How to walk right and fall in the ice

Ice is a very big problem. Unfortunately, this has managed to convince many of us that when we become patients of emergency rooms.

How to walk if everything was a real roller? We will now discuss.

To go

•Steps should be frequent and small. The knees should be slightly bent.

•Do not keep hands in pockets under any circumstances. They should be swinging when walking, hold the balance.

•Pins and studs for icy conditions really are not suitable. Your shoes should have the corrugated non-slip sole. Better if it will be protectors, or as they are called, and tractor sole.

•We also shouldn’t forget a hat. And than it is more dense, the better. You can also wear a knit cap and hooded top. He can soften the blow if you suddenly will fall on his head.

•Climbing up and down stairs, be sure to hold on to the handrails. This is especially true of older people. On the step immediately put both his legs, and then move on to the next step.


The most difficult fracture, which can be obtained in the ice, is the beam-carpal. People by inertia fall on your palm, while hand is often stretched. The result is a complex fracture of the wrist, in some cases with tendon rupture and displacement. This fracture will heal very long time, and often after that to fully bend the hand will be gone.

Much more correct will fall on the forearm side, the damping impact. Definitely try the elbows not to put so, to avoid fracture of the elbow. Group so that you can rest on the forearms.

Another very severe fractures is a fracture of the head of the femoral head. It often happens in elderly people suffering from osteoporosis. This fracture can be obtained, falling back on the asphalt. To avoid this, the brace and pull up to chest knees to fall to one side.

How to walk right and fall in the ice


With injury

If you still fell on the elbow or on the knee, home to the blow to make something cold. It will be many times more useful than pain ointment. You can even put the hurt place frozen meat, soaked in cold water rag or even ice cream.

However, it is important to do for a while just for fifteen to twenty seconds. Also do not overdo the cooling, if his head hurt, because you can get hurt. If you received a head injury, you should immediately go to the emergency room.

At the turn of the

•Eat dried fish together with the bones, because there is essential for bone phosphorus. And generally eat more fish and seafood.

•You also need to eat cheese, because it contains the necessary calcium. Eat cheeses, especially soft varieties such as the Adygei and mozzarella.

•Eat plenty of jelly, which contains gelling agents that preserve the flexibility of your joints, as well as jelly, jelly and other jelly joy.

•Eat pumpkin and sesame seeds, and avocado.

•And don’t forget about the mineral and vitamin complexes. Can also to take Shilajit.

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