A pimple, boil, warts, papilloma intimate place

in the intimate place in women pimple and wartAppeared a pimple on intimate place brings a lot of inconvenience, both physical and moral plan. Generally, pimples do not arise by themselves, necessarily have to be a reason. Before you take steps to eliminate the trouble, you need to find out a pimple, is it really the case?

Pimple on private parts

After a new zit in the intimate place you need, without wasting time to see a specialist. The defect appears on the skin may be due to irritation after wax, and the consequence of venereal disease. The exact cause of acne may indicate only a doctor, after spending the appropriate tests and skin tests.

photo pimple on intimate placeA pimple on the private parts may appear after the act of hair removal. This is the most harmless cause of pimples. Irritation after depilation in the form of acne does not cause any harm to the human body, but, nevertheless, causes some discomfort. But if the inflamed pimples on the skin gets infection, it can threaten a person sad consequences that require immediate treatment. What action to take to pimples on skin after waxing You not bothered?

  1. First of all, you need to change the device for shaving, irritation most often occurs due to poor quality or dull razor.
  2. Replace the shaving foam gel or other medium. Allergic reactions to ingredients, shaving can cause skin irritation.
  3. Irritated skin in the intimate place you need to handle alcohol lotion with a drying effect.
  4. In the preventive purposes, after the act of hair removal, it is good to RUB the skin in the intimate place with a decoction of calendula or celandine.

What to do when I got a pimple on her private parts is not due to improper waxing, but for a different reason? First you need to visit a dermatologist and get tested. It often happens that pimples appear due to human infection by sexually transmitted diseases. The cause of the pimple on intimate place in women can prove women’s gynecologist.

got a pimple on her private partsThe most common sexually transmitted disease, due to which pimples, is herpes. This disease is not treated, it can only «put out» by using a variety of drugs. Herpes is not immediately after infection, and after 26 days after the infection in a sexual way. Pimples herpes take the form of a wet bursting bubbles that are constantly itching and scratching. Ease the uncomfortable state of the person by using special ointments, the most popular of which is — Acyclovir. As mentioned above, to get rid of herpes is impossible, he will always be in the human body in an anechoic condition. In case of the slightest of low immunity, the disease will begin to manifest.

If there is a pimple on an intimate place, this may be the cause of threat of venereal disease — syphilis. This attack is transmitted to humans and sexually and in everyday life. The most negative point of the manifestations of syphilis is that the disease makes itself felt, a few months after infection. Related symptoms such as headaches, fever, chills, sore throat, should alert the person. At the first appearance of these ailments, the person should be urgently referred to a medical facility. After examination, the doctor prescribe a course of antibiotics and other drugs.

Causes of pimples on private parts

  • The process of waxing is not suitable to man.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The failure of hormonal background. Most often the hormones women violated during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause or adolescence.
  • Painful pimple on the private parts may appear because a person does not have basic hygienic rules. The poor hygiene can lead to worse consequences than the appearance of painful pimples.
  • Defective underwear causes irritation and pimples. Synthetic bottoms that do not allow the skin to «breathe» break the imbalance of the skin.
  • The internal appearance of pimple on private parts indicates that the accumulated excess fluid under the skin. Internal pimple on intimate place may indicate the presence of disease such as E. coli, chlamydia, or staph. Like acne provoke, and the emergence of associated symptoms: fever or formation of painful seals in the intimate area. Such diseases are treated only in medical conditions with antibiotics or surgery.

When the irritation in the intimate area, you need to pay particular attention to hygiene requirements. You need to wash 2 times a day using a soap. After cleaning the skin, a sore spot lubricated with ointment Vishnevskogo or equivalent — Levomekol.

So You’ve never popped a zit in the intimate place, you need to take a shower daily, wear only high-quality underwear and change it every day to clean, and also to control their sexual relations.

If you experience discomfort in the intimate area, the exact diagnosis of the diseases can determine only an expert.

Warts on the intimate places

from what appear warts on the intimate placesWarts on the intimate places are located around the circumference of the genital organs, or directly on them. Very rarely warts appear alone, they usually pop groups and have different colors.

From what appear warts on the intimate places?

  • The main reason of appearance of this defect in the skin — a papilloma virus that a person can become infected during unprotected sexual intercourse.
  • Warts appear because of the violation of the vaginal flora.
  • Sexual partner that have cancer of the cervix is a carrier of HPV. Sexual intercourse with such a partner is very risky for a healthy body.
  • Reduced work capacity of the immune system, vitamin deficiency, stress and depression state of a person also contribute to the appearance of warts.
  • Rarely, but sometimes, pregnant women have formed the warts.

warts on the intimate places in women photosAfter the appearance of warts on the intimate places, her treatment must appoint a physician. Often it happens so that such tumors disappear on their own. In other cases, warts contribute to the appearance of cancerous tumors. Warts are destroyed by a special laser or with the help of medicinal ointments, such as «Celandine». But it is important to remember that self-medication in this case can hurt people, so the appropriate treatments picks up the specialist.

A boil in the intimate place

A boil (or furuncle) in the intimate place caused due to infection by disease — plague. It is a purulent inflammation and its action affects the sebaceous gland. The main cause of these defects is the failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene or chireyimproper care of the body. It happens so that some human diseases provoke the appearance of boils diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and skin diseases.

When you see a boil, you need to go to the doctor. In some cases, to treat this trouble are appointed by ointment dressings, in other cases no surgical intervention is necessary.

Chirac in the intimate place can be treated and folk remedies. Mix together a small amount of honey and flour, the resulting mass apply on the affected place, to fix a bandage and leave overnight. Chirac in the morning must break.

Bump on private parts

Bump on privates can be formed «naturally» or have more serious causes:

  • Changing hormonal levels.
  • Wrong waxing.
  • Stress in the body.
  • A sharp violation of nutrition.
  • Failure to comply with the rules of intimate hygiene.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Poor quality underwear.
  • Venereal disease.

If the lump becomes painful and begins to grow, you need to go to the doctor to receive effective treatment.

Papilloma intimate place

papilloma intimate place photosPapilloma the intimate location occurs due to the appearance in the body of the corresponding virus. Papilloma is a neoplasm in the form of growths that can’t be ignored. Delayed treatment of this disease can cause cancer and other dangerous diseases.

The most common method of removing tumors is the cauterization of papillomas in intimate places, and processing them with a laser. These procedures are performed only in specialized medical centers. Cauterization of warts is liquid nitrogen, but only when tumors appeared on the outer intimate area.

Warts on the intimate places

Warts on the intimate places, in the same way as the above-described defect, is formed on the human body due to the virus. Warts are a «cauliflower» which grows and multiplies with each passing day more and more.

Warts in men can appear on the penis and on the anus. In women genital warts are on the labia, cervix or vagina.

If you experience warts on private parts of women, her treatment is only possible after a complete examination of the body. Warts can be destroyed surgically by burning, using active drug substances, or using special devices (laser, electricity, freezing, radio waves).

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