Ice massage

Ice massage

The people long ago began to use ice as a treatment and even cosmetic. For example, ice massage can reduce the pain for sprains, injury and other injuries.

This is because due to the lowering the temperature of the ice reduces the number of white blood cells, and is a faster swelling. But this is not the only advantage of ice massage. Such massage is done also for cosmetic purposes, because it improves the metabolism and blood circulation, eliminates toxins, thereby slowing aging and promoting skin renewal.

Ice massage is also used to combat cellulite, because the problem is caused by poor circulation.

Of course, as with any other healing techniques, this massage has its contraindications. It is contraindicated in any circulatory disorders, Raynaud’s disease, and intolerance to cold. In addition, it is not necessary often to do this massage for people with dry skin, otherwise it will start to peel off. If you have any doubts, you should consult with your doctor.

Ice massage made from plain water and herbal teas fruits and herbs. Everything will depend on skin type and needs. Today we will recommend you a few simple recipes. Can take with them, preparing themselves for the ice massage.

Herbal ice

To prepare this ice you should take two tablespoons of herbs. You might be chamomile, mint, Linden, sage, St. John’s wort, nettle, and green tea. Grass pour one Cup boiled water and steep for forty-fifty minutes, then cool, strain, pour into molds and freeze.

Ice strawberry

Pass the strawberries through a meat grinder or mash well, add a small amount of olive oil, the resulting mixture was spread in molds for ice and place in freezer. In addition to strawberries, you can use peaches, currants, grapes, apricots and watermelon.

Ice massage

Citrus ice

Add two times more water in the fresh juice of one orange or lemon. Then pour this liquid into molds and freeze.

Ice massage

Flavored ice

Drip five drops of any essential oil in a glass of mineral water. Best for this purpose, suitable oils of bergamot, rosemary and geranium. Mix well, pour into molds for ice and freeze.

Anti-cellulite massage

When your ice is ready, you can proceed directly to the massage. Anti-cellulite massage will help you to improve blood circulation in your problem areas and also to strengthen blood vessels and remove the swelling. For that kind of massage is best suited ice made from mineral water, to which you can add citrus. To make it easier to use the ice, wrap it in a piece of cloth or tissue so that the working surface was open.

Massage the affected areas of zigzag and circular movements, slightly pressing on skin. Impact on every area of the skin should not exceed five minutes. It is best to start with the feet. First treat the ankle, then lower leg about the knee area, then using a circular motion to treat the inside and outside surface of the buttocks and thighs. Pay special attention to the abdomen and waist, and then also treat the upper back and forearm.

Facial massage

Ice massage is also suitable for the face, it activates metabolic processes, improve blood circulation and accelerates the elimination of toxins. This massage is suitable aging skin that has lost its elasticity and tone. To do massage of the face should be softer than cellulite. Hold the cube should be on the massage lines. After the massage, Pat dry and apply moisturizer.

Ice massage well raise the tone of your skin and improve circulation. But for healthy skin it needs to be nurtured from the inside. Eat healthy foods, drink more water and then your skin becomes healthy and elastic.

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