Is it possible to get pregnant before menstruation

is it possible to get pregnant before menstruationMany women are sure that they know all about contraception and about the structure of your body. Some of them sure 100% that the probability to become pregnant before menstruation is negligible. But is it really? Many doctors believe that the risk of pregnancy before menstruation or at any other time of the menstrual cycle always exists. Meet the experts: can a woman get pregnant before menstruation?

Many of the fair half of mankind know that the best time to conceive a baby — ovulation period. Ovulation is the time when the egg fully Matures, «comes» to the fallopian tube and «waiting» for the appearance of sperm and their fertilization. If at such time there is unprotected intercourse, the probability of pregnancy in healthy women is equal to 95%. We recommend you to read the article «When is ovulation after menstruation».

What is the probability of the female body to become pregnant before menstruation?

Lots of women are asking the problem: is it possible or impossible to become pregnant before menstruation? For this solution you need to know with precision when the next menstruation. If a woman has an established menstrual cycle, the chance of getting pregnant before your period starts can be independently calculated.

The menstrual cycle in the female body lasts 20 to 35 days. Take the average results and will calculate when menstrual cycle length is 28 days. The ovulation period can be calculated in a simple way: the menstrual cycle (28 days) split in half. Turns 14. Because the sperm in a woman’s body is able to function about 3 days, then we can assume the best period for conception 3 days before ovulation and 3 days after. Accordingly, it is a favorable time for planning the future of a child is the beginning of the 10th day of the menstrual cycle and ends on day 17.

can you get pregnant before ovulation

Or you can still get pregnant before menstruation? For this we can use another calculation. Divided into 2 parts the duration of the menstrual cycle. Then, from the resulting number is subtracted the number 2 (this action must be done with the expectation that the egg is matured for 2 days before or after the usual time if this will contribute to some factors: stress, fever, diseases of inflammatory or infectious nature, injuries, General malaise of the body). From the difference of the numbers subtract 3-digit even (the time the sperm in the female body). The result is the best day to conceive just will not come. To become pregnant before menstruation at any period, in addition calculated.

What are the chances of getting pregnant before your period starts? The method of determining the safe days not suitable for women, the menstrual cycle which lasts more than 24 hours.

The possibility of pregnancy before menstruation cannot be accurately calculated, if the woman has not been established menstrual cycle. In this case, to calculate the exact time of ovulation is not possible.

Can you get pregnant before menstruation 1 day? It is important to remember that with the beginning of menstruation and changing the composition of hormones and the blood. Therefore, the probability of fertilization is greatly reduced. Is it possible to get pregnant before menstruation 1 day women’s, which downed the menstrual cycle. In this case, do not know when will come the next menstruation, and therefore changes in the body accompanying it. Therefore, the risk to pregnant women like that exist practically every day. The same applies to women who have a congenital anomaly — perhaps the maturation of several eggs at an undetermined time.

Common question: can you get pregnant before menstruation 2 days? The answer is the same as the previous one. The possibility of conception during this period is equal to the minimum odds, but it still exists.

Can you get pregnant before menstruation 4 days? It is believed that to get pregnant during this period is also difficult, but the risk has increased. Especially if the female body is prone to stress or infectious diseases.

Common question: can you get pregnant before your period starts in 6 days? The opportunity exists, provided the irregularity of the menstrual cycle or excessive length.

Can you get pregnant before menstruation 7 days? The chances of getting pregnant during this period are increasing with every minute. The possibility of conception at the specified time increases in some pathologies of the female body.

Can you get pregnant before ovulation? In some cases, the risk of conception before ovulation is much higher than after it or during it. The period of maturation of the follicle contributes to this. It is important to consider that the slightest fluctuations in physical or emotional condition is directly connected with risk or chance for conception.

What to do before conceiving?

First of all, before you get pregnant, you need to conduct a full examination of the body: pass the appropriate tests to conduct laboratory studies and obtain the opinion of a physician that the body is ready for the upcoming insemination.

Then you need to get rid of all comorbidities.

After carrying out treatments on the body, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist to make an accurate graph of the menstrual cycle. Also need to find out what time to plan conception. In most cases, it is possible to get pregnant before menstruation, and many women do it. But sometimes it happens so that conception occurred and my period came. No need to fear, this structure of the body.

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