Kegel exercises for men

In the history of medicine in the mid-twentieth century American doctor Arnold Kegel has logged in as the author of the gymnastics for women, which facilitates childbirth and speeds recovery from them. However, many decades later, it became clear that muscular exercise is good for men in the intimate life, the treatment of prostatitis, hemorrhoids, bedwetting.

What exercises Kegel

A man does Kegel exercises

In the body there are muscles, which are called intimate. These muscles are so important for the effective operation of the sexual system of man, ancient Chinese doctors considered them «the gates of life and death.» Men between testicles and anus is the pubic-coccygeal muscle. This small muscle controls the process of urination, erection (arousal of the penis) and ejaculation (emission of semen). In addition, together with neighbouring muscles, it protects the organs from pelvic floor dysfunction.

Physiologically, erection in men is blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis, causing the member increases and becomes hardness. However, it is only part of the empty cells, the other is located deep in the pelvis. For high-quality erection the blood have to fill all of the cavernous body. This largely depends on the pubic-coccygeal muscle, which performs three main functions: compression, contraction and ejection.

Exercises Kegel for men is designed to mentally learn to control this muscle. He needs to step up or relax is not in itself, but when it’s necessary for his master. The Foundation of Kegel exercises is the ability to consciously restrain the act of urination. Training of intimate muscles, aims at the strengthening of the pubic-coccygeal muscles and increase blood flow to the pelvic area.

How useful is intimate gymnastics for men

Home workouts using the Kegel exercises help to:

  • enhance libido (sexual drive);
  • to strengthen erections;
  • to improve the quality of sexual acts in men by eliminating premature ejaculation;
  • enhance the sensations of orgasm;
  • to prevent the development of prostatitis, hemorrhoids, incontinence, feces.

Especially valuable is that Kegel exercises for men affect the condition of the prostate gland. The role of this type of exercise in the treatment and prevention of prostatitis, BPH. After training reduced congestion in the pelvic organs. Thanks to this relief are experiencing sick and suffering from hemorrhoids, enuresis, encopresis (fecal incontinence).

Man and woman doing stretching exercise

For potency

If weakened pubic-coccygeal muscle, men may experience an erection problem, therefore, must be strengthened. Sexual intercourse is regulated by a complex neurophysiological reflexes. First intimate muscle stimulates an erection. Then blood fills the cavernous body of the penis, and as soon as the pressure reaches maximum, triggers ejaculation. Exercises to increase potency help to normalize this process.

Another effect of gymnastics Kegel – increased sensitivity of the penis, which can significantly enhance the brightness of the orgasm. However, increased excitability of the head of the penis can cause premature ejaculation. However, the penis adapts to a new threshold in 2-3 weeks. To develop intimate muscles, performing Kegel exercises, it makes sense to experience serial orgasms.


Men enuresis often occurs after prostate surgery, urological infections, stroke. Training of the pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises, helps to master the skills of their tension and relaxation. In the end, the urge to urinate in men are becoming rarer. Learning to stretch the back part of the pelvic floor, you can get rid of acts of involuntary defecation.

For prostatitis

Since one of the main causes of inflammation «the second heart» of modern men, especially the urban – depressing physical inactivity, in the pelvic area because the outflow of venous blood. Its stagnation causes inflammation in the delicate prostate gland. When Kegel exercises for men blood circulation is normalized, the recovery of the prostate.


The main causes of this disease – congestive phenomena in the pelvis, lifting of excessive weights, frequent constipation. Kegel exercises during physical activity, a balanced diet can effectively help the muscles and blood vessels of the anus to restore normal functioning. Increased blood flow removes the severity of the disease, the hemorrhoids eventually diminish, cease to fall.

The man pressed

How to do Kegel exercises for men

The daily training exercises can improve health in a matter of months. The exercises are simple, some special instructions for their implementation no. To train the muscle where and when you want – for others it is absolutely imperceptible. The only condition is that performance of a complex must be regular, and to do it properly.

The most difficult to feel where the pubic-coccygeal muscle. Making urination, try to stop the act. The muscle which these second tenses, and need to train. The first task in mastering Kegel method – learn to interrupt the urine stream. Then it will be possible to master and control your ejaculation. But it takes time and patience.

So, how to do Kegel exercises? First, with an empty bladder. Secondly, without the participation of the abdominal muscles and buttocks. Kegel exercises for men are such a complex:

  1. First you need to stretch the muscles for 1-2 seconds, then relax.
  2. The same thing, but at a fast pace (if done correctly, penis twitches).
  3. Counting from 1 to 5, gradually to compress the muscles, and then counting from 5 to 1, release.
  4. To keep the muscle in tension, each time extending the time.
  5. Urinating, stop the stream 5 times or more.
  6. To push like constipation (pushing).
  7. To make penis erect to fluctuate up and down.

The Kegel exercises for men are recommended to start with 10 stress and relaxation of vytaskivanii daily adding once. If the muscles are noticeably getting tired, need a break for a day or two. The effectiveness of the exercises according to the method of Kegel increases if concurrently apply universal anal simulators. They may be used by men, girls, women. Air is pumped into the chamber, which expands and pressure, strengthens the pelvic muscles. This is particularly useful in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.


Before you start training muscles by means of Kegel you need to be sure in the absence of a number of diseases and conditions in the pelvic organs of men. This:

  • prostatitis, hemorrhoids in the acute stage;
  • purulent inflammatory pathologies;
  • tumors, thrombosis;
  • postoperative state after removal of the prostate.

Video: how to do exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles


Michael, 25 years: Weak erection, premature ejaculation today is a problem many men, even young. To test the technique Kegel is. No harm, but the benefit for men is obvious. Friends tried, they say, gives good results. Just hard to find the right muscle. The most important thing is not fiction, really helps to establish the sex.

Dmitry, 33 years: a Friend told me, somehow picked up the fungus for a long time hesitated, but then was forced to go to the doctor. Was already appeared prostatitis. The doctor first prescribed powerful drugs, and then Kegel exercises. Don’t know what helped more medicine or gymnastics, but the man recovered completely. I attribute that, and the other in the complex.

Andrew, 22 years: My brother learned from the Internet that men have such exercises Kegel. I decided to try to do the exercises every day. Prior to that, he and his wife love life things were not good. When fought, lost erection. Then, says sexual acts has improved, the sex began to feel like something new, sharper. Strange, but it does seem to be an effective method for men.

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