Hurts heel hurts to step how to treat

Pain in the heels – an unpleasant phenomenon that robs the joy of man and not allow him to fully enjoy life. This problem can plague adults and children. Some people are unpleasant sensations in the foot to bother in the morning and in the afternoon they sometimes remind myself. Other people complain that heels hurt when walking, after running or at night. What reasons can cause discomfort in the back of the foot? How to get rid of heel pain folk ways?

Reasons why heel hurt

When constantly or regularly five baked with fire, it reduces the quality of life, because with each step the person experiences unbearable discomfort and severe pain in the foot. What causes this condition? Why five I begin to burn from the pain? Causes of painful feet may be different: chronic pain, infectious diseases, injuries of the foot, ankle, problems with the tendon above the heel. This phenomenon sometimes occurs because of external factors, elimination of which discomfort in the foot takes place. This:

High heel cause heel pain

  • wearing high heel shoes;
  • long stay on his feet;
  • rapid and significant increase in body mass;
  • cracks, calluses on the foot;
  • depletion of subcutaneous fat in the heel area with dramatically increased physical activity, which sometimes leads to pain in this part of the foot.

The pain in the morning after sleep: what can it be

Why hurt the heel of the foot in the morning? Common cause of this problem is plantar fasciitis, which often leads to heel spurs. The disease occurs at a constant trauma to the plantar ligaments, is called the wearing of tight shoes. Regular and prolonged stay in an uncomfortable, chilling the leg shoes or boots gives the tendons, the ligaments of the arch of the foot to function normally (relax/ shrink), which causes the appearance of micro traumas.

If permanent damage to the anatomical structures of the foot, in the places of attachment of tendons to bone, can cause deposits of calcium salts. This leads to the appearance of bone osteophytes (heel spurs). If there was a bump on the heel, the pain will bother the back of foot or localized on its side. Cause of plantar fasciitis is becoming more and obesity.

Morning pain is the most common

With increasing body mass of the foot begin to experience additional pressure. This causes poor circulation in the leg, leads to the appearance of microcracks, the growth of the calcaneus and the formation of lumps. Often this disease occurs in patients with flat feet, diabetes, athletes (enhanced training) and pregnant women. When of plantar fasciitis sharp pain on the inner side of the foot and in the heel area occurs in the morning, and then a little or completely silent day. Why is this happening?

While you are resting at night, the cracks formed per day on the inflamed portion of the fascia attached to the back of the sole to coalesce, reducing their surface. At the first steps after awakening again occur microreserve ligament that causes acute pain. Then the discomfort subsides but the day sometimes comes back again. Morning pain at the back of the sole can cause and other diseases. Arthritis occurs with inflammation of the tissues of the foot, causing discomfort in the heel after you Wake up. To remove such pain with a foot massage.

It hurts to step on the heel while walking or after running

If a person constantly feels that it hurt to walk because of discomfort in the heel, this may indicate serious disease or injury. Then to eliminate discomfort in the foot it is necessary to properly diagnose and treat the underlying cause of this phenomenon. After a long walk the heel part of the feet can «burn» which is inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which is located on the foot above the heel. If the rear part of the foot is permanently or regularly sick when traveling, it can be such diseases:

Heel pain when walking

  • Ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Tuberculosis of bone, osteomyelitis, reactive arthritis of the joints of the heel bone, which occurs with infection of the genital tract.
  • Plantar fasciitis, osteochondropathy tuberosity of the calcaneus, with tendonitis of the Achilles tendon.
  • Malignant tumors of bone.
  • Diabetes.
  • Sprains, tendon rupture, contusion of the heel or calcaneus fracture, a disease of the North.

Why heel inside very sick during pregnancy

Being in a position, women often face pain in the feet. Cause discomfort in the heels is often gain weight future moms. In pregnant women changes the center of gravity (he moves forward) and this can lead to increased load on the foot and heel pain. Typically, these problems occur with the birth of a child. Uncomfortable shoes or a sharp change to the usual pregnancy high heel shoes to go low – also causes heel pain. Sharp heel pain may indicate salt deposits or spur.

Causes of pain in a child

Heel pain in children

In children of 7-11 years can regularly hurt your heels. As a rule, in this case, the doctors diagnosed the disease Since. This disease indicates a violation of the process of ossification of the tuberosity of the calcaneus. It often affects only the heel region of the left or right leg, but often occurs in both legs. The causes of the disease Since in children can be: a constant big load on the foot, the violation of hormonal background or the process of absorption of calcium by the body, vascular disease, heredity, microtrauma to the heel. This disease is characterized by such symptoms:

  • heel pain, aggravated by movement;
  • swelling on the heel;
  • difficulty with flexion/extension of the foot;
  • increased local temperature;
  • lameness;
  • redness of the skin on the heels.

To what doctor to address and how to treat

If the sore heel, consult a doctor-neurologist, rheumatologist or traumatologist. Specialist will carefully examine the problem, put some specific questions to determine the presence or absence of certain symptoms. A qualified physician after an accurate diagnosis will advise what is best to do exercises to relieve pain and to take medication. If necessary, the doctor credited with anti-inflammatory drugs and/or orthopedic inserts for shoes that help relieve heel pain.

