Myths of plastic surgery

It is possible to operate any one part of the body many times, ensuring its perfection? And always miraculous transformation under the surgeon’s knife is really great? Today we will dispel some myths about plastic surgery.

1.After plastic surgery of nose in the cold turning blue.

This is not true, however, after entering the room with a nose that was operated on, begins to leak water, so you will always have to carry a handkerchief.

2.Liposuction can replace fitness.

After liposuction you will not be able to appear beautiful muscles. Moreover, after this surgery, when you pumped the grease, the surface of your skin may change, and it will be impossible to fix even with the help of fitness.

3.Breast enhance mostly single women aged twenty to thirty years.

Many married women get a boob job after the birth of a child, striving for perfection. But the statistics show that those women who do a boob job, three times more prone to drug and alcohol addiction, and suicide than other women.

4.Plastic surgeons always end up badly: either they decide to commit suicide, or killed.

Kill plastic surgeons more often than any other doctor, and suicidal, they have also been observed.

5.Men more like a woman after plastic surgery.

Of course, the man may like a woman after plastic surgery, if he’s her plastic surgeon.

6.Plastic surgery can be performed without scarring.

Even the easiest plastic surgery can not be done without scarring. However, the scar can be done in an inconspicuous area or it can be covered with clothes or hair.

7.Plastic surgery only for the rich.

Currently, this is not so. Today, plastic surgery does anyone.

8.Breast prosthesis, you can’t fly in airplanes, so they did not explode.

Modern implants have eight shells, so they can’t happen, even if their owner gets into an accident. With these dentures you can even sauna, because they are not heated.

9.Eyelid surgery can damage eyesight.

When eyelid surgery optic nerves are not affected.

10.Plastic surgery can solve a problem of people.

Of course, plastic surgery can get rid of complexes, but they are not able to guarantee happiness, or cure, for example, paranoia.

11.Plastic surgery can become a bad habit.

Some operations can be done once and not to resort to any more plastic surgery. However, some operations require adjustment, but it is hardly an addiction.

12.In women with implants more likely to occur breast cancer.

Scientifically proven that breast cancer in these women does not occur more than others. Implants do not affect the development of cancer.

13.Eyelid surgery can rid us of dark circles.

Circles under the eyes after blepharoplasty can become even more noticeable, especially if you remove too much fat.

14.Plastic any part of the body can be done to infinity to achieve perfection.

After every plastic surgery, the tissue cicatrizes and heals worse. Ideally, it is better to achieve perfection the first time.

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