist pathogenic microorganisms.

Otolaryngologists argue that severe paroxysmal dry cough (or wet) is a way of the body to cope with the blockage of the respiratory tract. There are cases where start coughing, as a result of development of certain diseases, for example:

  • SARS;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • pneumonia;
  • laryngitis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • whooping cough;
  • foreign bodies in the respiratory tract.


Painful symptoms of attacks symptoms, may disturb a person’s throughout the day or at night. Normally, glands in the nasopharynx emit daily to 2.5 ml of mucus, which helps to breathe properly. Inflammatory process or an allergic reaction cause a fever patient, the mucus becomes thick, viscous and sticky. For this reason, the body to provide a natural outflow of a sputum becomes difficult. The human respiratory tract clogged, the air difficult to pass into the lungs, appears cold.

Paroxysmal dry cough on the exhale is the body’s response aimed at liberation of the bronchi of excess mucus. To this symptom ceased to torment the patient, the pain disappeared in the chest, it is recommended to make inhalations, drinking mucolytics, gargle until the phlegm start to clear his throat. However, if spasmodic paroxysmal cough with whistling was continuous, protracted, chronic phenomenon, should undergo serious medical treatment.

The doctor listens to the child with a cough

In children

Continuous paroxysmal dry cough in children at night or in the morning can be a sign of asthma, allergies, viral infection. These diseases occur with edema of the upper respiratory tract, persistent spasms, pain, shortness of breath. Especially dangerous night attack, which is accompanied by hypoxia, which may frighten the child (especially a child) in a dream. In this case, the baby will not be able to take a deep breath, start to panic, barking cough in a child will be noisy and Intrusive, face blush and limbs and lips will turn blue.

Treatment of dry cough in adults

If the problem bothers you a long time, first of all, you need to suppress the reflex that causes paroxysmal cough and soothe a sore throat. You can use the people’s recipes (depending on the nature of the symptoms and General condition of the patient). However, we recommend professional treatment. Doctors prescribe medications that can help stop the recurrence of the disease. The mode of action (Central and lateral) cough tablets can be divided into two groups.

The first is a centrally acting drugs (functioning at the level of the brain), apply such funds permitted only by prescription from a doctor, because they reduce breathing, and in overdose block it. The second group of drugs helps to fight the disease at the level of respiratory receptors. It includes:

  • Bronchicum;
  • The falimint;
  • Terpincod;
  • Codeine.

The husband has a dry cough

How to treat dry cough in adults? In the first stage of development of the disease to alleviate the condition of can soda or oil inhalations, mustard, medicinal baths, compresses. It is important to distinguish dry from wet cough, because the treatment for them there are different. Nonproductive paroxysmal symptom must be encouraged to transition to productive, to soften, to remove its causes. As a rule, to cure dry cough, should take no more than one week. Do not forget that the fastest way therapy is taking antibiotics.

How to treat a barking cough in a child

Means you need to choose, depending on the cause of the cough. It is very important to ventilate the room of the baby during illness (especially in the evening). Fresh air helps to relieve cramps, nourishes the child’s body with oxygen, is eroded out of the room of germs. To cure the whistling cough in a child, it is recommended to give the patient a warm drink to warm up. Very useful to do inhalation, but do not use essential oils, it is better to stay on baking soda.

In addition, spasms perfectly remove hot baths for feet and hands. If you don’t cough a dry cough, it is recommended to give babies special baby syrups: Gerbion, Mucosolvan, Sinotop, Alteyka. If the symptom will be observed for a long period of time, you can Supplement healing Kus ointments or decoctions of medicinal herbs (thermopsis, licorice root, mother and stepmother). If there is sore throat, you can give mints, tea with raspberry, honey grechishnyj. Some parents used against dry cough classical homeopathy.

How to get rid of dry cough

Ditini undead

Paroxysmal symptoms are accompanied by sore throat, hoarse voice, chest pain, a complete lack of mucus. The most effective way to treat dry cough are considered to be inhalation. For them to use the solutions and essential oils of sage, eucalyptus, mint. Preparation:

  1. To prepare the composition for the procedure, you need to pour boiling water and infuse for about 20 minutes to dry herbs.
  2. After that you can make session of inhalation.

Additionally, the patient is recommended to drink plenty of warm fluids. For example, a well-known recipe – a mixture of honey, butter with whole boiled milk. Effectively combine drugs with inhalation of essential oils (cedar, anise, sandalwood, oregano, thyme). Physiotherapy (acupuncture, massage of the chest, electrophoresis, UHF, diathermy) is not less effective for treatment because they reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity, accelerate the healing process.

Folk remedies

Pondering how to relieve coughing in a child or adult, do not rule out home treatment, such as:

  1. Mix 0.2 l of cranberry juice and 100 grams of honey. Drink the tool slowly in small SIPS for half an hour.
  2. A raw potato rubbed on a grater, add a little honey. Means take 1 tsp every hour. The therapy is 5 days.
  3. Brewed 0.5 liters of boiling water 1 teaspoon mixture of dried herbs (marjoram, marshmallow, mother and stepmother). Insist a few hours, drink for a day.
  4. Crushed dried figs, add 10 tablespoons per liter of milk, boil, insist 30 minutes. Then strained the drink and taking half a Cup every day 5 times.

How to remove a coughing fit in the night

Discomfort a person may cause dry cough, which is much worse at night. There are several ways to remove the attack:

  • drink a decoction of chamomile or lime;
  • mix warm milk with mineral water (or baking soda): 1/1, drink;
  • to take pills or spend inhalation before going to sleep.

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