What to do at home when cracked heel

Heel pain often cause cracks on the back of the foot. They can appear due to the lack of regular care of feet, lack of vitamins in the body or metabolic disorders. Uncomfortable shoes – the common factor causing the emergence of this phenomenon on the heels. How to treat at home these cracks? To restore the skin help folk remedies. Medicinal plants used for baths, compresses. Here are the most effective folk remedies against the crack at the heel:

Wrap with a bow at the heel of the patient

  • Wrap with a bow. Before the procedure 10 minutes. soak your feet in warm water with 1 tsp of baking soda. Grind a small onion and put the resulting pulp in a napkin and apply it to the heel, wrap film, top, wrap with a bandage and leave overnight. In the morning wash feet, treat your soles with a pumice stone and slather fat cream. For the week follow the procedure: on the heels of 3-5 times.
  • A compress with cabbage, honey. The leaf a little drop, spread with honey, lightly flour and primenjuje to a crack on the heel. In the morning, carry out the procedure as described above. The course of treatment – 4 days.
  • Vaseline cracked heels. Before the night’s rest stop to take a warm bath at the rate of 4 tsp. boric acid to 1 liter of water. After that, dry feet, liberally apply cracked heels vaseline, on top of painful areas and attach the patches. Leave for a day. Do this process for the heels through the day 8-12 days.
  • Tray with the potatoes. Wet the soles before sleep, decoction of potato peel or use a bath with adding 2 tbsp of potato starch to 1 liter of water. Then treat your heels with a pumice stone, slather them with cream, put on socks. You do the procedure until the disappearance of the cracks on the feet.

Baths for pain in heel

  • Bath for five. Three liters of hot water connect to 3 K. of ammonia, 1 tablespoon soda, 1 l of the decoction/infusion of herbs (chamomile, elecampane, calendula or nettle). Asprivate feet for 20 minutes. Then slather your heels salicylic ointment 2% or olive oil, cream.
  • Foot bath with St. John’s wort and Apple cider vinegar. Two cups of water, pour 1 tablespoon of herbs, boil, cool. Pour 2 tbsp of vinegar. Strain the mixture and add to water for a foot bath. After the procedure treating foot, heel as in claim 5.
  • Tortilla with aloe and onions. Knead the dough with the following ingredients: 1 part aloe, 1 part fish oil,1 part of onion juice, 1 part flour. You should get a pellet. It is applied to five and fixed with a bandage, a sock. Leave overnight and in the morning removed, wipe the foot with a decoction of oak bark/calendula tincture.

Folk remedies for the treatment of heel pain

Effective treatment for heel spurs and pain is caused by tincture of Cinquefoil. This medicine is sold in pharmacies, but it it easy to do yourself. For treatment take 1 tbsp of the tincture and pour 1/3 Cup of water. Drink the medicine three times a day for 2.5 weeks. Then 10 days of not taking the drops again and again treatment with Cinquefoil. Good therapeutic effect is given compresses with this infusion. If the heel hurts, try to heal the following folk remedies:

  • Baths with salt. Make hot solution at the rate of 300 g of sodium chloride per 1 liter of water and float in it 30 min. heel injuries, osteoporosis, this treatment is not recommended.
  • Red pepper pour into socks, wear, wear all day.
  • Dry lilac flowers pour vodka (1:1), to insist 10 days. The resulting tincture to RUB the heel.
  • Connect the 5 g mumie with 100 g of honey, to dissolve the composition in a water bath. Received a means to smear the heel of the foot before sleeping.

Folk remedies from heel pain

  • Boil the potatoes and feet to knead it to cool. Then wash with warm water foot and draw a grid on your heels with iodine.
  • Chop the garlic and add the mixture to your feet for 4 hours.
  • Quickly relieve pain in the back of the foot helps alternately applying thereto heat and cold. This procedure is easy to do, if you put two buckets of ice and hot liquid.
  • One egg to put in a container with vinegar and not вынимать10 days. Then to get it out, to clean, grind, mix with 40 g of butter. This mixture to RUB the foot, the heel.


Pain in the heels bring a lot of problems and significantly impair quality of life. This trouble is easily prevented by special preventive measures. It includes simple rules, hygiene, proper lifestyle that will help maintain the health of the feet. Consider the basic recommendations for prevention of heel pain:

  • Eat well-balanced food rich in protein and vegetable components. This will help to prevent failure of metabolism and the occurrence of disease, leading to pain in the heels.
  • Do not allow a sharp increase in body mass.
  • Do not exercise if sick five or stop. If during exercise you experience pain in the foot, stop the class.
  • Wear only comfortable shoes, so she strongly squeezed the foot and the heel.
  • If you have suffered from heel pain, consult with a specialist about the advisability of wearing orthopedic insoles.
  • Don’t forget about regular care of the feet and heels by using special tools.
  • Do a daily foot massage, including effleurage feet and heels.
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