Laxatives for constipation for seniors

One of the major problems people have in old age is constipation often becomes chronic. It brings the body great discomfort and suffering. How to treat constipation in this case? To improve intestinal motility to help laxatives. Below are the funds that are more suitable for the elderly.

Laxatives for constipation at home

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The mechanism of action of various laxative preparations is different, but they have a common goal – to combat constipation and atony, that is a violation of work of intestines. This is done by the following methods:

  1. The irritation of receptors located in the gut. Such is the impact of the herbal remedies, Bisacodyl, sodium picosulfate, buckthorn bark. They directly stimulate peristalsis and increase the secretion of mucus inside the colon.
  2. The increase in the volume of intestinal contents, leading to stimulation of the walls. To cope with this task drug salt and seaweed.
  3. Softening the stool, thereby emptying is much easier. This effect have oil drugs.
  4. Fluid content in the intestine through osmotic pressure. The same name drugs delay the absorption of water in the intestinal wall, so that it liquefies the stool. In addition, these drugs are not addictive.
  5. Restoring the bacterial balance of the intestine. With this purpose, there are prebiotics, which are best suited to the elderly.

Strong laxative fast action

Pronone Guttalaks

Only acute bouts of constipation can patient to use laxatives quick action. If systematic use such drugs, the bowel will weaken and he will not be able to be emptied. Good these funds only by their performance, but they are able to eliminate only the symptom of the disease. One of the laxative medicines emergency actions are recommended for older, it is possible to allocate:

  1. Guttalaks. Fast acting laxative in the form of drops. The desired effect is already apparent after 12 hours. The dose of medicine depends on the stage of constipation is 10 to 15 drops. Laxative in this drug is addictive, therefore not recommended for prolonged use. Price from 300 p.
  2. Forlax. Another effective tool, based on the «Stripping» effect. The disadvantage is that worsens the mineral composition of blood. Based on the osmotic action. Dosage is 2 packs of powder or 1 in the morning and evening. Price from R. 250
  3. But. Available in the form of drops and blocks for chewing. This powerful tool is addictive, because the main ingredient is a plant as Senna. Daily dose is 0.5-1 cube or 10-15 drops. Price from R. 250

A mild laxative

Relax Prebiotic

A more gentle effect on body have a prebiotics. Can such laxatives for constipation for the elderly, lactating and pregnant women. The principle of operation of prebiotics is to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Among slow and safe laxatives for constipation for the elderly are recommended the following:

  1. Relax. Recommended for use against constipation even in newborns. The basis of treatment is lactulose, is able to pull water from the walls of the colon. A release form is a liquid or powder for preparation of solution. The dose is 30 ml daily for the initial treatment, 20 ml – support. Price from 300 p.
  2. Duphalac. Easy drug based on the osmotic action. Once in the colon, breaks down into organic components. Stool increase, followed by evacuation and restoration of normal microflora. Daily dose is 15-45 ml Price from 250 p.
  3. Exportal. The tool is based on the increased osmotic pressure. Laxative effect occurs within a day after ingestion, but may occur in 2-3 days. The dosage is 4 teaspoons of powder daily. Price from R. 250

Laxatives that do not cause addiction

Laxative Microlax

It is very important to prevent addiction to the drug. Prolonged use of laxatives for constipation for the elderly is dangerous because the body ceases to respond to them. This makes the person to increase the dose, but such actions will not bring the desired effect. To laxative drugs do not cause dependence include the following:

  1. Microlax. Based on the dilution of intestinal contents and reducing its excretion. A release form is a laxative solution for rectal use. A daily dose contains 5 ml of the product, i.e. contents of 1 enema. The price is 350 p
  2. Anti-cellulite complex. Herbal preparation, main components of which are the fruits of plum and rind psyllium husk. Laxative effect on the stool, diluting them and thus improving digestion. Use the powder diluted in water. A daily dose of 1 sachet. Price from R. 250
  3. Slabilen. Drops based on irritation of receptors of the intestinal mucosa. Taking medicine before sleeping inside, and the dose depends on the patient’s age and stage of constipation. Price from 120 p.

Treatment of constipation in the elderly

Therapy for problems with emptying of the elderly held a variety of means: pills, tinctures, herbal powders, solutions or suppositories. The latter is only effective when protogenoi varieties of this disease. They make the intestinal wall to contract due to the impact on the receptors. When cologene constipation, when the stool does not pass on the rectum, the more effective will be the pills.

Bisacodyl from constipation

Candles from constipation

For adults there are many varieties of laxatives candles, because these drugs in contraindications often are present only pregnant women and children. Furthermore, rectal treatment is prescribed to the elderly for the prevention of anal fissures and hemorrhoids, and the consequence is irregular bowel movements. There are a few effective laxatives candles:

  1. Bisacodyl. Based on irritant contact action, stimulating peristalsis. You need to apply 1-2 times daily by direct insertion into the rectum. Price from 30 p.
  2. Glycerin suppository. Considered one of the safest laxatives. The main ingredient is glycerin, gentle on the intestinal mucosa. Need to be applied rectally, preferably 15-20 min. after the morning meal. Price from 100 rubles.
  3. Sea buckthorn suppositories. Remedy on natural ingredients. Has a bracing effect. Apply twice a day 1 candle. Price from 90

Laxatives pills

When choosing a laxative in pill form, you can use the following drugs:

  1. Picolax. The main component is picosulfate sodium, auxiliary – lactose. They cause a reaction of nerve endings in the intestine, thereby stimulating bowel movements. A single dose of a laxative should include 5-10 mg at night. Price from 100 rubles.
  2. Laktusan. Pills from constipation, restore the natural intestinal flora. Shown at dysbacteriosis, constipation and colitis. The elderly need to take 4-5 pills twice a day. The laxative effect starts after 2-3 days. Price from 150 rubles

People’s laxatives constipation quick action

Decoction of cowberry

Problems with a chair can be treated with the help of informal medicine. The following folk remedy for constipation in the elderly are effective:

  1. Decoction of cranberries. Take 0.3 kg of berries, pour to them a quart of water. Leave the tool in a dark place for about a day. Then use 1 tbsp. for every meal.
  2. Buckthorn with coriander. Take 1 tsp seeds of both ingredients, pour 0,1 l of boiling water. Stir until a saturated solution. Take 3 tbsp per day.
  3. Raisins. Take 1 tbsp of the ingredient. Pour 0.3 liters of boiling water. Keep the infusion in a thermos for about 6 hours. Then take a daily intake of 0.1 L.

Diet for constipation in the elderly

Laxatives for constipation for elderly can be effective if they combine gymnastics and physical exercises. Hiking in the Park will bring only benefits. In addition, you need to change the power, that is go to the right. The diet should consist of large amount of fiber, pectin and crude fibers. For this reason, diet menu you need to add the following products:

  • fresh apples, kiwi fruit;
  • fresh vegetables: cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce;
  • seaweed;
  • based drink Kombucha;
  • Apple, plum, carrot juice;
  • grapes, plums, prunes
  • bran.

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