Nourishing cream for face in winter

It is known that winter skin care of the face needs to be not as moisturizing as a nutrient to «saturating» the skin with beneficial vitamins. In the cold period the skin should be protected from frost, icy wind thick cream, as external stimuli desiccate, drain it. What cream to choose in the winter to cater to different skin types?

Proper care of skin in winter

Dryness, feeling of tightness of skin in freezing weather – a frequent phenomenon, although girls try to find a tool for winter maintenance. Often the fault is even what is nourishing face cream for the winter right? Here what are the nuances of care of the epidermis in the cold:

  1. For women with oily skin should use moisturizing and nourishing funds regularly. Even oily skin is dried in the winter.
  2. If a woman every day putting on makeup, then she needs to take care about the special means of makeup. Concealer, makeup base selected separately for such period.
  3. We should not forget about competent cleaning of the skin. Wash the cosmetics are chosen depending on skin type.
  4. Protective nourishing cream is similar, but not identical. Thanks to the protective cream face is covered with a thin layer of protective film, which does the environment affect the skin.

Warmly dressed girl

What should be winter nourishing cream

70% quality nourishing cream for the winter consists of saturated concentrated oils. What substances are recommended amounts:

  • Vegetable oils and animal fats. The former include avocado, peach, wheat germ, olive, jojoba, and the second badger and mink oil.
  • Vitamins, their complexes. For nutrition and regeneration of the epidermis essential vitamins a, C, E, often lacking in the body.
  • Panthenol.
  • The plant extracts. Calendula, chamomile therapeutic relieves irritability, calms inflammation.
  • Antioxidants. «Defenders» from the negative influence of external stimuli.

Best winter face cream

Just need to determine your skin type and then choose the right formulation. Protective or nourishing cream should be used based on components, quality of the product itself. How would you not advertise cosmetics, mandatory testing for allergic reaction. Products, what suits one may not suit you. Apply the cream with a high content of water preferably at bedtime or a few hours before going out into the fresh air, otherwise crystallized elements will damage the epithelial layer.

Product from Nivea

For dry skin

Dry the epidermis of the person you want maximum nutrition with useful elements. An important mission of the cream in this case is to saturate the tissues of the face to avoid dryness, tightness, flaking. The softness of the cover of the face must be achieved in a natural ingredients: extracts of plants, beneficial oils. They cease inflammation, heal wounds, fractures tissues. A good brand of products for this type of epidermis that protects the skin from unpleasant feelings:

  • Matis;
  • Dove;
  • Nivea.

The product from Natura Siberica

For oily

Too active work of sebaceous glands attached to the tissues of oily Shine, but even this skin needs a good agent. Bad weather, wind and frost cause inflammation, redness of the epidermis layer. Oily components must be in very limited quantities to avoid excess fat, unsightly Shine and uncomfortable. Even the Foundation must be a purely individual and applied over the usual cream to provide additional protection.

Choose agents with matting effect, which normalize the work of sebaceous glands, not allowing them to produce too much secretion. Effective is easy, but nutritious phytocosmetics. Well-known brand of tools that is designed for oily skin: Crust, Natura Siberica, Nivea, Clean line. If possible, pick up two funds: one for daytime use and night care.

On the face of Oriflame

For combination

The cover of the face becomes drier at all sites due to the influence of cold. Important point – for this type of epidermis you need not only food, but also moisturizing, even oily areas of the face require adequate care. Watery cream is applied before going out for a walk, but the rich can be used. Resistant to climatic manifestations creams of such brands:

  • Manager;
  • Green Mama;
  • Natura Siberica.

Products Skin Doctors

For aging

Aging skin needs special feeding elements, which smooth wrinkles, make it more supple, consistent. Necessarily in such cosmetic products include: collagen proteins, nourishing oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamin complexes. Maintaining water balance inside and protection outside in winter, the skin need. To strengthen the immune system cells, without slowing down the update of the epidermal layer to help production of such brands: Skin Doctors, Vichy. The latest cosmetics company has created a line taking into account revitalizing ingredients.

The cure Avene

For problem

Dehydrated, with regular inflammation of the skin requires reinforcement antioxidants. Pick makeup with moisturizing effect, which use at night or for a few hours before going outside. It is useful the use of lightweight toning creamy masks. Well-known brands that produce agents for problematic skin types

  • Nutrition Nuit;
  • Avene;
  • Bark;
  • Black pearl.

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Anastasia, 25 years: I Have combination skin, problem that oily areas Shine in the winter, but the dry charged, disgusting flakes. To choose the cream, I really can not, was the responsibility of the seller. Acquired Natura Siberica. Used all winter. The tool is great applied at night before bedtime and in the morning the skin is not shiny, was soft to the touch.

Vitalina, 33 years: in the Winter due to wind and cold, I have very dry skin. To resolve this, I decided to choose a nourishing cream. Chose the Dove – the tool is not expensive, but effective. Applied morning and evening, it is quickly absorbed, does not Shine. Recommend to those who have skin is very dry, under conditions of fatty epidermis is unlikely to fit.

Katrina, 18 years old: a Good cream for the winter time Black pearl. Bought in the store, hankering that the price is low, but in the winter do not regret it. For too oily skin will not work, but prevention is a perfectly acceptable quality at affordable price. Means suggest, allergic reactions, side effects after use are not observed.

Valentine, 50 years: When you buy the cream, just pay attention to what is there hyaluronic acid or collagen, because my skin is older. In winter it is very dry, flakes on cheeks, forehead and nose. Acquired from the latest Vichy, while happy, but the means often change, so even if you choose a cream from this company, then another line. The price of the product is justified, the skin is fed in moderation.

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