Myths about breast care

According to calculations of scientists, one female breast on average weighs four hundred grams. To ensure that this wealth was kept in good shape, despite the laws of gravity, be sure to take care of the chest. That did not come up women to maintain supple and beautiful your Breasts.

Today we confirm or debunk the major myths about breast care.

Below the Breasts are not sagged, you need to sleep in a special bra

Translated from German means the holder for the bra chest. This underwear is specially designed in order to protect the breast, to support and maintain its shape during vertical position. However, despite the fact that today there are many types of bras, there is no evidence that bra-free Breasts during sleep collapses. Of course, if your Breasts are large and you can’t sleep, you can use a bra while sleeping. However, it should be made of natural fabrics without seams. However, this is not a question of aesthetics, but rather convenience.

To sleep in a bra banned

Often the wearing of a bra during sleep write off a lot of problems, even cancer of the breast. While all of this is completely unsubstantiated and unfounded. The only problems that can cause night wearing a bra, diaper rash and skin injuries if your underwear was mismatched.

To the Breasts remained elastic, it should pour cold water

Cold water actually helps you to keep your skin elastic and improve blood circulation. However, the Breasts should be hardened gradually, do not immediately take a cold shower. For you best suited douches, in which a warm shower will alternate with cold. You can also do breast massage by a water stream, avoiding the nipples and pain.

If douche is too extreme, you can make a compress of towels. In turn attach to the breast with warm towel for twenty seconds, then cold for half a minute. After this procedure, the breast should put a special care facility.

If you always sleep on your side, between the breast may have a vertical crease

This assertion is true, because you will be constantly sleep on one side, a crease between your Breasts may appear. If you don’t change your habits and daily care for the skin of the breast, such a wrinkle can appear very early, and you will need to exert maximum effort in order to make it not so noticeable. Why you should not neglect the basic care of the skin of the chest, because she will be affected by various factors that affect premature aging.

The nipple needs special care

Primary care of the nipple area is clean and hygiene. The nipple is a very sensitive area for which you want to exclude all the annoying factors:

•Mechanical. Do not RUB strongly the nipples during washing, do not use hard towel, do not use linen with rough seams.

•Chemical. Among such factors may be personal hygiene, washing powders, bleaches, use during tanning special nipple covers. Special funds for the care of nipples should be used as needed. For example, if you during breastfeeding nipples cracked. Apply the cream on care of a skin of the breast eight, avoiding the area juices.

Chest you can’t miss cream

The breast is smeared with cream and you need. After all, in the female body breast – is the most volatile part of the body, which can be one month will significantly increase or decrease. Therefore, the skin of the breast need your help. Special means on care of skin of the breast can not cause it any harm to health. Even the parabens, which have recently accused that they can lead to the formation of breast cancer, in fact cancer of the breast does not lead. Scientists have conducted a lot of research in the last ten years, which joined the health system in different countries, as well as the society for the study of cancer. And they are fully rehabilitated parabens.

The obvious benefit from the care of the skin of the breast. With this task perfectly cope cosmetic ingredients such as collagen, elastin, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, essential oils and plant extracts, such as soy or ginseng.

One of the best ingredients to care for skin of the breast is the extract of the African kigelia, called the natural bra. Specific protein kielin can increase the activity of fibroblasts and also collagen production and increase the lifespan of the hyaluronic acid.

Also effective is the new biotechnological complex Pepha-Tight, created on the basis of microalga Nanochloropsis Oculata. He is well perceived for any type of skin, strengthens it and reduces wrinkles. In addition, you can feel free to use the funds on the basis of peptide complexes, which are safe and very effective.

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