How to remove nervous tension

bolEvery third person lives with constant stress. Not surprisingly, the current pace of life imposes such a mark. We have all the time in Affairs, cares, and even on weekends we can relax, because immersed in thoughts about the negative emotions generated in a week.

Not in a hurry to get hooked on antidepressants, if you notice the symptoms of chronic stress and fatigue. There are many ways to remove stress without medication, following which you will gradually achieve harmony with yourself.


  1. The loss of activity during the day
  2. Constant desire to sleep
  3. Frequent irritation and dissatisfaction with others and with ourselves
  4. The lack of desire to maintain contact with people
  5. Headache by nervous tension can be felt almost constantly
  6. Apathy, depression, unwillingness to live.
  7. The temperature rises from nervous tension due to the fact that in this period of life the body is weakened and susceptible to many diseases, the most common of which SARS, acute respiratory infections, flu, heart disease, and nervous system.

To this list we can add more than one item, but if you have a strong nervous tension, you will feel it immediately.

How to get rid of nervous tension: 10 tips

We will talk about medical methods that do not involve drugs.

  1. Express that you are concerned

The effectiveness of psychoanalysis is not confirmed for decades. We’re not talking about the need to enroll in a course to a psychologist (although if you want free time and money, it is a very effective way). Most of those who has tension, is unlikely to visit a specialist. We will tell you how to cope with their stresses on their own.

  • You can talk about all the problems the household pet, toy or imaginary friend.

It sounds crazy, but the effectiveness of the exercise is to not keep it all to myself, and started this monologue, you will be able to better understand yourself, because this one problem leads to another. So, you can «unwind» and a whole bunch of problems, identifying what was the root cause of stress.

  • Write down on paper what is bothering you

It is an alternative to talking out loud. Don’t limit yourself, write everything that you want. Can record the impressions of each day. You will get a clear picture of what is bothering the most. However, share of courage to release myself from this negative factor.

  1. Use your imagination

In an emotionally heavy periods of the day allow yourself to disconnect for a few minutes to imagine yourself in a happy state. You are on the ocean, on the concert of your favorite band in the restaurant with a loved one. The breathing becomes smoother, the pulse is normal and you can continue working day in a more balanced state.

  1. Don’t forget to relax

At least 4 days per month to give up their daily difficulties. The rest can be anything: watching a good old movie, sleeping, going to the theater, a trip to the country. The main thing that he really brings you pleasure and distraction from negative thoughts. 5 days a week working as a robot and a weekend completely to sleep, falling into a «sleep coma» is not conducive to release from nervous tension.

  1. Please yourself

Do your big dreams and small whim. Become yourself a wizard, a fairy and best friend. Remember that you have a better understanding of yourself, do not expect gifts from fate or loved ones. At least once a month, reward yourself with something: chocolate cake, new shoes, dive in solitude for a few days, buying new books, the list goes on forever.

  1. Walk often on foot

The brain cannot function properly if its cells are depleted of oxygen. Hiking light contribute to the restoration of harmony and good sleep.

Effectively this exercises to relieve nervous tension:

A minute go fast, a minute slow, minute long strides, minute small. This simple physical workout will help to distract from bad thoughts and to lighten the mood.

  1. Smile

You may have heard about it and not just: smile, even stretched forcibly, can improve mood.

Scientists have proven that the facial muscles send impulses with a positive attitude to the brain, causing the first forced smile becomes genuine.

It is time to try this method of relieving the nervous tension for yourself. When the first symptoms of nervous tension, smile despite all the troubles.

Persen is a great helper when you need to learn how to remove tension from the head.

  1. Meditate

Don’t be scared of this technique, it does not provide the years of training and intensive yoga sessions. Meditation is concentration. To start using this technique can be simple: follow the breath and not to let thought in the head. It is quite difficult, but this is interesting.

Having mastered one after the other techniques of meditation, you will increase your productivity and learn how to disconnect from negativity. At first quite 8 minutes a day to do this technique to learn to cope with his emotions.

  1. Medication to relieve nervous tension

We would not recommend to take powerful anti-depressants and tranquilizers, without using the techniques described above. If you understand that this needs to be done before you remove tension with their help, consult your doctor, he will prescribe the most effective and suitable tablets.

Good support nervous system – natural remedies. Decoction of chamomile, lemon balm, sage, or oregano, it is recommended to drink during the day for a little or glass for the night.

Valerian drops or tablets will help you calmly respond to aggressive events in life.

Glycine – a natural remedy that has sedative and nootropic action. It improves memory, concentration and a positive effect on the brain. Glycine can be consumed by children.

Magnesium B – vitamin that is freely available in the pharmacy and contributes to the normalization of the nervous system.

Hope you got all the necessary information on how to cope with nervous tension in the future will not be exposed to stimuli.

If you have something you can add on the topic of the article, leave your comments below.

Be healthy!

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