Japanese facial massage

Japanese facial massage

Currently, more than half of women know about the fantastic effect East of cosmetology. Japanese medicine has magical recipes, proven for centuries, and effective techniques of impact on the human body is unique and has been successfully used by beauticians around the world.

Every woman who dreams of eternal youth and take care of themselves, pay attention to Japanese massage. This massage technique differs from all classic.

The basic rule of Japanese facial massage – minimal physical impact. Specialists pay attention to the knowledge of the acupuncture points. They impact precisely on those points which promote active circulation of your life energy.

The Japanese have a huge amount of techniques for rejuvenation of the body. The effectiveness of Japanese massage depends on the number of points on which the master operates, the duration of the massage, and regularity of procedures.

Benefits of Japanese face massage

•Improve blood circulation

•Normalization of metabolic processes in the body

•Restore skin elasticity

•Wrinkle reduction and prevention

•Elimination of puffiness

Absolutely simple technique of Japanese facial massage is able to lead to such stunning effects. Reviews of women who at least once in life have experienced this procedure exceed all expectations. Truly Japanese face massage can work wonders!


This technique in Japan is called «Zohan». Also found another name – «Y-massage». This is one of the oldest ways to rejuvenate your body. Is Asahi with two fingers: the index and middle or middle and ring. Unusual acupressure on the skin can improve the structure of connective tissue, to open and clear the channels of the epidermis and also this massage promotes the normal position to the cranial bones. Thus there is a rejuvenation of the skin for six to seven years. One of the varieties of Asahi Japanese lymphatic drainage massage, which is based on improving the functioning of the lymphatic system. Since the face is a quite sensitive area, massage should be done very carefully, slowly and without strong pressure.


Needleless impact on the acupuncture points is based on the doctrine of the circulation in the human body of energy flows. Some refer to such teachings with skepticism. However, everyone who experienced this massage technique is very good. They observe a significant improvement of the General condition of the body. Only a five minute massage daily can make you younger and more beautiful. Technology shiatsu massage is simple, you will be able to do it at home. Using a cream or oil massage to slowly smooth the skin, barely touching her, in the direction from forehead to chin, slowly moving down.


This Japanese facial massage is considered the most effective. It prevents aging and improves skin condition. Kobido technique differs from other techniques. This massage includes several stages:

1.Cleaning. Before the massage the skin clean by using herbal masks.


3.Massage kobido. Using techniques of acupuncture and lymphatic drainage is the impact on the internal and external layers of the skin. As a result of such manipulation improves circulation, relieves tension from the muscles of the face, neck and scalp, removes toxins and rejuvenates the skin.

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