Ointment hematomas and bruises

None of us is immune from minor household accidents, which may appear bruise. Less often, the result of severe beatings or blows, unpleasant and often very painful consequences become hematoma. Read the information about what kind of ointment will help to relieve these painful symptoms and quickly return to normal.

Ointment hematomas

Remedy for bruising

Before considering the types of drugs that will help with this damage, their purpose and function, let’s see what is hematoma. The so-called bleeding in the tissues of the body, whereby they formed blood-filled cavity. This phenomenon is accompanied by pain, swelling of the damaged part of the body, the local increase in temperature. The color of the skin at the site of injury becomes blue-violet or red color. To relieve pain at the injured place, so that the hematoma resolved quickly, apply different creams.


This ointment is a mixture of bioflavonoids – beneficial plant substances, including at least 95% troxerutin, which is widely used in diseases of the veins. The effect of the ointment is manifested in the rapid elimination of swelling, reduction of pain. The drug affects capillary walls, increases their tone and reduces breakage. It should be remembered that troxevazinum ointment can only be applied on intact skin. The wounds this drug deal is impossible. If the hematoma is combined with skin damage, it is better to apply the ointment «Levomekol».


Drugs with badyaga – freshwater sponge has a pronounced healing properties – good for removing bruises. The medicinal qualities of this sponge are expressed in skin irritation silicon needles that comprise its skeleton. After applying the ointment from bruises and hematomas on the basis of badyagi on the skin feels tingling and warming effect. In this area of the body, blood vessels expand, blood circulation aktiviziruyutsya. Such action drugs with the pain promotes the resorption of hematomas. It is important to know that these funds are not applied to damaged skin.


This ointment eliminates hematomas, increased vascular permeability and exit of fluid into the tissue, anti-inflammatory, protivotoksicheskoe action. The effectiveness of this ointments is due to the effective combination of its composition of such active components:

  • heparin, which prevents blood clotting and has an antithrombotic effect;
  • benzyl ester of nicotinic acid that dilates blood vessels;
  • the benzocaine – active surface of the substance of local action, has an analgesic effect.

Heparin ointment


This gel has its name suggests that negates the effects of the blows. The main active ingredient of the drug is leech extract, rich in biologically active components. The effect of this means is intended to reduce the swelling of bruised tissues, resorption of bruises formed, resulting in a formed hematoma and bruising disappear quickly. The application of this gel is contraindicated in bleeding disorders.


This gel protivorevmaticski action as the main active ingredient contains heparin. The drug is widely used in the treatment of varicose veins, and has a pronounced anti-edematous, antiexudative and anti-inflammatory effect in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and subcutaneous hematomas. Do not use a gel «Lioton» on open wounds and clotting blood.


This gel has a pronounced kapilliarotoxicos, venotonic and angioprotective properties, reduces vascular permeability, improves microcirculation. The preparation consists of two active ingredients: indomethacin and troxerutin. Valuable medicinal properties of indomethacin is anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Its combination with troxerutin allows you to quickly remove the pain and inflammation both externally and in deep tissues.


Good analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties are medical products based on Arnica Montana. So, homeopathic medicines «Arniel», which includes a tincture of the medicinal plants are widely used to eliminate impact sports and everyday injuries. This remedy effectively treats bruises muscle pain and swelling, helps to ensure that the hematoma was quickly resolved.

Best remedy for bruises

Lioton 1000

You’ll be a bruise from a hematoma? Although often these two concepts are used interchangeably, yet there are between the consequences of trauma differences. A small bruise appears on the surface of the body due to lesions of the capillaries, this is a less serious consequence of injury than a bruise. The following is helpful information about what ointment hematomas and bruises can help to get rid of such unpleasant phenomena depending on their localization on the body.

On the face

For the rapid restoration of normal skin tone in medical and cosmetic practice is widely used badyaga from bruises on the face. The peculiarity of this is that drugs containing this ingredient is applied for 15-20 minutes and then remove the remains with a napkin. Good gel «Tinakoff», which removes the bruise along the way has a slight matting effect. Will have a quick effect on the absorption of gathered blood remedies with Arnica and vitamin K, ointments containing heparin.

Under the eyes

If the result of an unfortunate accident turned out to be a bruise around the eye, in such a situation it is necessary to apply a fast-acting, highly effective. The first thing to do after a stroke is to cool the injured spot with ice or any cold object for 5-10 minutes so that the bruise appeared minimal. To remove the bruises under the eyes will help the preparations, concoctions (contributes to the rapid resorption of the blood), Arnica (helps to remove manifested yellowness), antithrombosis drugs «Caffeine», «Lioton», «Heparin».

On the feet

Rescue balm

Bruises very often localized on the legs, anywhere engages with the protruding part of the furniture – and the next day has already appeared a mark. To minimize such effects, just after impact, it is necessary to RUB the place of injury, then the possible to apply cold. Will work well applied on the region of impact of iodine mesh. Perfect ointment for bruising and bruising with venotonic and angioprotective properties: «Troxevasin», «Heparin», «Lioton», «Indovazin». For first aid for bruises and injuries in the home medicine Cabinet should have a drugs a «Lifesaver», «Spetsmash».

For children

In this age of bruises – a common phenomenon. Although in most cases they go themselves, all the information about which tools are better suited to address the impacts of children’s bumps, you can be useful. Remember that when buying a drug it is necessary to look in the manual, at what age it can be used in babies. Good ointment for bruises, which can be applied even for the little ones – «Troxevasin». Well help the resorption of bruises gel «Tinakoff», balms based on natural ingredients «Rescue», «Child Rescuer».

Video: how to treat bruises and hematomas


Olga, 56 years:I use Vishnevsky ointment as a quick way to cure a bruise, remove, seal in the body region that was injured. Birch tar, which is included in its composition, enhances the process of blood circulation in the injured place, because the hematoma appears minimal. For the treatment of small bruises I fit the balm «Rescuer».

Natalia, 24 years:for me Personally the best way to quickly get rid of the consequences of the strike is «Tinakoff». Once during active rest very out of place caught his bump on his forehead, and the pharmacy was advised that the gel. With him I felt pain relief immediately after application and cured the bruise literally for 3 days. Now recommend this drug to friends.

Alexander, 23 years:During intensive sport I just needed the funds from the bruising, which rarely, but happens. To quickly heal the effects of trauma, I use a homeopathic gel Traumeel – it is well reduces the pain, and the result is less manifest bruises. Sometimes with the same purpose use of ointments, includes heparin.

Tatiana, 33 years:For my child movable downed knees and bruises are common. For faster healing and relieving pain smear their son space shock gel», Senecoff» or a balm «Lifeguard» – I have more confidence in the drugs based on ingredients of natural origin. If you are able to apply them immediately after injury, the bruise is almost not manifested.

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