Norm of cholesterol in men

Cholesterol is an important component of the chemical composition of the blood, which is accompanied by the synthesis of vitamins and hormones, metabolism. If the index is broken, we are talking about pathology, which impairs the quality of life of women and men. Rate of cholesterol is calculated from biochemical analysis, and the determining factors are age, gender of the patient.

The level of blood cholesterol in men

Blood cholesterol in men

Indications for laboratory research become cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, endocrine pathology. Conduct biochemical analysis of blood determines not only cholesterol, but also its quality is «bad» or «good.» In order to reduce the risk of disease, the table below shows the norms of cholesterol for men by age:

The age of men, years Norm of cholesterol in men, mol/l
1. 16-20 3,09-5,18
2. 21-25 3,16-5,59
3. 26-30 3,32-7,58
4. 31-35 3,37-of 3.96
5. 36-40 3,91-of 6.94
6. 41-45 3,81-6,53
7. 46-50 3,94-of 6.96
8. 51-55 A 4.2-7,38
9. 56-60 4,45-of 7.77
10. 61-65 4,45-7,7


Ideally, the normal total cholesterol in men due to the range of 3.6-5.2 mmol/L. At the conclusion of laboratory studies with the figure of 6.5 mmol/l and above it is a progressive disease process that requires timely medical care. Such a result clearly affected by the consumption of sugar, but do not forget about the age of the patient clinical.

HDL cholesterol

Blood cells and cholesterol

The presence of cholesterol in its pure form is negligible, since this element is included in the composition of lipoproteins. Its concentration can be inferred, harmful organic compound to health or not. High density lipoproteins (hereinafter HDL) are considered «good» cholesterol because it protects the vascular wall from the harmful effects of sugar concentration. His margins in adulthood – to 1.89 mmol/L.

The norm of LDL

The «bad» cholesterol in men and provokes the risk of abnormalities, so this figure need to take under special control. The normal level should not exceed 3 mmol per 1 l, otherwise the General condition is deteriorating, leaves much to be desired. Studying the figures, it is important to remember that the figure may increase with age, which is also the margin rules according to the table.

Breakdown of cholesterol test

After performing biochemical analysis of a blood it is necessary to wait for the results to objectively assess the overall condition of the body. The norm should not exceed 5.2 mmol/l, but even a slight jump does not speak about the aggravation of the deadly disease. It is not excluded health problems, so you need to go lipidogramu to determine the root causes characteristic anomalies. It is shown re-analysis of blood cholesterol which will allow to confirm or there is a problem in the male body or is it just a physiological malfunction.

High cholesterol in men

If the real figure is higher than allowable standards in men, effective treatment is possible only after adequately prescribed therapy and reliable determination of the etiology of the pathological process. Before you can reduce cholesterol to the desired limit, it is important to find out the main cause of the situation. The medical practice known pathogenic factors are particularly relevant in adulthood:

  • one of the forms of obesity;
  • passive lifestyle;
  • alcoholism and Smoking;
  • total or partial intoxication;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • improper diet;
  • retirement age (over 55 years);
  • recurrent hypertension;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • atherosclerosis acute or chronic forms.

Cholesterol in the blood

Qualified doctors draw attention to the fact that this problem occurs more often in men, and in recent years much younger. Abnormal abnormalities predominate at the age of 40 years, and progressive atherosclerosis is considered to be the scourge of our time. Therefore, cholesterol in men need in a timely manner to stabilize, using for this purpose the official and alternative methods.

Norm of triglycerides

The fats contained in the food and into the body with subsequent replenishment of the blood called triglycerides, and their increased rate increases the risk of exacerbation of atherosclerosis at a relatively young age. To avoid such fatal consequences, must be controlled by the rate of cholesterol in a laboratory. The males must not exceed 1.7 mmol per 1 liter, otherwise you may experience a strong need for a comprehensive examination.

How to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood

To cholesterol for men the limit was met, the need to reconsider their diet, to choose a therapeutic diet with a moderate content of lipids. The daily portion should resemble the rate of 250-350 g of this component, which is enough to maintain the body at a satisfactory level. Butter is replaced with olive and alcoholic drinks – grapefruit, carrot or pomegranate juice. Bran, legumes should be an integral part of diet composition.

That was not the norm of total cholesterol, it is necessary 1 time a year to hand over the biochemical analysis of blood, especially for patients from high-risk groups:

  • heavy smokers and alcoholics;
  • patients with excess body weight;
  • people with the predisposition and the presence of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure.

If it fails to resolve the provoking factor – the fat, the increased blood will soon be back to normal without additional medical appointments, medical participation. If such preventive measures are not enough, you need timely conservative treatment, which takes a comprehensive approach to the health problem:

  1. Statins (Simvastatin) inhibit the corresponding enzyme of the liver that is responsible for the intensive production of HDL.
  2. Fibrates (Fenofibric) effect on HDL, increasing its concentration in the blood.
  3. Simulators cholesterol absorption (Ezetrol) opposed to the large-scale absorption of lipoproteins from the intestine, thus bringing paps in men to increased standards.
  4. Nicotinic acid (Niacin) inhibits the release of fatty acids, thus reducing the level of harmful enzyme.
  5. The bile acid resins (Simgal, Atoris).

The blood cholesterol

Norm of cholesterol in the blood is a achievable condition, if there are tested recipes health. These folk medicines are in high demand, are showing positive results already after the first course. Here is one of the most popular recipes – garlic tincture:

  • young garlic – 5 heads;
  • honey floral varieties is half a liter;
  • lemon – 5 PCs.

Method of preparation and use:

  1. Young chop the garlic to a pulp.
  2. Squeeze the lemon juice into an enamel bowl, combine with garlic mixture.
  3. Add honey in the quantity, quality and mix of the ready to put in a dark place in a jar under a tight lid for a week.
  4. Taking the drug in the morning, one teaspoon.
  5. When the therapeutic compound will end, you need to make a second batch to make it another month.
  6. To repeat the course in order to prevent 1 time per 5 years, for treatment – 1 time per year.
  7. It is advisable not to drink and slowly dissolve under the tongue until dissolved.

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