Lump on foot near the big toe

With this problem faced by very young people, not just summer. Deformity of the foot brings a lot of suffering and discomfort makes it impossible to wear nice shoes, has a negative impact on the course. In addition, the bump does not look aesthetically pleasing.

A bump on the leg

What to do if it hurts the bone on the leg

This disease is the scientific name hallux valgus. This pathology appears as a result of the growth cartilage, which is located at the base of the finger. Bone moves out of the way from the start of inflammation and begin to torment and pain. Flat feet, extra weight or properties of connective tissue of a particular person can provoke the development of lumps at the foot of the thumb.

There are several options, from which the pain and inflammation in the place of the finger:

  1. Bone on foot near the big toe may be sore due to bursitis of the foot. While injured education metatarsophalangeal joint. If the disease is not treated, it can begin to grow a bump on the foot near the big toe.
  2. Another possible reason why some face deformity, is gout. The human body produces uric acid, which leads to deposits of powder in the joints and gout development.

If it hurts the bone on the foot near the big toe, began the process of inflammation and characteristic redness that women can change gait. First of all there are problems with choosing the right shoes, after which develop the other disorders of the musculoskeletal system:

  • problems with joints (knee, hip);
  • main and pain;
  • soreness of the ankle.

If a woman feels these problems, she needs surgery. The deal should strengthen the foot and correctly as possible to fix the bone. In addition, you will have to wear orthopedic shoes. After some operations, patients require restoration, it is advisable to perform special exercises. With the unbearable pain prescribed extracorporeal shock wave therapy, x-rays, electrophoresis. Additionally, it is recommended to do foot baths, to massage, apply healing compresses.

The causes of hallux valgus

Lump on foot near the big toe is a tumor on a joint or incorrect positioning of the bone. This anatomical deviation of the thumb, specifically the first metatarsal bone, which inclines to the inner side of the foot: as a result, the head of the bone begins to bulge. In healthy people on foot, all the fingers are straight and connected by tendons. A disease like hallux valgus, causes the big toe to deviate to the side.

When the joint begins to form a knot, the load on the foot increases and is distributed incorrectly – a fact that exacerbates the problem. Bone eventually protrudes more and more, sore, inflamed. On the cone a blister, we have to choose shoes larger size, changing gait. It is recommended to take measures, as a growth on the toe will increase and bring more discomfort.

The bumps on the foot near the big toe, for some reason formed? Often it is:

  1. Heredity. If there is a deformity in one of the older members of the family, it is likely that the growth may appear from you.
  2. Improperly selected footwear. Close pumps and stilettos look elegant and beautiful, but stop with the suffering. High heel significant load to the joint of a finger, from which ligaments are stretched and lose their ability to hold the bone in position.
  3. Weight.
  4. A sedentary way of life.
  5. Flat feet.
  6. Diseases of the joints.
  7. The kind of activity that involves constantly being on her feet all day.

strain on the foot

How to treat a bone near the big toe

A method of therapy for a particular patient is selected based on the individual characteristics and diagnosis. Usually assigned a whole complex of measures. Treatment includes:

  • orthopedics
  • medical preparations;
  • physical therapy;
  • surgery.

However, all of these methods are effective only in the initial stage of the disease. When running the form required the removal of cones on the feet. Orthopedic activities involve the use of special clamps that eliminate pain, slow down the process of deformation of the joint. It can be special insoles, shoes, rollers, extenders or pads, arch supports. Drug treatment involves the use of steroids that are injected in the affected joint (Diprospan or Kenalog).

Physical therapy includes:

  • a set of special exercises;
  • acupuncture;
  • treatments with curative mud;
  • massage;
  • hirudotherapy;
  • extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

Massage with foot deformities

To relieve symptoms and inflammation from the legs can try to massage the joint with the use of natural essential oils (pine, lemon, lavender, rosemary). This will help to stop leg pain for some time. Massage can be done at home by yourself, essential oil take 2-3 drops and add to 50 ml of vegetable. However, this measure will not help to cure the deformity of the joint, and reduce inflammation.


Some patients are assigned special exercises, for example:

  1. A piece of paper. Wiggling your toes for about 20 minutes (walking). Then try to take off the floor a crumpled sheet of paper or other items. If at first you don’t succeed-try again. This will make the joints flexible and reduce the risk of inflammation.
  2. Energized. Need to strain the toes when bending, and relax when you unfold. This is a good exercise gets the blood flowing, prevent the development of many diseases of the joints. Repeat the movement at least 15-20 times.
  3. Alphabet. This morning exercise on the flexibility of the fingers. Need, without getting out of bed, lift the leg up and fingers to write the letters of the alphabet. You start with three for each leg, then add the number. If you regularly repeat the exercise, the problem of proliferation of bone will not bother.

foot massage

Fixators for bones

As a rule, treatment of lumps on the leg the big toe begins with orthopedic methods. If the deformation is small, then a special device will help to avoid an increase in bumps and to correct the foot. The orthopedic may prescribe one of the following devices:

  1. Bandage for fixation of the thumb. There are two types: which is put for the whole day or only at night.
  2. Lining or insert interdigital.
  3. Orthopedic shoes or insoles.

How to treat bumps on legs folk remedies

There are plenty of home recipes for those who are concerned about bone on the big toe. For example:

  1. Mix 6 powdered Bay leaves and 100 ml of ammonia. The part you need to insist 10 days and apply for grinding of the foot.
  2. Drink tea from the leaves cranberries. It displays the body of uric acid.
  3. Make compresses with vinegar and iodine. Add 5 drops of iodine in a tablespoon of vinegar and use the mixture for rubbing the foot.
  4. Grate soap on a grater, massage the bone with the chips. After that you need to wash the soap and make iodine mesh.

Surgery to remove the bone

The surest way to get rid of the bumps on the foot near the big toe to do the surgery. However, they are different in price (if it is a paid clinic) and the appointment, therefore, are indicated. The most common ones are presented below:

  1. Ekzistentsiya. Involves removal of a small part of the cones.
  2. Arthrodesis – long-term fixation of the joint.
  3. Osteotomy – getting rid of part of the bone and immobilization of the joint with metal wires.
  4. Resection arthroplasty. Provides relief from damaged parts of the joint.
  5. Correction of the transverse arch. Helps to repair weakened ligaments that should hold the joint of a finger.
  6. Arthroplasty is carried out in extreme cases, involves joint replacement prosthetic device.

Video: on the feet to remove the bumps


Marina, 26 years

Me is a disease inherited from his mother. In 20 years some soreness and discomfort. First, did the massage with sea buckthorn oil, wearing shoes with orthopedic insoles, but in the end I had to decide on surgery. Now no symptoms of the disease there.

Anna, 42 years

All my life I worked on my feet, so for 40 years I developed a bump on the big toe. It looks ugly, in addition, brings a lot of inconvenience. I had to forget about their favorite shoes. The doctor prescribed me to wear silicone fingertips, doing special exercises and massage.

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