Oil for stretch marks during pregnancy

what is better oil stretch marksThe waiting period, the child may for a woman to overshadow some of the negative States of body and soul. Often the expectant mother experiencing emotional stress during the period of waiting for a baby, in addition, suffers physical condition — a heartburn, nausea. Among the external problems, to highlight the stretch. It is known that pregnant women are not advised to use various methods of treatment, but natural and safe products to use are allowed. Great effect has the oil from red and white stretch marks during pregnancy.

This tool can be used, as during the formation of stretch marks, and for their complete prevention.

What are stretch marks? In medicine a specified defect called Stryi. Stretch marks represent the internal stretching of the skin layer, which on the surface of the skin formed ragged lines of different colors. More about why stretch marks appear on the body read the article:

  • Belly /rastyazhki-na-zhivote
  • Hip /rastyazhki-na-bedrah
  • On the chest /rastyazhki-na-grudi

Oil for pregnancy stretch marks, you can apply to prevent cellulite. The tool is very efficient, available and harmless.

The oil is different specific variations. Created on a natural basis, some are made in the form of cosmetic preparations in the medicinal effects.

Oil for stretch marks and its variants

Asking the problem, what oil is better from the stretch, it is important to consider the most popular options related to this tool.

  • Olive oil for stretch marks


Olive oil for stretch marks photos

This tool was adopted internally, and externally. It very efficiently solves the problem of the appearance of stretch marks if used regularly. Olive oil against stretch marks copes with the resulting drawback, besides, it is an excellent prevention from new apartments to the skin. Before application, the skin with stretch marks, it is desirable to expose easy peeling, then the skin is moisturized and apply a specified oil. The procedure must be repeated twice a day. Dual positive action will have the means, if, simultaneously with the application of oil on the skin to do light massage. After the procedure, some time it is not recommended to wear any clothing, after a few minutes, the remaining olive oil to wet cloth.

  • Almond oil for stretch marks

This tool is used similarly to the above-mentioned instructions. Almond the oil has rejuvenating, moisturizing and nourishing action. This drug is especially appreciated for the fact that never causes allergic reactions.

  • Coconut oil stretch marks


kokosowe oil photo

The tool has a miraculous effect on stretch marks due to fats within it. In addition, coconut oil for stretch marks contains a lot of fortified and mineral substances, which beneficially affects the internal and external condition of the skin. A particular advantage of this drug is that it has natural properties to give elasticity to the skin.

  • The wheat germ oil

The tool contains in its composition of ingredients which fight with skin aging. This oil for stretch marks prevention is better than other means. The wheat germ oil perfectly stimulates the functions of the skin regeneration, prevents the appearance of strains and contribute to the nutritional value of the skin layer.

  • Castor oil for stretch marks

Vitamin a included in a complex content of this oil helps stretch marks be removed or become discolored. If used for massage, the effect will exceed all expectations. If castor oil when applied to the body, begins to burn the skin, it is better not to use it.

  • Cocoa butter stretch marks


oil for stretch marks

This tool is used in ancient times. Initially, the cocoa butter applied to nutrition and hydration, but after it was observed that the antioxidants found in the oil, miraculously, tightening the skin, giving it elasticity, strength and elasticity.

  • Peach

The tool is used not only how to effectively cope with stretch marks, but opposing various fungal diseases of the skin. It is strictly forbidden to eat a peach oil during pregnancy inside. Applied to the skin the oil has a soothing aroma that is beneficial to the emotional state of the expectant mother.

  • Jojoba oil

If there are stretch marks, oil for stretch marks on chest it is best to choose based on jojoba. Jojoba oil is used only external application, but maybe after using it on a woman’s body can develop an allergic reaction. It is recommended to use this product mixed in with other neutral oils such as olive.

  • Shea butter

This feature is similar to that described above. Shea butter has a unique composition with which it is possible to get rid of many skin imperfections. In addition to eliminating stretch marks, Shea butter has a nourishing and moisturizing effect.

  • Linen


the oil

This tool is used since ancient times, it has a double effect if you use it inside and outside. Flaxseed oil is rich in vitamins, healthy fats, antioxidants and other active components.

  • Oil of juniper

A similar tool is unique not only in the «young» stretching, it is seen that it is capable to eliminate old stretch marks. Oil of juniper is effectively used simultaneously with honey rubbing of the skin.

  • Sea buckthorn

The tool copes with many defects on the skin, it has immunostimulatory properties, which protects and preserves the skin of a pregnant woman. It is allowed and internal use of sea buckthorn oil, it is very useful and harmful.

  • Rosemary oil Oil rosemary photo

Specified rosemary essential oil is used in small quantities, it is recommended that this tool be mixed with other ingredients, and then use as a destroyer of stretch marks during pregnancy.

  • Orange

The drug has excellent action, but the skin of a pregnant woman a large concentration of orange oil may cause negative reactions. Oil contains large amounts of vitamins A, E and C, so it easily handles a variety of skin imperfections.

Pharmacy oil

  • Oil stretch marks Bio oil. This cosmetic product contains a set of several active oils from the stretch. Regular use of the drug will help to remove even old stretch marks. The advantage of oil is that after using it does not leave the body greasy residue.
  • Oil Johnson’s Baby stretch marks. Baby oil works fine with adult problems. If the use regularly, the active ingredients help the skin regain elasticity and youthfulness.
  • Oil Weleda stretch. Weleda — oil for stretch marks, which enjoys high popularity among pregnant women. In the composition of the drug are active oils that do an excellent job with the skin defect.

It is important to remember that the oil against stretch marks during pregnancy will do to promote positive results if its use does not cause negative reactions in a woman’s body. If redness, itching, burning or other rashes, the tool cannot be used.

Other means and methods described in the article /kak-ubrat-rastyazhki

Write in the comments what helped you in the fight against stretch marks.

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