Laparoscopy ovarian cyst

Women’s health is a very finely balanced, even the smallest factors can have a negative influence on him. The consequences of such influence can be nothing insignificant, and entail a serious disease. One of them is ovarian cyst, a disease threatening the life of a woman.

What is laparoscopy in gynecology

Doctors do a laparoscopy

The most modern method of surgery is laparoscopy. It is distinguished from traditional low degree of trauma – the surgery is performed through a puncture of the skin with a size of 0.5 — 1.5 cm to the aid of the surgeon came the laparoscope – a tube with a lens connected to the camera, which shows high-definition images. Abdominal cavity is «inflated» with carbon dioxide to form a free space for manipulation. The range of applications of laparoscopy is very wide: from diagnostics of intestinal diseases by operations on the pelvic organs.

The laparoscopic method of operating is very widely used in the treatment of gynecological diseases. In infertility, chronic pelvic pain, in cases of suspected adhesions or endometriosis is diagnostic laparoscopy is a very accurate method of identifying the causes of the disease. In cases of endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts already performed laparoscopic surgery.

Resection of the ovary

Resection of the ovary called one of the varieties of surgical intervention in the treatment of, for example, infertility. The indications for the use of the operation is a follicular cyst, dermoid and endometrioid disease, polycystic. Earlier performed resection using a small abdominal incision, and surgery today to remove a cyst on the ovary is laparoscopically, with almost no consequences.

Adnexectomy ovarian

Adnexectomy – removal of ovary and/or fallopian tubes. The indications for it are endometriosis of the fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy, purulent lesion of the appendages. In the absence of contraindications, the operation can be laparoscopically in the presence of cardiovascular diseases, benign and malignant tumors in the uterus, peritonitis, bleeding disorders – laparotomies way, that is through the incision. Menstruation and menopause is not a contraindication, but during the beginning of the cycle operation is not carried out.

Pregnancy after laparoscopy

A couple watches a pregnancy test result

The best and fastest way of getting rid of infertility – laparoscopy. The timing of the onset of pregnancy depend on the problem addressed by a doctor. For example, after the elimination of the most common reasons for infertility – adhesions of the fallopian tubes pregnancy may occur in the current cycle. During a laparoscopy, ovarian cysts, the body requires up to three months to recover, then you need to expect a long-awaited pregnancy.

The cost of removal of ovarian cysts

In Moscow laparoscopy ovarian cyst is from 15 to 100 thousand, the average is 30 thousand. g. the Exact price depends on the clinic and a set of pre — and postoperative services. With due persistence and non-urgent specific situation, you can try to get free of laparoscopy ovarian cyst. To do this, refer to the district gynecologist in the direction of the operation, and then get in line for quotas on high-tech treatment.

Laparoscopy ovarian

This operation may be performed for different reasons and training will also be different. For example, when laparoscopy PCOS involves ultrasound and hormonal evaluation of women. Is performed under General anesthesia. Laparoscopy ovarian cyst is a serious operation, and it is preceded by a serious diagnosis and a wide range of tests.


Diagnosis of ovarian cysts

The need for laparoscopy ovarian cyst determined by the attending physician – the gynecologist or the gynecologist-endocrinologist. His decision confirmed the preliminary diagnosis, including various analyses and studies, such as ultrasound, palpation, assessment of hormonal and other, according to the testimony of a particular situation. If the reason for the laparoscopy is infertility, before surgery, the doctor is obliged to try other methods of treatment, conservative, and only at their inefficiency assign a last resort – surgery.

Analyses for operations

After the date of the transaction determined woman hospitalitynet to the hospital. It happens for 2-3 days, during which the patient take the tests necessary to determine contraindications, presence of chronic diseases. Be sure to take the so-called hospital complex analyses, which includes research on HIV, hepatitis and syphilis. Also determine blood group, degree of coagulation, conduct a General analysis to exclude inflammatory processes.

Before surgery preparations are made for laparoscopy. It includes a mandatory diet – nothing fried, fat, smoked, spicy, fruit and vegetables, legumes. Emphasis is placed on dairy products, crackers, drying, brown bread, dried fruit and other easily digestible food, do not cause an increased gas formation. The night before the surgical intervention the patient do a cleansing enema.

How cyst on the ovary

The girl complains to the doctor for ovarian cyst

The operation is carried out in several stages. The first is the anesthesia. It is administered in the operating room immediately before surgery. Conducts the procedure the anesthesiologist, he also observes patient’s condition throughout the time spent in the operating room. After immersion of the patient in a medically-induced sleep, the surgeon handles the operated area and makes the puncture through which the abdominal cavity is «inflated» by air or carbon dioxide.

Then the doctor makes another 2 or 3 puncture, so as to enter the special tools on a long handle. The laparoscope displays the image of the abdominal cavity, the tools produce the desired manipulation excised the cyst and cauterize the wound. Doing this is not an ordinary scalpel, a laser or an electric knife. After removal of the tissue cysts are drawn through the same puncture, the abdominal cavity dried swabs and antiseptic treatment is carried out. This operation ends, the puncture sutured medical thread.

Rehabilitation after laparoscopy

Recovery after laparoscopy takes a minimum of time. If the operation was conducted in the morning, by the end of the day a woman can move independently. To eat on this day is not allowed, only tea. The next day allowed the broth from the third day supply is not limited. Stitches after laparoscopy removed on the seventh or eighth day in a district clinic. If no complications are discharged from the hospital on the fourth day. For the next three to four weeks are recommended to limit their sex life and lifting weights.

Complications after laparoscopy

Laparoscopy ovarian cyst differs from the traditional surgery because the recovery takes a minimum of time and is usually without complications, but sometimes the negative consequences happen. Develop 2-3 days after surgery due to inflammation and suppuration of wounds. The patient’s temperature rises, the seam is red, inflamed. For the treatment of drainage joints, antiseptic treatment prescribed antipyretic drugs and antibiotics.

Video: when can I get pregnant after laparoscopy


Oksana, 35 years: Several years could not get pregnant went to the doctors. Gynecologist diagnosed polycystic both ovaries and as a result, the lack of ovulation. Conducted wedge resection of the ovaries by laparoscopy. After 4 months the long-awaited pregnancy and now I am a mother of adorable son.

Christina, 30 years: All my life I have a monthly cycle was in order, and something strange had happened – a delay. Pregnancy test negative. The doctor during the inspection found on my right ovary follicular cyst. Appointed a laparoscopy to remove. The operation was successful, recovered quickly. The cycle is just normal.

Barbara, 40 years: Began to suffer from pain in the abdomen, slightly. Endured until the attack happened. Was taken by ambulance to the gynecology, the analysis showed suppurative lesions of the fallopian tube. Immediately transferred to the operating room and spent adnexectomy, through the puncture. Went to the doctor at the first signs – have been able to do without surgery.

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