Hydrogen peroxide inside

Perfect remedy, which have to be in the home medicine Cabinet, is hydrogen peroxide. Often the ability to pull the germs and dirt, it is used in medicine for the treatment of wounds. In addition, when you use the right peroxide can be an escape from different, even intractable diseases.

What happens if you drink hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide Wodny

Gidroperit, perhydrol, hydrogen peroxide is all the names of the usual hydrogen peroxide. This strong antiseptic used as a styptic. Usually used gidroperit only externally, but you can drink hydrogen peroxide and what to do if it got into the body. When used properly this drug is absolutely safe, however, even a positive effect on the stomach, because it increases the formation of the mucous membrane that protects from the action of various acids. If we take hydrogen peroxide orally in its pure form, it can lead to:

  • to internal bleeding;
  • nausea;
  • to burns of the digestive tract;
  • pain in the throat and stomach;
  • to intoxication;
  • to blockage of blood vessels of the heart and kidneys.

Treatment with hydrogen peroxide at Neumyvakina

Hydrogen peroxide treatment Neumyvakina

Thanks to the efforts and experience of the doctor Neumyvakina, treatment with hydrogen peroxide inside became clear. Famous doctor, gidroperit exploring, experienced all of the properties of this drug. Peroxide, at the request of the Professor and his followers, struggling with cancer, removes the accumulated fats from the walls of blood vessels, treats leukemia. You should take the drug daily, while the inner tissue will be oxygenated. In addition, the perhydrol helps:

  • when the disease of the joints;
  • to prevent atherosclerosis;
  • psoriasis;
  • to cope with fungal infections, and viruses;
  • to improve the immune system;
  • hypertension;
  • to fight flu, colds, viral respiratory infections;
  • to prevent the growth of tumors;
  • to cope with illnesses of the throat, nose, ears (15 drops of peroxide you should put in the painful area);
  • with depression;
  • ease gum disease (20 drops peroxide should be mixed with ½ tsp of baking soda and 2 drops of lemon juice, mix well and brush your teeth);
  • with varicose veins.

For Neumyvakina need to use hydrogen peroxide orally 3 times a day one drop of a 3% solution should be dissolved in ¼ Cup water. On a daily basis, you need to add one drop, increasing the dose to 10 drops. Then you need to take a short break (3 or 4 days), after the rest of the peroxide solution again have to take ten drops 10 days. Then a break and again.

How to take inside

Different solutions

The first application of hydrogen peroxide inside can cause intoxication of the organism – there is nothing to worry, just gidroperit is an active substance and, once in the body, it destroys bacteria. In addition, a good sign of a positive action of the peroxide on the body is the appearance of skin inflammation that lead to the removal of toxic substances from the body. Many people often wonder how to drink the hydrogen peroxide correctly. There are certain rules for the application of peroxide:

  • for admission peroxide should take cleaned three percent solution;
  • you must begin to take the drug with a small dose (2 drops) to 3 tbsp water. During the day the procedure should be repeated 3 times. Further, the dose should be increased one drop daily (should be 10 drops);
  • the total amount of drug should not be more than 30 drops;
  • perhydrol need to be taken on an empty stomach, because the presence of food increases negative effect of the drug. After the last meal must complete at least 3 hours. In addition, after drinking drops of the drug should refrain from eating for at least 40 minutes;
  • the drug should preferably be taken in cycles. After 10 days of admission is a three-day break. The following cycles can start with 10 drops.


To receive special peroxide no contraindications, it is only necessary to determine the dosage, not to cause harm to the body. The drug can be drunk alongside other various phytolaccaceae. It is unacceptable to use antibiotics concurrently with the peroxide. Between these types of treatment should pass more than 30 minutes. Doctors do not advise to resort to peroxide those people who have transplanted organs, as possible complications with incompatibility of tissues. In addition, natural contraindication is:

  • serious damage to the stomach lining, throat, intestines;
  • idiosyncrasy of the drug;
  • breast-feeding and pregnancy.

How to drink peroxide for weight loss

Roschin peroxide

According to Professor Neumyvakina, peroxide is able to enrich the tissues of the body by atomic oxygen, which destroys lipid compounds, supports the immune system, stimulates the brain, rejuvenates the skin. The course of treatment with peroxide normalizes hormonal balance, restores the metabolism, helps to reduce blood sugar, provide antioxidant effects. It all contributes to the mild weight loss. Hydrogen peroxide for weight loss should be consumed the same way as for the treatment of various diseases according to the following scheme:

  • it is necessary to take a certain number of drops of peroxide by diluting them in 1 tablespoon of water;
  • the solution should be drunk 3 times daily half an hour before meal or 1.5 hour after it;
  • every day the number of drops must be increased by a unit, by the 10th day of treatment, the drops should be 10;
  • then a break for 3 days;
  • after an interval it is necessary to repeat the full course, the amount of peroxide will remain unchanged (at one time 10 drops).

Video: what cures hydrogen peroxide


Mila, 28 years: About the use of peroxide in the composition of recipes for weight loss I hear from my mom. Decided to find detailed information on using this wonder drug. Read online positive reviews and comments about the doctors will gidroperita. Cut medications according to instructions. The result: over the last month took 3 kg.

Katia, 35 years: are Often ill with otitis. As spring is constantly going on aggravation. A friend advised me to try people’s method of using ordinary three percent hydrogen peroxide. Drip 2 drops in each ear. The disease became less disturbed.

Nadia, 40 years: Take peroxide on Dr. Neumyvakina for several months. The only breed therapeutic drug in a larger amount of water than indicated in the Professor. Improved overall health, gum bleeding stopped, even dropped 5 pounds.

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