How is the menopause

klimaksIn the life of every women fully, his time there comes a time when there is extinction of her fertility, reduces the secretion of the genital organs and the natural hormonal changes of the whole organism. This physiological process is called menopause or in medical language climacteric period. Menopause and menopause are inseparable concepts, because with the slowdown in the production of hormones comes the cessation of menstrual function. This stage of life is provided by nature, and to worry because this is not required, is to treat it as new then, not in vain from the Greek «climax» means «step». But to prepare for a new step or at least be aware of some issues will not be superfluous. What changes can affect a woman during this period, what are the first symptoms of menopause, and how to correctly and gently to meet a new stage in my life, let’s talk about it today.

For General information about how comes the climax

Pretty hard to tell when a woman begins menopause and what are the first signs she will have to meet. But it is established that the body begins to prepare for menopause at the age of 40-50 years. Some parts of the brain, namely the pituitary and hypothalamus, regulating the release into the blood hormones are subject to change. The ovary, meanwhile, also emit much less of the female hormone estrogen and the male hormones (androgen and testosterone) are produced in the same quantity. Due to the prevalence of male hormones, some women may be at initial stage to gain a little bit weight, and these 5-6 kg then it is difficult to get rid of.

There are several stages of hormonal changes in menopause:

  • Perimenopause. This period is called preparatory, it occurs in approximately 40-45 years old and lasts approximately 3 to 7 years. At this early stage of menopause is slowly but surely decreasing the level of hormones no ovulation, so a woman’s ability to conceive a child dramatically quenched, menstruation becomes irregular and very scarce, at the end of this menstrual period and disappear entirely.
  • Menopause. This period starts in the year since the last menstrual period. In women, this stage begins about 50-55 years, although it is possible that early menopause in women, the causes of which lie in genetic factors, lifestyles, employment conditions, climate, diet etc. Pregnancy during menopause at this stage is physiologically impossible.
  • The postmenopausal women. During this period a woman’s body is accustomed to hormonal changes, completely stops production of hormones by the ovaries, mucus and other secretions during menopause in this cycle completely disappear.

The most common question in older women, can you get pregnant during menopause? It should be understood that the total fertility occurs a few years after the cessation of menses. Therefore, women during menopause, it is not necessary to lose vigilance and some time to protect themselves, so how a number of abortions accounted for by the age of 40 years.

The time of occurrence of a specific period and how long is menopause in women at a certain stage depends on its individual characteristics, but on average, hormonal changes and stabilization of the body last about 10 years.

What are the symptoms during menopause

Hormonal changes imposes a huge imprint on the physical and psychological condition of women. The body during menopause prepares a lot of surprises in the form of certain symptoms that a woman may have to face for the first time. The beginning of menopause like signs and symptoms from the body can appear:

