HPV in men

There are many diseases that can quickly boggle the human body, but a long time did not manifest itself. It behaves papillomavirus in men, which can have extremely negative consequences. He is able to live a long time in the body, do not cause any symptoms or comorbidities.

What is the human papillomavirus

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HPV is an infectious disease of chronic, which is caused by specific pathogens, equally dangerous for men and women. Infection occurs through sexual contact with a carrier or when touching mucous membranes, through microtrauma. Scientists were able to determine that there are several types of virus, each of which provokes different manifestation of the disease:

  • warts on the feet, the hands;
  • genital warts in men on the penis, in women the vagina;
  • warts on the skin, the eyelids.

How does the human papilloma virus in men

HPV occur in men, maybe in one week or year. In the case of latent course of the disease external symptoms are absent, human health does not suffer. In some cases, men can detect the appearance of warts in the perianal, groin or on the genitals. Typically, papilloma disease in guys has such symptoms. There are 4 types of warts, which are different clinical and morphological manifestations:

  1. Genital warts. Visually they look like hills, similar to columns with legs. They can have different size, localized in one or several. Warts is pink or brown in color, often localized in the cavity, anogenital region. In some cases genital warts resemble cauliflower, cockscomb. In complex cases, warts are able to close the urethra, the rectum. Sometimes there is a smell of rottenness.
  2. Warts. These exophytic formations are brown, flesh color, porous surface. Papillomas are localized, usually on the soles of the feet, the face and the human body.
  3. Flat warts are the most dangerous to human health, their growth, deformation of tissues, there is a strong itch, burning.
  4. Intraepithelial, inverted warts. Similar in appearance to flat, but can grow into tissue.

Medical and surgical treatment of HPV in men

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HPV in men treatment. This is assigned to the receiving immunomodulators and antiviral drugs: Levamisole, Inosiplex, Thymosin. Often additionally appointed reception of interferons, vitamin complexes. For the local treatment used ointment, for example, Cycloferon or Interferonov. Depending on the symptoms of HPV from her husband, doctors choose most effective treatment methods. If necessary, surgical procedures are used such methods:

  1. Laser removal genital warts for anesthesia can use the cream. Under the influence of the laser destroys the tissue of the tumor.
  2. Radiosurgical excision of papilloma provides non-contact removal of tumors using radio-frequency electrode.
  3. The surgical removal. The surgery is performed using local anesthesia. Appointed with large size of tumors in men.
  4. Cryotherapy is done using liquid nitrogen. Under the influence of low temperature is the destruction of the tissues of the warts. This procedure has a low cost, virtually painless and has the lowest percentage of probability of recurrence.
  5. Electrocoagulation. The destruction of the papilloma occurs under the action of electric current. For anesthesia using lidocaine.
  6. Chemical coagulation. In cases of HPV can be used to remove the chemical compound that point are applied to the diseased tissue.

Treatment of papillomas in men folk remedies

Describe the various methods of treating HPV with the help of folk remedies, but their effectiveness remains in question. Human papillomavirus infection in men is a serious disease that cannot be run. Folk healers recommend to treat growths juice of celandine, which it is necessary to moisten in castor oil. Help this tool can only at the initial stage, treatment will take several weeks. While there is a high risk of recurrence. Besides price, such a method has no advantages over surgical or medical treatment.

How dangerous is HPV in men

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The behaviour of HPV can be divided into several models, which can cause different health consequences for men. Doctors describe several ways:

  1. With a healthy and strong immune system the body is able to cure himself from the infection. In this case, HPV assumes no threat.
  2. The disease gets to the man and remains in a latent state, giving no external signs of infection. Health is a harm does not, but the person becomes a carrier of HPV and pose a threat to other people.
  3. At worst the development of the virus gets into the DNA of every cell, changes it, which causes the uncontrolled growth of the epithelium, its division. Because of this, on the surface of the body appear growths.

A very poor option will be the appearance of papillomas on mucous membranes of the esophagus, throat or genitals. To eliminate XI from there complicated, often a relapse occurs, which can lead to the development of malignant tumors. This influences the type of oncogenic HPV. This is most often seen in women, but to also not protected. The appearance of comorbidities is:

  • reduced sexual activity;
  • to develop impotence;
  • occur infertility.

How to diagnose papillomavirus

HPV diagnosis in men occurs in two stages. The first involves visual inspection of the skin, mucous membranes and genitals. If you notice any symptoms of the virus, you should take the analysis method of biopsy. Homo — and bisexual patients must pass and development of the anal PAP smear tests. The statistics show that sexual minorities HPV is diagnosed in 2 times more often than heterosexuals. At the initial stage to identify the pattern of the process helps the analysis of the viral DNA.


A man kisses a woman

HPV can be transmitted sexually or by direct contact of the mucous membranes of sick people, through microRNA. Most cases of infection is due to promiscuity. Note that papilloma affect not only the bodies but also the area around them, so a condom does not guarantee 100% protection from HPV men. Doctors give two main recommendations for the prevention of the disease:

  1. Be confident in your partner. Refrain from promiscuity, HPV can be dormant and not show up visually.
  2. Strengthen your immune system. With the human papilloma virus healthy and strong body can handle independently, therefore you should lead a healthy lifestyle.

Video: cauterize papillomas on the head


Anton, 26 years:With the unfortunate learned that HPV can not be cured completely with medication. I recommend drugs and moxibustion with external manifestations. Started lead a healthy life, have established power supply system. A year and a half when he passed the tests, said that the HPV I have no more immune system coped.

Alex, 24 years:Noticed that the body began to appear some warts. Went to the hospital and found out that it is symptoms of human papillomavirus. All external education removed with cryosurgery. The procedure is painless, very effective. The doctors said to completely get rid of HPV not only strengthen the immune system. Now busily engaged in their health.

Valerie, 34 years:hands popped up a few warts, went to the clinic to remove them, but I was told that this is a manifestation of HPV and need to be treated urgently. Themselves symptoms I successfully burned, but the human papillomavirus had a long time to treat with drugs. Cure it completely failed but the special problems it creates.

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