Bump on wrist

People whose activity is connected with regular small movements of the hands, often find themselves on the wrist bump (ganglion cyst). This pathology is a benign tumor filled with fluid. The problem with cones is not only unattractive, but also that the ganglion cyst is accompanied by very severe pain.

What is ganglion cyst wrist

Bump on wrist

Formed on the hand by a leather ball called a hygroma. This benign tumor is a lump is a capsule (cyst) with serous content. The fluid contains strands of fibrin (high molecular weight protein) and mucus. The disease can be single-chamber and multi-chamber, depending on the number of capsules in the middle of the wrist. The second option usually diagnosed already in the advanced cases. On average, a bump on the wrist could reach 2-5 cm. First, the tumor is not painful, but the growth she squeezes nerves, causing pain.

Causes of synovial cysts

Often a cyst in the wrist is formed immediately behind the crease. The appearance of the bumps is due to regular irritation of the tendons which go across the joint. The main reasons for the emergence of a ganglion cyst on hand:

  • repetitive motion in the wrist large scale, when people are constantly waving the object (tennis players, seamstresses, musicians);
  • inflammation of the synovial cavities;
  • injury, mechanical damage to the hands.

How does a ganglion cyst of the wrist, the first signs and symptoms

Begins the disease from mild swelling of the wrist. The first symptoms are easily confused with inflammation from a blow or an insect bite. When a bump on the wrist acquires a round shape, it felt fluid, so to establish the diagnosis in this period is not difficult. Hygroma wrist joint may remain small for many years, but at one point start to grow very fast and bring a person a lot of discomfort. Subsequently, because of such growths on the skin, it becomes difficult to move your arm. The main symptoms of the disease:

  • dense formation at carpal joint;
  • dull pain and sensitivity from the cysts;
  • changing the hue of the skin under the tumor;
  • if the seal has burst, the fluid flows, the wound is oozing and sore.

Lump on wrist with the external hand

Diagnostic methods

Bump on hand under skin on wrist easily diagnosed doctor enough even visual inspection of a damper filled with fluid. To corroborate the diagnosis of the patient can submit to undergo x-rays. This study will help professionals to differentiate a ganglion cyst from a lipoma, and other types of cysts and tumors. Sometimes prescribed for the diagnosis MRI and ultrasonography of the carpal joint.

How to treat ganglion cyst

To remove the bump on your wrist in several ways. If the ganglion cyst is diagnosed at an early stage, to cope with it will help physiotherapy treatments: mud therapy, electrophoresis, paraffin applications. More advanced forms of hernia of the hand treated conservatively with use of folk remedies. If the tumor to remove by other methods is not possible, then the patient will be assigned to surgery.

Conservative treatment of hygroma on the wrist

Removed the lump from the outside or the inside of the wrist for medical or cosmetic reasons. When a ganglion cyst bulges out and does not look aesthetically pleasing, but no symptoms, are appointed by physiotherapy. If the lump under the skin on the wrist symptomatic, that is, limited movement of the joint, pain appears, apply the following conservative methods:

  1. Puncture. Under anesthesia (local) with a syringe is performed the puncture of the skin in the upper part of the cones. Accumulation of synovial fluid aspirates, and inside introduced antiseptics.
  2. Sclerotherapy. The procedure is similar to the previous method, only after the evacuation of the contents injected sclerotic substances that reduce the capsule.
  3. Blockade. Shown only when a small lump on the wrist is a diameter of no more than 1 cm Inside the capsule of the injected glucocorticoid. After the patient is 3 to 5 weeks immobilization bandage. During this period, the cavity grows, and the capsule stick together.
  4. Crushing. Now almost never used in medicine, as the method is very painful. However, sometimes the patient may accidentally crush a ganglion cyst on a hard object. In this case the capsule is broken and the contents spread between tissues. Such treatment often leads to infection of the tissues and purulent lesions.

Perebintovany hands


The most radical method to get rid of a hernia of the wrist – surgical removal. If you treat the lump conservative therapy fails, then clean the problem area in one of three ways: laser, endoscopic tools, by simply removing.

  1. Removal by means of laser beam is the method of burning, which is carried out after dissection of the skin with a scalpel.
  2. Endoscopic removal is a more modern technique. When the incision is not on top, and in flexion of the wrist, and its dimensions do not exceed a pair of millimeter. As a result, reduces the period of rehabilitation the patient or scar after surgery.
  3. Open surgery is assigned when the hernia got in the wrong place or were formed too deep. For example, if a swelling on the right or left palm, the other surgical methods is very risky, because in this place there is a lot of blood vessels and nerve fibers. During surgery an incision is made corresponding to the size of the cyst, then it is excised, the wound sutured, and the hand is immobilized with plaster for one week.

Folk remedies

Recipes of traditional medicine can not completely cure hygroma, but in combination with primary therapeutic program is able to remove the problematic symptoms. Compresses and ointments which help treat the bump at home:

  1. Mix one spoon of sea salt, red clay and water. The end result is a thick ointment. Put it in cheesecloth, tied to the ganglion cyst for the night. Carry out the procedure in 2-3 weeks.
  2. A few fresh stems of wormwood, chop, then put pulp into cones, top, wrap with a bandage and leave for 6 hours. Compress do three weeks.
  3. Mash cabbage leaf until soft. Brush with honey inside surface and attach to the tumor. Secure the cabbage poultice with a bandage, keep up to 10 hours. Carry out the procedure for 10 days.

Dangerous than the disease

Tumor formation at the wrist does not turn into a malignant tumor, but is able to bring the wearer a lot of discomfort. A bump causes a sharp pain with movements of the hands and the skin over them becomes rough, red, scaly. At a late stage of a ganglion cyst of the brush leads to a decrease in sensitivity or complete numbness of the skin in the area of education, you can disrupt motor function of the wrist joint.

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Looks like a bump on the hand – photo

Bump on hand under skin

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