Irritation after shaving in the intimate area

Every woman wants to be well-groomed, and established in her mind an ideal image of yourself is not exactly the part the presence of excess vegetation in the bikini area. If you get rid of hair permanently with hair removal has not yet been obtained, then the shaving machine you can always take a few minutes, and knowing certain rules, easily avoiding unpleasant moments.

Causes irritation after shaving

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The peculiarity of this intimate area hair removal is that the hairs in this area hard, and the skin is very delicate. What factors are reasons that the skin begins to itch, manifests redness and even rashes after shaving in this area? Let’s call the most common ones.

Improperly prepared skin The bikini area is very injured, if shaving was performed «dry» or with the use of soap.
Using the wrong tool The use of the machine with rigid construction, comfortable handle, slightly blunt blade can cause injury to the epidermis in the intimate area.
Improper or insufficient care after waxing After the procedure, shave, do not RUB the skin with a washcloth or wipe hard with a towel. You also need to remember to disinfect the shaved area and apply an emollient and a soothing agent.
Wearing uncomfortable, tight or made from synthetic materials linen Such wearable clothes provokes and increased irritation. It does not pass normal air, presses, rubbing the skin in the bikini area, where the sensitivity after removal of hair is improved.

Acne in the intimate area

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Not only severe itching and redness of the skin, but a rash of small red and even minor acne sores can appear irritation after shaving in the intimate area. This is the most troublesome problem when waxing, because you did it with the thoughts to be beautiful and well-groomed, and the result was not a disease. The reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon, in addition to the above, may be:

  • hairs, ingrown under the skin;
  • obstruction and inflammation of hair follicle;
  • allergic reactions to funds that were used for depilation.

Definite recommendation: if you have acne after shaving, be sure to ask for a consultation with a dermatologist. Medications prescribed by a specialist for treatment, will quickly pricesit pimples and prevent the spread of irritation. The doctor will clarify whether there is a rash the body’s reaction to a recent procedure or possible manifestation of any disease.

How to shave bikini area

Machine and foam

To avoid irritation after shaving in the intimate area, you need to follow a few simple rules and techniques when carrying out this procedure:

  1. The main key to successful hair removal is a quality razor. So he could slip it before waxing to take a bath – so the skin will soften before the procedure, then it is desirable to programirovanii.
  2. After that you need to apply to wet hair foam or shaving gel, but not soap – it desiccates the skin! Movement of the machine to do for hair growth, and the remaining hairs will remove against the growth.
  3. After the procedure, wash away the remnants of shaving with cool water and Pat dry the intimate area with a soft towel. If you wipe the treated area with a cotton swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide, it helps get rid of irritation after shaving.
  4. Locations of random cuts necessary to wipe the same medicine or burn with alcohol!
  5. At the end of the procedure to soften the shaved area to intimate area with a special product or moisturizer suitable for sensitive skin. Better not wear the right underwear – the air will quickly soothe the skin.

Ointment irritation on the skin

If soon after the procedure, shave the bikini line you see redness or appearance of rashes, in any case, don’t scrub and don’t squeeze pimples – so you can definitely worsen your condition. Better not delay with the visit to the doctor: he will prescribe a suitable cream or ointment from the irritation in intimate places, which will remove the inflammation for a few days. Such funds are often made on a hormonal basis, so apply them uncontrollably should not be. Dermatologists often prescribe these drugs:

  • Panthenol.
  • Ointment Levomekol.
  • Ichthyol ointment.
  • Hydrocortisone cream.

Ointment D-Panthenol

After shave cream for women

The use of caregivers, specifically designed for women – the best way to avoid irritation after shaving in the intimate area. Well, when the composition of such products include the extracts and extracts of medicinal plants – aloe, chamomile, etc. a cream for the intimate area from irritation – the first assistant. Will be able to remove the patches of skin products containing useful for the regeneration of the skin vitamins a, E, and F. Some women speak positively about the use of to soften the skin of your intimate areas with baby oil or cream.

It should be noted that you should not skimp on this product. Need to buy a shaving cream that is specifically designed for women, not to take like a way for her beloved husband. This is due to the fact that mens aftershave is often added extracts of menthol, mint. These plant components of the cream will be an additional irritant for the sensitive intimate area, as they have a drying and tightening effect. The advantage of special tools in the fact that it often contains components that slow down hair growth.

Razor for the intimate area

A tool every woman chooses for himself individually, and the main requirement is ease of use. For one girl almost will purchase one machine that will shave my legs and armpits, and pubis. The other lady will buy a different model of razor to use it for the bikini area – and will also be right. Often this area women are buying men’s models of machines. This choice is justified by the fact the facts that at this point, the hairs coarser and blades male models sharper because shave everything completely from the first movement.

Machine for shaving intimate areas

Preferably, the machine for working in such a delicate area was with a non-slip handle and had a number of blades mounted on a floating head. To shave the bikini area without irritation, do not forget to frequently change tapes – blunt nozzle is almost always damage the skin in the intimate sphere. Remember the rule is to shave the hairs on this part of the body in the direction of their growth, for the convenience of hand free can be a little to hold the skin. Don’t spend a lot of time machine in one area of the skin. Better change the nozzle, if this fails – so you will prevent the irritation.

Video: how to shave without irritation

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