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Even the most attentive nail care and the use of high-quality decorative coating does not protect them from thinning and weakening. The cause serve adverse external factors and General health. Recently the firm from the US Famous Names to produce unique strengthens the nail plate tool IBX. Why is it special?

What is the IBX system

The name of the complex includes three words that perfectly describe him: Iceberg Big X (Roman numeral 10). To decipher this as follows: the system of the drugs works like an iceberg you can see only the tip, and the whole basic effect is provided on the inside and not noticed immediately. A key benefit of the treatment of IBX is its penetration into the structure of the nail. The active ingredients of drugs:

  1. form a solid polymer shell on the surface and inside of the plate;
  2. enhance its strength;
  3. make the plate more elastic, smooth.

This coating is not removed with acetone or special funds of gel Polish/acrylic, and can be removed as cutting his nails. Treatment the IBX System used:

  • to restore the nail plate after extension or other procedures during periods of deficiency, if there is any mechanical damage;
  • a supporting role means a comprehensive treatment of excessively brittle, thin, weak nails.

The medical system of America

What is the IBX system for nails

The system of medical drugs from USA IBX consists of 2 vials, each of which performs a specific function. In this work both exclusively in the complex, but using them separately does not make sense. The IBX kit includes:

  1. The drug IBX Repair. Contains avocado oil and jojoba that provide nails a rich complex of vitamins. The gel has solely natural ingredients, it moisturizes, nourishes and stimulates the growth of healthy nails. The tool is able to restore the structure of damaged laminated plates, providing a secure grip between the scales of keratin. IBX Repair is applied in a thin layer, the product instantly penetrates the nail, smoothing the surface and strengthening it. The therapeutic effect becomes noticeable after the first use, the color becomes uniform, healthy, irregularities disappear.
  2. The second bottle has a little more volume, are assigned to strengthen nails and accelerate their growth. Experts recommend to apply it in 2 layers. Thanks to this drug marigolds gain a protective barrier which prevents the harmful effects of temperatures, water, chemicals.

Both gels are in the treatment the IBX system for nails thanks to its natural composition are absolutely harmless, so use the tools regularly. Especially true procedures strengthen girls who love manicure with application of gel Polish or nail art. To use IBX is not only to protect the nails from any harmful compounds, but also to ensure a secure fit decorative coating.

The drug IBX Repair and Christmas decor

Favor AI bi x nail

IBX is a fundamentally new technology of nail care, because the system is the first in the world, which is characterized by internal action. Unlike other medical facilities, is able to restore only the top layer of the nails, AI bi x penetrates and strengthens the internal structure of the plates. Due to the special composition of the drugs can quickly, to penetrate deeply and constantly to remain in the nails, protecting them from any harmful factors. Medical coverage IBX 269 used:

  • to restore thin, weak, damaged nails;
  • to remove existing damage (peeling, chipping, etc.);
  • as a reliable defense against gel Polish usual means.

The system works comprehensively, providing therapeutic effect. It is capable of:

  • to fill cracks, smooth the surface of the nail plate;
  • to accelerate the growth;
  • moisturize;
  • strengthen weakened nails;
  • to nourish, to make flexible plate;
  • to adjust the structure, filling the formed cavity;
  • to protect the nails from any external factors.

The restoration of the nail plate with the help of IBX is recommended not only for therapeutic purposes and for prevention. Drugs should be used before various procedures – coating varnish or gel, build-up, others can damage the nail plate, the events. Once inside, tools, fill cracks and irregularities, fasten peel the scales, restoring the structure from within giving the nail plate a healthy appearance on the outside.

Favor AI bi x nail

IBX strengthening

To reach the promised manufacturer from United States effect, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and do not skip any stage of the following. The IBX procedure is simple, so it can be done even at home. Rules:

  1. If there is a burning sensation, it is better to abandon the use of IBX.
  2. You need to make sure that the gel got on the skin it can cause irritation.
  3. Before applying the drugs should be do hardware manicure (without water softening and funds), so that the insert remained perfectly dry.

Restore nail IBX requires the following tools:

  • a set of hardware manicure;
  • a hair dryer or table lamp;
  • UV lamp or LED device.

As the stages passes strengthen nails IBX:

  1. On a dry, rasped the nail plate apply a thin layer of the medication from the first vial (Repair). This gel helps to fill the void in problem nails. Avoid the cuticle area.
  2. Dry the vehicle using a Hairdryer for 5 minutes or lamp for 1 minute.
  3. Excess gel gently wipe with a lint-free cloth.
  4. Place the fingers in the UV lamp for 3 minutes.
  5. Remove the dispersion layer of the drug using any alcohol containing liquid.
  6. Cover the nails basic drug in the same way as applied to the first means. Pre-need to shake the bottle vigorously.
  7. Dry gel dryer/lamp, remove the excess with a napkin.
  8. Hold the fingers under the UV lamp again plate treat alcohol substance.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 if you do the procedure first, otherwise enough for one layer.
  10. Apply cuticle moisturizer/balm/wax.

The master applies a coating to the nails

How often do you spend recovering IBX

The duration of treatment, and the frequency of treatments depends on the condition of nail plates if they are very damaged, it is not necessary to take breaks between sessions longer than a week. If the nails have a relatively normal appearance, doing nail treatment IBX every two weeks. To prevent breakage and dryness, procedure is repeated once a month. The appearance of the nail plate will improve after the first session, however, to ensure a stable result you’ll need at least 10-15 procedures.

The price of IBX nail

Product with natural composition begins to act immediately after the first coating the nails become normal color, be durable, elastic, smooth. The only drawback of the IBX system is the high price. However, drugs is enough for a full 50-60 procedures, so the expenses will be economical. You have enough gel for several years.

If you wish IBX for your nails you can buy in the online shop, ordering for home delivery or nearest post office. The network should look for directories with cosmetics. To buy drugs, and in specialized professional shops for manicure. The average price system in Russia is 2800-3000 rubles.

Video: applying the IBX system


Kseniya, 30 years

A few months did not dare to buy the medical system because I was not satisfied with the high price. Used cheap Clinique Smart, enamel and other, but serious effect from them was not. Friend praised the IBX that I have been and have not regretted. Held 10 sessions: nails were the perfectly smooth, durable, beautiful.

Margarita, 26 years

Several times did the procedure in the salon and nothing special it is not noticed, although I have naturally normal strong nails. Then the friend with the help of this good gel regained the nail plate after long acrylic extensions. She was doing everything herself. A disadvantage of the procedure consider it a high cost.

Alina, 37 years

The price of money is fully justified IBX works wonders, despite the fact that it has a great composition (based products – vegetable oil). First tried the procedure from his master, and later bought a system and use at home. Enough for another half, because the flow of funds is very modest. I recommend everyone, especially in the offseason.

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