Pain under right shoulder blade

When in the back of the person experiences pain, he thinks it is not a serious symptom, continues to live on as if nothing happened. The signal may indicate the development of dangerous illness, which urgently need to be treated. Pain under the right shoulder blade can indicate internal disease, or pathology of the back. Accurately determine the diagnosis is possible after passing a thorough examination.

Causes of pain in the scapula area on the right side

The husband has a pain the back side

Presented symptom may indicate the presence of various diseases. It can be osteochondrosis, disorders of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, inflammation of the respiratory tract, the formation of cancerous tumors on the back. Pain syndrome takes sharp, carry, pull, and sometimes shooting in nature or is accompanied by a burning sensation. To cure such a condition is necessary to eliminate the precipitating factor. Therefore, some painkillers you can not do.


The most common cause of discomfort in this area there are problems with the spine. When diagnosing patients identify ailments such as osteochondrosis of the cervical or thoracic. These pathologies are accompanied by severe pain and a burning sensation on the right side of the back. The cause of these manifestations – neuralgia, which is characterized by a pinched nerve under the shoulder blade. The pain takes acute, and burning smooth.


Pain syndrome at the level of the blades may be accompanied by backache, nausea, and even vomiting. These manifestations are the consequence of such diseases as anxiety and autonomic disorders. It’s a neurosis that requires urgent diagnosis and treatment. Still able to cause tingling osteochondrosis of the spine. If you shoot under the right scapula, the patient may appear not only nausea and vomiting, as well as the shot in the head on the left side of the chest near the heart.

The girl's stiff back

Numb back in the blades

This sign speaks of numerous serious diseases. The reason for the numbness back can hide in impaired functionality of the pancreas. In women, this symptom occurs when endometriosis, uterine carcinoma. Men as a manifestation of chronic prostatitis, of diseases of the prostate gland. Numbness of the back may experience women during pregnancy, and patients in stretching the muscles of the waist, shoulders.

Aching pain

A sign of this nature may indicate the development of diseases of internal organs or pathologies of the back. The first group of ailments include liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestines. All diseases can be of infectious, traumatic and oncologic nature. If it hurts under the right scapula from behind, here are the following reasons:

  1. Fracture. Trauma is the result of a strong blow to the target area.
  2. Infectious processes.
  3. A nodule. They can take benign or malignant in nature.

Why it hurts under the right scapula from behind

The guy back pain

The reason for the formation of such symptoms, there are problems that are interconnected with the spine and lumbar region. In such patients, the doctor makes the diagnosis – an osteochondrosis. A characteristic feature of this disease remains a pinched nerve endings. Discomfort can be concentrated in one area or spread across the back. They are of a constant aching character, sometimes the pain radiates to the arms.

When you cough

If it hurts under the right scapula during a cough, the cause of such a symptom may be vertebrogenic pathology or lung disease. For the first disease characterized by the presence of degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, fractures of ribs and vertebrae. The mechanism of pain is associated with irritation of the nerve fibers. If the cause of discomfort when you cough – lung disease, there is a dry and exudative pleurisy. The mechanism of unpleasant symptoms is a result of irritation of receptors of the body.

When you inhale

If you have a spine in the blades when you inhale air, then the cause lies in the inflammation of the pleura. Discomfort in breathing may be accompanied by both dry and wet cough. The reason for the formation of the pain under the right shoulder blade – that at the time of receipt of new portions of air to apply more lesions of the pleura. In addition to the above symptom occur dry cough.

The woman coughs

When driving

Pain under shoulder blades back while walking is characteristic of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Is osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, a compression injury. If the pain is a symptom of diseases of internal organs, this can include cholecystitis, pancreatitis, purulent peritonitis. But pain under the right scapula of the patient visit concomitant symptoms, which help make the diagnosis.

What to do if back pain in the blades

Treatment of the symptom occurs without the necessary diagnosis and research of doctor impossible. Only after determining the cause of pathology can go to her therapy. As visited pain are reflected in nature, the source of the disease is located at a distance from the blades. To identify and resolve pain, it is advisable to contact the following specialists:

  • neurologist;
  • trauma;
  • cardiologist;
  • the gastroenterologist.

Child physiotherapy

First, the patient is obliged to visit the local doctor. He will perform inspection and refer to the necessary specialist. Diagnosis will include urine samples, x-rays. Your doctor may prescribe to take painkillers. If the pain is acute and is accompanied by a rise of temperature, vomiting, you should call an ambulance.

If the person is sure that he vertebrogenic disease if you feel unwell, you can use compresses. It is better to make alcohol lotion – dilute the alcohol with water in equal amounts and apply on the affected area. To keep them you need 2 hours. Remove the compress, the skin cover with a towel and apply ointment anti-inflammatory (Fastum gel, Naklofen). You can still use the effective methods of physical therapy. These include:

  • electrophoresis;
  • UHF;
  • magnetotherapy treatment;
  • shock-wave treatment.

Video about pain under shoulder blade

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