Modern methods of hair removal salon

Every woman can tell you about hair removal. After trial and error she found the best option for themselves. But science does not stand still, and constantly there are newer methods of hair removal. So today we decided to tell you about the newest and most effective.

Hair removal goes to the number of mandatory procedures to care for themselves. Maybe this procedure not the most pleasant, but quite effective. Fortunately, after this procedure your skin will be soft and smooth. In addition, modern methods allow to achieve the same effect is completely painless.

Diode hair removal Diolaze

This kind of hair removal one of the most effective and fast. The hair removal was developed by scientists from Israel. Scanning diode hair removal is effective for all body parts, even for delicate bikini area and face. The laser beam has a length of 810 nm and head with triple cooling will allow you to achieve maximum results without pain and in a relatively short time.

The method consists in that the laser scanning beam acts on the hair shaft and destroys its structure and follicle. Due to the fact that the laser energy is perfectly absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair follicles and you have the ability for multiple sessions to achieve long lasting effect. And with the large nozzle you can quickly handle large areas of the body.

Usually a course of laser hair removal involves four to six treatments, between which there must be a break of one to two months. Remember also that the effect is not immediately noticeable, you can see only five to seven days after the procedure.

Today it is one of the most effective and comfortable hair removal. It is suitable even for women with sensitive skin who are prone to allergies. Because this method of hair removal is absolutely non-traumatic. In addition, this hair removal can reach 95% of the results.

Contraindications for such hair removal are diseases like herpes, fungus, varicose veins, moles, colds, skin lesions, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy and lactation. You can not laser hair removal to be carried out in the presence of a fresh tan.


Because of its high efficiency this method is considered to be one of the most popular. Its main advantage is that no mechanical action on the skin, so it is not damaged.

This method works as follows: when the light flashes vysokointensivnykh takes effect on contained in the hair follicles melanin, which, holding the light destroys the follicle, then the hair itself falls out. To avoid burns of the skin, the apparatus put on a special nozzle with filters.

For each zone an average of five to seven treatments. After the first treatment generally falls to thirty percent of hair after the second seventy, etc. Between treatments was supposed to be a break of four weeks. The procedure itself lasts from twenty to forty minutes. All depends on the area you want to work on.

Holders of oily skin get from this form of hair removal an additional bonus in the form of small anti-aging effect. In addition, it is indicated in teleangiectasia, hypertrichosis, hemangioma, hirsutism and reduced skin turgor. However, for those with gray or blond hair this method of hair removal will be ineffective.

Contraindications for hair removal, virtually no. The exception is people who have in the area of hair removal is eczema, lichen planus, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, as well as people who suffer from ischaemic or hypertensive heart disease, acute parasitic or infectious diseases and malignant tumors.

ELOS hair removal

Due to its high efficiency ELOS hair removal has become so popular. After this procedure, you will be sure that in the treated area will no longer appear hairs.

In this form of hair removal United the most effective methods of hair removal such as laser and high-frequency effects. As a result, the follicles of the hairs in the active growth phase are destroyed and no longer grow. And those hairs that are in a transition phase or the rest phase, you can destroy the next time.

The time and number of sessions will depend on the treated area. For the underarms will be three sessions of fifteen minutes. But if you want to remove hair all over the body, it may need six sessions for half an hour.

This form of hair removal suitable for all types of hair and skin. It can help to remove even vellus hair.

Among the contraindications pregnancy and lactation, malignancy, hypertension, diabetes, lupus, various skin diseases, scleroderma, metal implants, as well as a tendency to allergies.

Nowadays hair removal is becoming a popular salon procedure such as a haircut, a manicure. After all, smooth skin is the calling card of every woman. And the choice of method of hair removal will depend on you.

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