Food nursing mother after giving birth

Food nursing mother after giving birthEven after the birth of a baby, the relationship of the child with the mother is not less close than during pregnancy, only now they are United not the umbilical cord, and breast milk that is so necessary and so helpful for the baby. All know that breast milk contains large amounts of nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, mineral elements and vitamins. Of course, the abundance of all the nutrients, will depend on the diet of the mother. When it comes to the newly minted mom many there are associations of severe restrictions, strict diets, not to cause the child allergic reaction and the formation of gas and bloating. But, the fact that a single rule is impossible, since the sensitivity of the bellies and the individual babies are different and you will have to create their own diet after birth to lactating mothers, trial. Yet there are some guidelines and tips that will help mothers to avoid certain errors.

The basic requirements for the nutrition nursing mother

  1. The diet should not be broken.

Food women after they have a baby, should be a rich, balanced and very diverse. If the menu will always be missing some useful product in the mother or baby may be a vitamin deficiency or deficiency of certain elements. For this reason, it is not recommended to adhere to a mono-diet of nursing mothers suggest that eating any one kind of product. This leads to a significant reduction in breast milk variety of vitamins, proteins or carbohydrates. Mom’s body is Mature and will be able to cope with this stress, and the body of the baby in this case, will bear the loss. In addition, the child may not eat the breast, and therefore does reject it, while artificial feeding is less natural and useful and very cheap.

So, the diet of a breastfeeding mother of a newborn should consist of all the fundamental food groups: meat/fish, dairy products, fruits/vegetables, cereals/pasta, eggs, butter. The only rule that you need to remember you can’t have everything at once in a row, each new product must be introduced gradually, to avoid the baby colic, intestinal disorders or Allergy to the product then it will be difficult to determine.

  1. Food after childbirth should be enough calories.

If outside of pregnancy and lactation, a woman needs to consume an average of about 2500 kcal, in nursing mothers, the daily requirement increases by about 600-800 calories, as it is necessary will provide the necessary proper nutrition not only for themselves but for the growing body.

  1. Adherence.

Mums are encouraged to adhere to a fractional power, that is to eat several times a day as desired, but in small portions. Thus, it will be to organize continuous production of milk, and it will keep all nutrients.

  1. A nursing mother needs to drink a lot.

To maintain good, natural lactation, the mother is extremely important to keep drinking regime. Up to the usual amount of fluid you need to add the order of 1l per day. It should be noted that it is not necessary to enter large amounts of water immediately after birth because the milk comes in 2-4 days after the birth of the baby, and you can face the problem of excessive production and poor separation.

What to drink for lactating mothers? In an ideal scenario, drink mommy should be plain water, of course, it should not be soggy from the tap, it is better if it is purified, filtered, spring or mineral. Sodas for moms banned, this is the first instigators of the intestinal fermentation and colic in babies. Allowed the use of teas (with milk), stewed fruits, fruit drinks, herbal teas ( with caution), fresh juices, better to give preference to the juice of green apples or pears, red fruits are more likely to cause an allergic reaction in children, for this reason, it is better to refrain from the juice of citrus fruits, tomatoes and grapes. From dairy products are good natural yoghurts, kefir, yogurt or fermented baked milk, preferably without the various flavors. Many women love to drink coffee, and it is not prohibited to the experts. However, all caffeinated drinks and foods can cause increased excitability of the child and his separation anxiety, so you should be extremely careful with their use.

What can I eat lactating mother?

I want to elaborate on your question women who after a week’s stay in the hospital arrived home, but still don’t really know what to feed nursing mother thing to do.

The main source of protein in the diet of lactating mothers in the first 3 months are meat and fish. Therefore, zealous supporters of the vegetarian food, you need to seriously think about. Generally, it is best to choose lean varieties of meat (pork, beef and veal), white poultry meat, lean fish (e.g. Pollock, pike-perch, hake, etc.). As the method of preparation it is better to give preference to boiling, baking or cooking for a couple.

As a garnish, the mother can choose anything you want, only with extreme caution should be taken to peas, which can cause discomfort to the baby. Can a nursing mother pasta? And why not, it’s the same dough, and Allergy to this product is rare.

In addition to protein, the body should consume adequate calcium, it is very useful for cardiovascular and bone system we have. Often, because of the shortage of this element in young children occurs severe disease — rickets. To calcium better from dairy/milk products.

Food for lactating mothers after delivery should be rich in fiber, it is extremely important for normal work of the digestive system. Therefore, fruits and vegetables from the very first days needs to be true friends of women, because in addition, they contain many different vitamins. The use of beet nursing mother very welcome, despite its red «prohibited» the color often indicates the amount of potential allergens. However, up to this root vegetable is not the case, moreover, it contains inspiring amount of vitamins and minerals: vitamins C, E, PP, iodine, folic acid, etc

New mommy will surely wonder what cereals can a nursing mother, because each grain has its own characteristics. Experts believe that any cereal is extremely useful when breastfeeding, they normalize digestion of mom and baby, maintain normal sugar levels, especially clover, must be present in the menu of lactating mothers with colic in the baby. The recommended list of cereals is quite wide, you can cook oats, buckwheat, wheat, barley, rice, semolina. You can benefit from a nursing mother? For some reason this cereal most of the women are wary. But, in fact, polenta is a lot of useful features, and one of the first allowed to feeding the baby. But, women with diseases of the duodenum or other organs of the gastrointestinal tract, more than 2 times a week its use is not advised.

Sweet moms better to give preference to the use of dried fruits, marshmallows, jelly, fresh jam. What cookies can a nursing mother, you can talk to lovers of pastry. The safest is, of course, homemade cookies, without additives or flavors. From the store, better to give preference osanobu, app and shortbread. Over time, you can try to enter into the diet and pastries.

If I were to summarize the foregoing and to answer the question: what foods can a nursing mother, the answer is very simple, you can eat everything but in reasonable limits, and it is better not to lash out at all the food in a row, and to introduce new products gradually. Totally worth it to eliminate fast food, sodas, alcohol, canned food, prepared food, pickles, margarine, mushrooms, too spicy foods and exotic fruits. Get yourself a diary or notebook, so you prefer to commit the use of a new product and to monitor the response of the baby.

Health to you and your child!

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