Insomnia treatment exercise

As evidenced by scientists-physiologists, physical exercise can improve the quality of our sleep, not to mention health in General. How can this happen? It turns out that doing physical exercises, we raise your body temperature, which beneficially affect the increased energy throughout the working day.

These types of physical activity: brisk walking or Cycling, or inline skating as well lead to a rise in body temperature. So we feel more awake and mobile. When we go to sleep, during sleep, there is a rapid decrease in body temperature, this phenomenon makes our sleep deeper and more qualitative. The effect of the exercises will manifest even when you have experienced a lot of stress or did not have the capacity to take action.

Moreover, in the evening, the temperature decrease slows down and the time of active wakefulness increases, that is, the whole night you can stay active without fatigue. In addition, the positive effect of exercises is that they can be used to relieve tension caused by stress. Stress in turn is the main aspect of sleep disorders.

The best time of exercise is morning hours, as this will maintain a higher body temperature throughout the working day. You should not exercise just before bedtime, as this will cause a rise in body temperature and may have problems falling asleep. On the evidence of recent studies of scientists, even a small activity during the day has a positive effect on health.

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