Mesotherapy: the return of youth

Remember how the fairy king, dreamed of rejuvenating apples. Many women would have paid dearly to take a bite out of the Apple at least a small piece. Now no need to dream — go to the beautician to do mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy: the return of youth

Mesotherapy — what is it?

The essence of this procedure lies in the fact that with the help of very fine needles deep in the skin layers introduce a special rejuvenating substance. Usually they are a complex of biologically active compounds called professionals cocktail. The molecules of these compounds to penetrate, which determines the appearance of the top layer of the skin. Under the action of these substances the skin produces more collagen, the so — called the protein of youth, retains more moisture, which ultimately makes you younger. The track marks are not visible, and the results are noticeable within a few days.

Mesotherapy has another advantage — it is not a distraction from ordinary Affairs. No need to go to hospital, just need to see a doctor. Of course, for the long-term effect of one session of mesotherapy it is necessary to complete a full course «injections of beauty». However, the results are worth it — when properly selected high-quality cocktail woman younger on average five to ten years. This method was so good that it was used by cosmetologists not only to rejuvenate. Injection of special substances to treat cellulite, stopping hair loss.

The main is the selection of good quality medicines that are right for your skin. mezotrace widely used for the treatment of various diseases.

How effective is mesotherapy?

The main advantage of mesotherapy is locality. This means that the active substances do not pass through the circulatory system or gastrointestinal tract to reach the site of action. Therefore, by the very good efficiency of the drug — it is not metabolized, the road is not lost, it reaches the affected area, being a maximum of biologically active. Microneedles allow you to enter a cocktail with a strictly calculated doses, which ensures the best effect of treatment and patient safety.

How to look younger faster?

So you’ve decided to use masterkey for rejuvenation. Be sure to consult with a beautician about additional measures that you need to do. You may need ozone therapy or facial massage, and maybe a deep peel. We should not brush aside these recommendations in thoughts that you want to earn more money. The fact that when using the additional funds for the fight against wrinkles, the effect of mesotherapy will take longer, the results will be visible faster.

Imagine that on your shoulders rests a large bag tied to the foot of the weights. The weight is gradually reduced, then they completely disappear — so mesotherapy removes the inner part of the skins of the burden of the past. But the bag, which are signs of aging in the skin layers. By removing them, you will be able to go long and easy, without visible signs of age. If the bag is not clean — the weights again on my feet again everything will return to its place. So if you want to achieve long-term effect, mesotherapy should be combined with other methods of rejuvenation.

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