Myths about nutrition

Today we will try to understand how true some idea about proper nutrition.

Миф1. Apple diet useful

The truth of this assertion is only that if you don’t want the apples, so you’re not hungry. Of course, some Apple fasting days in a month will not hurt you, but a diet of apples is not helpful. It can refer to a salt-free, so the result can be convulsions, depression and dizziness. Also, there will be present the same problems as in Uganda, or a lack of b vitamins and D as well as protein, zinc and iron. In addition, some fruits and vegetables can cause headaches, digestive problems and hormonal imbalance. But scientists from Honolulu say that such a diet increases the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Regarding weight loss, the scientists compared the results of Apple and Mediterranean diet, and the second was more effective.

Myth 2. The day should drink two liters of water

Every person requirement for fluids is strictly individual. Two liters is the daily rate for people whose weight is not less than sixty-six pounds. In addition, you should consider the fact that the humidity of forty percent should drink thirty-five to forty milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight. Moreover, during the meal you can drink the water.

Modern scientists have also proved that the water balance of the body is supported by not only water, but coffee, tea and other beverages, so three glasses of clean water to drink will be required. While nutritionists suggest not to drink at once a large quantity of water, and eat doses.

Myths about nutrition

Myth 3. You need to give up sweets

Sugar is not as evil as it is described. It becomes evil when uncontrolled consumption. Glucose is needed by the body to the brain, nervous system and other organs to function properly. However, the consumption of glucose should comply with the norm. Daily intake of sugar should not exceed five to ten percent of the basic ration. This means that you can afford sweets, but only in moderation. For example, I can eat a serving of fruit or a piece of chocolate. But from the sweet carbonated water should be avoided, as there is a loading dose of sugar.

Myth 4. Frozen fruits and vegetables such as fresh

Experts believe that the benefits of frozen fruits and vegetables the same as fresh. For example, after shock freezing in vegetables and fruit remains seventy percent of minerals and vitamins. This can be explained by the fact that they are frozen in the first days after harvest. Fresh vegetables and fruits that are stored for a long time, its beneficial properties are losing. So it will be better in the winter time to combine the fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits.

Myths about nutrition

Myth 5. The most healthy Breakfast – oatmeal

About healthy breakfasts no clear opinion. American scientists claim that the difference in the acquisition of extra pounds between those who eat Breakfast, and who is not, does not exist. The thing in the total number of calories consumed per day.

However, most nutritionists believe that Breakfast is very useful, because it gives the feeling of satiety, besides we cook ourselves. Oatmeal is certainly useful, especially if we are talking about maloprimetny coarse cereals, which are cooked no more than fifteen minutes.

Myth 6. Vegetarians live longer

Vegetarianism is the name of the power supply system, which is limited to the use of animal products. There are three different types of vegetarianism:

•Veganism. Here is forbidden the use of all animal products.

•Rectoverso. Here dairy products can be consumed.

•Lactoovovegetarian. Here you can consume dairy products and eggs.

The attitude towards vegetarianism among scientists is ambiguous. In their diet are proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

In strict vegans may be deficient in calcium, iron, zinc, copper, and vitamins A, B12, B2, D and essential amino acids. The lack of these elements can lead to protein deficiency, hypovitaminosis and disbioza.

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