Kalanchoe from the cold

Such a nuisance, like a cold, periodically concerns almost every person in the world. Complicated form of the disease – sinusitis and sinusitis – a serious disease. Therefore, even with the common cold as prophylaxis should be used folk remedies of decorative houseplants. Kalanchoe juice will fit perfectly.

Medicinal properties of Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe – house plant, has very useful properties. Due to its composition, the extract of this medicinal flower is used in many medical preparations. Use Kalanchoe is obvious: its properties help to clean up a runny nose in both adults and children. It contains:

  • micro — and macroelements;
  • acid;
  • organic tanning substances;
  • vitamins;
  • alkaloids.

Such a rich composition of nutrients due to the popularity of plants in medicine. Leaf extract not only helps with the runny nose and irritation of the nasal mucosa, but is often used in the treatment of ulcers, various inflammations, toothache, varicose veins and other ailments. Based on the healing flower to make teas, relieves sore throat. The most common use of medicinal plants is to combat nasal congestion. For this purpose, two types of plants: degremona and feathery.

House plant

Treatment of a cold Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe juice from a cold is often applied in its purest form. The fluid that is released from the leaves has anti-inflammatory action. The procedure of use is simple – apply the extract on a cotton Bud or swab and then wipe the nasal cavity. Doctors do not advise to carry out this procedure more than three times a day, because there is a likelihood of mucosal injury. You should not use Kalanchoe in pure form for the treatment of newborns, since the reaction of the baby on juice is not predictable.

On the shelves of drugstores, you can often find another form of Kalanchoe – drops, which produce various pharmaceutical companies. They are widely used to get rid of a cold for adults and children. But doctors are recommended to approach the treatment of complications (sinusitis, sinusitis) individually after prior consultation of the specialist. Softer action has the broth on the basis of SAP and other additives (onion extract, St. John’s wort or aloe). Such a form is safe even for children.

Tools for juicing

In adults

To cure common cold in an adult with Kalanchoe is easy and simple. The most effective method of application of the juice of medicinal plants is the use in pure form. Drops on the basis of therapeutic flower is disposed within each void 2-5 drops four times/day. People who are prone to nosebleeds, be careful to apply the remedy. The juice obtained from the leaf of the healing flower, it can cause intense sneezing and excessive mucus. These factors contribute to the manifestation of bleeding.

In this case, it is necessary to prepare a milder, but no less effective, solution. For example, a homemade recipe with onions:

  1. Cut a fresh leaf of Kalanchoe and RUB to release the medicinal liquid.
  2. Repeat the procedure with the onion.
  3. Mix the onion and the juice of the flower (one to two).
  4. Must be taken three times a day, but no more than 1-2 drops.
  5. After a month, repeat the procedure for prevention.

Curative juice

In children

To cure common cold in babies doctors advise a decoction of the leaves of healing flower prepare. Used in its pure form is threatened by a strong irritation of the mucosa. You must act on the principle: the younger the child, the lower must be the concentration of broth. The medicine will help safely clean the nose from excess mucus. Prepare nasal drops for children:

  1. Put the flower leaves in cold water (using a deep bowl).
  2. Place the mixture over heat and bring to a boil.
  3. Let stand at least one hour.
  4. You must dribble three times/day.

Divchina mismarketed

During pregnancy

Kalanchoe is a flower of the useful and harmless, however, during pregnancy take the extract you should be very careful. The danger is that when you use medicines for the common cold, there is intense sneezing. Because of this natural process, excessive strain of abdominal muscles, which can harm the fetus in the womb. According to the instructions for such a remedy for the common cold for pregnant women, do not apply:

  1. During the last trimester.
  2. If a cold occurred due to allergies.
  3. If decoction of the leaves and flowers were not used Mama before.

Healthy recipe for pregnant women:

  1. Mix equal proportions of juice of flowers, decoction of chamomile and saline.
  2. Let it brew day.
  3. Apply within a week no more than three times a day for 1-2 drops.

Activities use Kalanchoe

Despite all the useful properties of medicinal plants, its juice should be used with caution. Before first use the product should be diluted with water (one to three) and observe the sensations. If the side effects haven’t manifested, you can increase the amount of flower extract in medicine. The best solution would be a trip to the doctor for a preliminary consultation to avoid complications and negative effects.

Video: Kalanchoe with a cold in children


Marina, 25 years: I suffer from sinusitis for a long time and the only thing that saved me is Kalanchoe pinnate from a cold. I grow the plant at home and breed it with water in proportions one to one. My child healing flower is also very helpful. Great inexpensive tool suitable for adults and children. All the advice!

Olga, 32 years: Kalanchoe pinnate from a cold – a great, effective remedy that does not require cost. Drops of this wonderful plant stand in the pharmacy for about 70 rubles, and the lack of long. Often use the juice of a flower before bed, two drops – the slime disappears and the nose breathing easily all night, and in the morning does not look swollen.

Vadim, 41 years: Such a popular tool like Kalanchoe, told me wife. After using the drops for four hours, the runny nose disappears, breathing becomes easy. Obvious plus medication – it can be applied even to an infant that saves us, the parents, sleepless nights and worries about the health of our newborn daughter.

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