Itching and burning in an intimate place in women

itching in your private areasMany people have trouble spicy — itching in the intimate areas. This does not mean that the person is necessarily infected by an infectious disease of the genital tract, the cause of this phenomenon might be allergic reactions to a variety of hygiene products or underwear. When observing the described ailments, the person in the first place, to find out the main cause of its occurrence, then it is necessary in the near future to implement effective measures to eliminate the discomfort.

Itching and irritation in intimate place

  • Itching in an intimate place occurs due to improper hygiene of the body or an inadequate skin care of intimate areas. Each person needs to adhere to basic rules of personal hygiene. Hygiene of intimate places need to be done at least 2 x times per itching and irritation in the intimate place of womenday, especially women. This process will help a person not only to keep their genitals clean and fresh, but will provide a healthy balance of intimate zones. A burning sensation in the perineum may be caused by poor cleaning. For long journeys or when there is no possibility to carry out basic hygiene of the body, very convenient to have a specialized wet wipes for intimate places. Wet wipes certainly are not analogous to water and soap, but always ready to help in difficult times. Currently available in these tissues, which are capable of destroying pathogenic microorganisms in intimate places, and to prevent the first signs of allergic reactions.
  • Itching in the intimate area may be caused by allergies. Allergies can be the soap or body gel and the fabric from which made your underwear. As you know, skin in intimate areas is very delicate and requires special attitude. Not every person can approach those or other means on care of a body. Often it turns out that even the most innocent gel for intimate areas can cause burning and itching. It is prohibited to use a washing intimate areas of hygiene products, which is designed to care for other parts of the body. If you violate this condition, then it may cause itching and irritation in the intimate area. Fabric, especially a synthetic, can also cause the above-described reactions. Should not wear underwear that presses or rubs in a private place.
  • Itching between the legs can be caused by the application of certain medicinal drugs. This feeling arises as a side effect to any drug.
  • Hypothermia, or, conversely, excessive sweating, can cause itching in the crotch.
  • Sometimes, the cause of itching in the intimate areas is a damage to organs (laceration, burn, abrasion, hematoma, etc.).

Itching in the groin in women

Itching in the groin in women occurs for different reasons. Main causes, when there is itching in your private areas in women, associated with the structure and functioning of the female body. Consider the most common reasons for this uncomfortable condition of the female body.

  • itching in the groin in womenUse scented panty liners — a common cause of itching of the pubis. On the skin of the intimate areas affected by artificial dyes and fragrances, that cause similar sensations. If you experience such reactions, you should completely refuse the services of such hygiene.
  • Pubic lice, pediculosis and other skin diseases — currently, this is not a very common cause of itching of the pubic part of the women. Such diseases are treated only in hospitals and under the close supervision of a specialist. Independently conduct treatment of skin diseases of the private parts is undesirable.
  • A rare change of tampons or pads — it is recommended to use a strip not more than 2 hours straight, then you need to wash and change contaminated thing on the net.
  • Hormonal imbalance causes itching on the pubis. Throughout life, women observed constant fluctuations in hormonal levels. Is a physiological process, and fight it hard. Such feelings increase during pregnancy, after birth or before the onset of menstruation.
  • Itching before menstruation occurs in the backdrop of the spread of infectious bacteria.
  • Causes itching and dryness in the intimate area of women during pregnancy or after birth are hormonal disturbances, and due to the reduced performance of the immune system. A woman’s body during this period is completely rebuilt, and such reactions happen quite often.
  • If there is itching in an intimate place and some of the selection that you may manifests the disease the female body. Most often such phenomena are observed in thrush. In any case, if such problems began to torment a woman, especially if the discharge has a distinctive odor, you should immediately contact to a gynecologist. Testing and examination of the body will help detect a dangerous disease in the early stages of its manifestation.
  • Cause of itching in the intimate area in girls starts a communicable disease. Also cause itchiness the girl is and the failure to observe hygienic minimum. In the summer time, this ailment can be caused by swimming in polluted areas.

Burning and itching in women

  • Burning in the lower abdomen in women may be caused by certain diseases, often similar to the reaction that occurs in patients with cervical erosion, inflammation of the urinary system or inflammatory processes of the internal genital organs.itching in the groin, and a burning sensation in the perineum
  • Burning can be caused by a violation of the digestive tract. Often such a reaction occurs when dysbiosis or are hypersensitive to certain products. Very often a burning sensation in the perineum in women causes excessive consumption of dairy products.
  • Burning intimate areas is evident and, as a side symptom of certain diseases, among which are: diabetes, anemia, leukemia, cancer, abnormalities of the functioning of the hormonal levels.
  • Stress and depression status in women also cause these uncomfortable condition.
  • Burning and itching in an intimate place in women occurs due to incorrect compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene or when shared by several women shared objects or things, such as shared cloths, washcloths, linens, etc.
  • Burning before menstruation occurs due to the weakening of the immune system of the woman or because the body prepares itself for a difficult period and shows discomfort.

Itching in the intimate area of men

itching in the intimate area of menVery often itching in the intimate area in men may be associated with the presence in the male body some diseases, such as diseases of the liver and kidneys. The excess of nitrogenous compounds, which is formed due to these diseases, is formed in sweat, and sweat, respectively, causes burning and itching.

Infectious diseases (thrush, chlamydia and others) can cause a burning sensation in the lower abdomen in men.

Harmful microorganisms, developing in the intestines and causes discomfort and itching.

Itching in the groin and under the arms is often associated with the violation of elementary norms of personal hygiene of the body. Men definitely need to take a shower 1 time a day, and during extreme physical exertion or excessive sweating more frequently.

Reduced immunity, diseases of the skin and nature of thyroid disease is also often cause irritation and itching in the male intimate area.

Treatment itching and irritation of intimate areas

Itching in your private areas that requires immediate treatment. The manifestation of the first symptoms uncomfortable condition, you should immediately contact a specialist.

Independently, too, can make some useful actions:

  • To observe personal hygiene of the body.
  • Wear quality underwear.
  • To strengthen the immune system through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Promptly treat comorbidities.
  • Do not use common personal hygiene items.
  • 1-2 times a year to conduct a complete diagnosis of the organism.

In medical institutions as a method of treatment of the disease, prescribe a course of antibiotics and special ointments.

At home, for elimination of a strong burning and itching, you can use the recipes of our grandmothers:

  • To wash with the decoction of calendula, celandine or chamomile.
  • Douche specified herbs.
  • To use medical swabs with honey, aloe Vera juice or calendula.
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