  1. Fevers. This is a sure sign of the coming of menopause, common in the vast majority of women of menopausal age. Some people call this phenomenon a flushing or hot flashes. This condition is characterized by an unexpected sensation of heat in the face and neck and chest and hands, and the skin in these areas may be red or covered with red spots. Plus, at such times, it may begin to feel dizzy or be nausea. Such specific attacks usually are not long lasting and do not last more than 2 minutes. Why, when the climax throws in the heat, you ask. The fact that on the background of deficiency of female sex hormones impaired thermoregulation of the whole body, which must meet gipotalamus, who also undergo global changes.
  2. Hyperhidrosis or in other words, severe sweating occurs in women, even if earlier it was ordinary for her. This symptom occurs for the same reason as the tides. Sweating during menopause can be so strong that on my forehead and temples appears the perspiration, your whole body becomes wet, especially noticeable sweating in the night hours, when the night shirt, mattress and bedding gets soggy by the middle of the night.
  3. The failure of menstrual cycle and irregular periods in women at first coming of menopause. Month when menopause becomes more sparse, shorter, and the interval between periodic bleeding can reach from 40 to 90 days. At menopause of bleeding cease with the onset of menopause since the extinction of the main functions of the ovaries.
  4. Dryness in the vagina and decrease sexual desire (libido). Hormonal metamorphoses in the body will impose a mark on the female genital organs. First of all, there is a thinning of the vaginal mucous membrane, it becomes very thin and sensitive, loses elasticity and decreases the amount of natural lubrication, thereby constantly feels dry and itchy. Sex during menopause can bring a woman an unbearable sensation, irritation and even pain.
  5. Insomnia and headaches at menopause a common phenomenon. Again, the main culprits remain the sex hormones. Sometimes, do not give to sleep, frequent hot flashes and sweating, anxiety and nervousness, bad thoughts, tension and inner restlessness. On the background of negative emotions and depression, appears dull and monotonous headache. Migraines can be quite strong and long lasting, even with the blackouts and loss of consciousness. The only solution is to reconsider your lifestyle and set yourself on a positive wave, if from the discomfort and pain of tension to get rid of its own does not work, it might help some sedative medications, consult your doctor for the proper purpose.
  6. Palpitations at menopause, heart pains. Throughout the life of the hormone estrogen provided a beneficial effect on the state of the female genital organs and heart and bones. Since the decrease of estrogen, women begin to experience a noticeable increase in heart rate, complaints of disruption of heart rhythm. Such a condition doctors call tachycardia when the heart beats faster than 100 beats/min, heart palpitations, usually added stuffiness, lack of oxygen, dizziness, shortness of breath, sense of panic and anxiety. According to statistics, one in ten women aged 45 to 60 years suffering from acute forms of any cardiovascular disease. But, actually, it is in your power to help the heart to survive the current changes. During another attack of tachycardia, try to relax and discard all the bad thoughts, do home breathing exercises, try yoga or meditation, often relax and rejuvenate, the and strictly forbidden during this difficult period, try to avoid coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.
  7. Pain during menopause the abdomen are most commonly associated with hormonal fluctuations, but still, if you value your health, you definitely need to visit gynecologist and endocrinologist, a competent and experienced professional to determine the nature of the pain, hold preventive examinations and will explain to you how to act in this situation. The same goes for if sore breast during menopause, swelling, heaviness, and sharp stabbing sensations. Sign up to mammologu, to exclude the possibility that pain in the breast during menopause is not associated with an infectious lesion.
  8. At menopause aching joints, what to do and how to eliminate persistent tiredness and aching bones. To protect the body from osteoporosis or bone fractures, take vitamins and minerals (such as ascorbic acid, retinol, calciferol, thiamine, etc.), and also engaged in physical therapy.
  9. Frequent change of mood, inattention, tearfulness, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, tension and it is far not the whole list of emotional changes during menopause. Fun and playful mood can change instantly to sad and sad state. Psychologists have recognized that the menopause for women it is a psychological problem related to the critical age. And a lot in this situation depends on loved ones and circle of friends, a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at home and at work, helps to cope with excessive irritability, suspiciousness and feelings. Therefore, it is necessary to help the mother, grandmother or wife to cross this new phase of life.

To relieve the symptoms of menopause, gynecologist on test results may recommend to undergo hormone replacement therapy during menopause, that is, to replace the natural production of the synthetic hormone.

What are the symptoms during menopause in a woman depends on her individual circumstances. Signs before and during menopause can be different, much depends on the attitude to this stage. Most women belong to the current changes more or less adequately, but unfortunately, 15-20% of women not willing to put up with age-related fading and inevitable sign of aging, so depressed, and sometimes comes to mental disorders. But there is another category of women who, on the contrary, appear to have become more physically active and look great, and the complaints to their peers about poor health during menopause are skeptical. So, dear women, you choose whether to self-pity and mourn for lost youth, or to take all the courage and dignity to accept all the changes, to enjoy life and to smell.

How not to grow stout during menopause

The increase in subcutaneous fat and rapid weight gain common to many women during menopause because of hormonal instability. So, is it possible to lose weight during menopause care every. To avoid the excess kilos in menopause to avoid it, is not likely to succeed, but to minimize weight gain, it is possible, by observing some rules:

  • replenish the estrogen level in the blood, taking hormones at menopause or phytoestrogens;
  • move more, walk, run, walk;
  • proper food regime, give up snacks, fatty, shokoladok and rolls;
  • exercise that you have a very pleasant go to the pool, ride a bike, do aerobics;
  • take vitamins, especially group B;
  • do not forget to drink per day 1.5-2 liters of clean water.

«Early menopause in women

Women disappear menstruation and reduces the production of hormones, on average 52 years. However, there are cases when the menses cease to come in 35-40 years. This condition is called early menopause and is characterized by not only the change cycle. At a quite young woman is deteriorating memory and performance, appear cardiac abnormalities, problems with urination and sexually too. To provoke this phenomenon can hereditary characteristics of women, the presence of gynecological diseases, carried out chemotherapy or surgical interventions (eg. removal of the ovaries). What is the danger of early menopause? For women, early menopause is perceived psychologically very acute and severe physically. But the greatest danger lies in the fact that women in this period increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, in addition, long-term hormonal imbalance and estrogen decline can lead to the formation of tumors, such as breast cancer. Therefore, women after age 40 should undergo half yearly preventive examination by a mammologist, even if alarming symptoms.

This video explains when it comes to early menopause in women and in that case to do:

The biggest fear among middle-aged women — the fear of the unknown. What awaits them in the period of adjustment of the organism that are the consequences, how to deal with all these issues scare them. However, nowadays there are many tools that can help reduce all discomfort to a minimum. Don’t be afraid of a new life stage, love yourself and enjoy life, not looking at age!

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