Mesotherapy of the face

Mesotherapy is called the revitalizing and rejuvenating procedure that provides intensive nourishment of the skin and makes it supple. Using this procedure, you can get rid of acne, wrinkles, cellulite and other problems. The desired effect is achieved, usually after eight to ten treatments.

A bit of history

We have about this procedure has become known relatively recently, however, she has more than a hundred and fifty years. In 1844 Reid, making the UK the report recommended the intradermal injection, and beys in France, it is practiced. The beginning of the last century was marked by the discovery of anaesthetics, and especially of procaine, used to treat trigeminal neuralgia. Country doctor Michelle Pistor in 1952 for the first time procaine was administered intravenously, resulting in a patient who is deaf, was able to get rid of the pain and again began ringing. Action locally on the nerve centers, Pistor began to introduce anesthetic subcutaneously. And six years later he published a report, which first used the term «mesotherapy». Around the same time, scientists with the participation of Lebel invented the short, thin needle, which was named in his honor.

As a branch of modern medicine mesotherapy is studied since 1987. Currently this service provide about fifteen thousand of mesotherapists.

The possibility of facial mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is effectively used to rejuvenate the skin, as well as prevention of aging. Also it can help with acne, cellulite, alopecia atopic dermatitis and many other skin diseases. Before you undergo these treatments, you will need to make miroslavka and soft cleansing of the skin. Experienced professionals can help get rid of keloid scars. This technique can also cope with baldness, which is especially important for men who want to have healthy and thick hair.

How does it work?

Facial mesotherapy is an introduction of a small injection for a certain area of the skin. These injections contain the nutrients, vitamins, therapeutic extracts and homeopathic extracts. Mesotherapy in these areas increases in the subcutaneous layer blood circulation, thereby activating the metabolism and stimulating cell renewal.

The nuances

Some believe that mesotherapy is the procedure is quite simple, but in practice there are many nuances. First of all, the physician needs to accurately determine exactly where and on what depth should be administered and what should be its composition. Also it needs to calculate how many treatments may be required to achieve the desired effect. Most often the drug is introduced at a depth of 0.2 to 1 mm, using the dose of from 0.02 to 0.2 cm3. This drug did not immediately enter the bloodstream and will be absorbed very slowly. When compared to conventional treatment, the body for one course gets the amount in fifty to sixty times greater.

To after the procedure your face look fresh, it should be done by an esthetician who has a medical degree. Otherwise, the consequences can be dire. Often, saving money, patients begin to suffer from allergies, inflammation, asymmetry of the face and other unpleasant problems.

Some customers find that these injection uses hyaluronic acid, but in each case their composition will be different. Injected with a special gun or the finest needle, so the shots turn out painless and very effective. The injection is not always a problem, because it is often the source of the problem may be in another direction.


Biological or homeopathic mesotherapy, represents a synthesis of homeopathy Hahnemann, methods Pistora and homotoxicology Reckeweg. One of the varieties of homeomesotherapy is homeosiniatry, which includes, in particular, and acupuncture techniques.

When administered large doses of hyaluronic acid, which consists of a DAMP-molecules , they are perceived by the body as danger, so it causes inflammation, followed by active regeneration of tissues. If this process is normal balance, the production of inflammatory factors is normal and with time, the lesion disappears and the effect is good. If there are certain complications that can be scarring and can leave skin atrophy. If the inflammation is not very strong, there is a risk of various purulent diseases, and even necrosis, or tissue death.

The cocktail of drug that is used when homeomesotherapy are antigenotoxic or substances, to ensure the active cells in the desired direction. The price treatments will be greater, but the risk is lower and the efficiency higher than with traditional methods.

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