Morning health habits

Right morning habits can all day to charge you a good mood. You can always be cheerful, healthy and happy.

In the morning drink a glass of water

Experts recommend in the morning to drink a glass of clean drinking water, because of the night through our skin evaporates a lot of liquid. And if you’re in the water add a slice of lemon, the benefits will be even greater, because it will force your liver to dump more toxins, which water withdraws from the body via the excretory system.

Always eat Breakfast

The Breakfast is capable of charging us with energy for the whole day, so think about this meal very seriously. Nutritionists recommend oatmeal for Breakfast, because it will act as antistress. That is why it is especially recommended to those whose work is connected with stress or who takes everything to heart. This action of oatmeal is due to the presence of b vitamins, which are responsible for the functioning of the nervous system, the density of our hair and clean skin. And apples, pineapples and green tea will Wake you up much better than coffee. In addition, they contain large amounts of vitamins.

Wash with cool water

Wash with cool water should be because it improves blood circulation, tightens pores and refreshes the skin. In addition, the cool water does not contain as much chlorine as in hot, so it will be much better for your skin.

Listen to your own biorhythms

Our organism has its own biological clock which he lives. Therefore, the same procedures at different times will have different effect. Early in the morning, even when you sleep, your skin already begins to operate, activating the glands actively producing the necessary hormones, which are responsible for protection from the negative effects of the environment. The peak of activity of our circulation accounted for eight o’clock in the morning. Our skin is like a sponge, absorbs everything she encounters, so she is very prone to allergies. At this time, is not recommended to squeeze a pimple. Better at this time to use a protective day cream that protects your skin from UV rays and moisture loss. And cellulite creams best would be the fan, because they enhance the blood circulation that will have an impact on your blood vessels. So in the morning is also contraindicated sauna and steam bath, swimming pool, on the contrary, will bring maximum benefit. As for running for those who want to lose weight, run better in the morning rather than the evening, about six to eight hours.

Morning health habits

Clean the skin

Some people think that cleansing is only necessary at night, because at night it is not contaminated. However, on the morning of the impurities consists of isolated organism of sebum and moisture, which attract dust and fiber pillows, etc. However, the more your skin will suffer from their own secretions, such as dead cells that make the face dull and causes premature aging.

Wake up to an alarm clock

If you like to sleep and your alarm clock is constantly translating, you should know that at this time your sleep will be disturbing and ineffective. But if you also Wake, your whole day will spoil the mood. Therefore, you should develop the habit of waking up to an alarm clock. And then you can get up very quickly and early enough.

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