Yeast infection treatment during pregnancy

01_0Product had to face almost every woman. In gynecology, this infection is called candidiasis as it is caused by yeast-like fungus of the genus Candida. Many are not serious about this disease, self-medicate, eventually it spills over into the chronic form. It is especially dangerous to deal with vaginal candidiasis during pregnancy, because once the disease goes untreated. But, even if you have never been faced with such a problem, in the period of carrying a child, the risk to face such infection increases several times, as the increase in certain hormones causes changes in the microflora, the pH in the vagina becomes more acidic, and the option for the active propagation of this kind of fungi, is the most suitable.

For anybody not a secret that pregnant women the use of many drugs is simply unacceptable, so the treatment of thrush during pregnancy is slightly more complicated. But don’t despair, get rid of the ill-fated infection and related unpleasant symptoms, it is possible, the main thing is to select the method and align with a leading physician.

How to treat thrush during pregnancy?

Just go to the drugstore and buy the advertised, known candles from yeast infection during pregnancy they can harm the health of the child, penetrated through the placenta. The effect on the fetus antifungal agents are not fully understood, but to put the baby’s health dangers of totally unreasonable. To take powerful drugs only in extreme cases where the fungal infection has spread throughout the body and threaten the lives and health of the mother.

All proceeds from candidiasis can be divided into local and domestic. For non-pregnant women, of course, better drugs for oral administration, as getting rid of the fungus will occur not only outside in the genital area, but also in, for example, in the intestines where thrives Candida. But, due to the toxicity of most system medications and some side effects, list of drugs for internal use is very limited. More precisely, there are only a few remedies that can yeast infection during pregnancy be taken orally, is nystatin and pimafucin. These antifungal agents are very gentle and non-toxic even in large doses, they can be taken during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. Other medications system purpose, like diflucan, levorin, nizoral, Flucostat etc. during pregnancy — is prohibited!

Particularly difficult is the treatment of yeast infection during pregnancy 1st trimester, during this period it is better to avoid the use of any drugs. In the early stages in the growing fetus just laid organs and systems, and should not be allowed to medicine has negatively affected the status of the emerging organism. But, fortunately, in the early stages of pregnancy, a yeast infection manifests itself not so much.

Key and a key way to get rid of thrush during pregnancy on any terms, is the use of medicines designed for local purposes. Is chosen such therapy by a physician, based on the specifics of pregnancy, period, individual characteristics and the extent and stage of infection. This therapy involves the use of special ointments, creams, vaginal tablets and suppositories from a thrush during pregnancy. For getting rid of fungi, often prescribed pimafucin in the form of creams or candles, endovaginal tablets or suppositories terginan and clotrimazole, which is available in the form of ointments, creams or suppositories. Of candles and tablets are inserted deep into the vagina at night, before bedtime, ointments and creams also carefully handled all the vagina and crotch. You need to take the entire course of treatment, which is approximately 7-10 days, even if a few days all symptoms disappeared.

For the treatment of thrush in pregnancy in the 3rd trimester, especially before the birth, it is recommended to re-perform the sanitation of the birth canal to reduce the risk of infecting the baby.

One more important thing in the treatment of candidiasis, take Wellness therapy need together with your partner, as men can also be carriers of fungi. During treatment, all sexual acts must be protected by a condom. For men, the most common recommended treatment of the genital organs of special antifungal creams.

It is important to remember that any drugs than to treat thrush during pregnancy, as well as the dosage and course of therapy should only be assigned to an obstetrician-gynecologist who conducts and evaluates your condition throughout the pregnancy.

Folk remedies

Among moms-to-be popular yeast infection treatment during pregnancy folk remedies as well as natural recipes are very accessible, have virtually no restrictions, and as practice shows, quite effective.

The most popular and simple of the people’s Council is the washing of the genital organs weak soda solution, a decoction of oak bark or calendula. The main purpose of such cleaning is to create an alkaline environment, which is detrimental to the fungi Candida. There is another quite effective method, which is recommended even some professionals, if you caught a yeast infection during pregnancy the treatment at home.

It is a kind of bath, you need to pour in a basin of water and baking soda and iodine, calculated tablespoon of baking soda and tsp. lodges of iodine per liter of water. You need to sit in the basin for about 20 minutes. Repeat procedure for 3 days.

Of course, it is best to get rid of all kinds of women’s ailments is still at the planning stage of pregnancy, but if it so happens that candidiasis has overtaken you in the period of carrying a child, do not panic and do not be nervous, and follow all the recommendations and advice of your doctor, and in any case, do not try to heal yourself, remember it affects not only your health but also the health of your baby.

Be well, take care!

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