How to treat scabies

The likelihood of ill exists in all segments of the population, early disease attributed only to disadvantaged groups. This is the most common skin parasitosis, which is found everywhere, so you should know how to cure scabies. There is medication, people’s options for home therapy.

How to treat scabies

Disease provoke parasites (mites) that get under the skin, causing itching, inflammation of the skin that resemble a pimple or a mosquito bite. Infection cessationism mite occurs only in the contact of man with man, through everyday life. Pets of this parasite to man is not transmitted. If you are looking for how to cure scabies in one day, then get ready that therapy will take at least 2-4 days. After the first day of use of funds will be much easier, the itching will begin to take place, but to get rid of the disease will not be earlier than 3 days.

Independently, the disease persists, symptoms may subside, but over time will reappear, can begin complications. The main conditions for recovery – the destruction of the mites, the eggs under the skin. For treatment use the following types of drugs:

  • based on sulfur;
  • folk remedies from herbs;
  • tablets;
  • ointments, gels for topical application;
  • sprays (aerosols) against the parasites.

Signs of scabies in humans on the skin

Medication for scabies for children

The probability of penetration under the skin parasites the child is the same as in adults. The disease with the same symptoms, so the ways to treat scabies are the same. All medicines aimed at removing the mites, the destruction of their eggs. The pharmacological market offers several types of funds that must be prescribed by a doctor. As a rule, to cure scabies, will be assigned one of the following medications:

  1. The spregal. Effective drug in aerosol form. The main drawback – relatively high cost, the content is enough for 3-4 applications (depending on area).
  2. Benzyl benzoate (10%). Pharmaceutical form ointment or emulsion. The tool has a low cost, high efficiency, leaves no residue on clothing and are easily absorbed into the skin. Usually two procedures to deal with scabies.
  3. Permethrin. Another drug that may be in the form of ointments, emulsions. Well suited for the treatment of the inguinal zone, of the head. To eliminate the mites enough for 2 applications. Before applying definitely need to wash and adhere to the rules written in the instructions.
  4. The sulphur ointment. Affordable and accessible medication that is rubbed into the skin within a week. Now this drug is rarely used because it has a number of disadvantages: oily texture, unpleasant smell, stain clothes, is poorly absorbed.

How to treat scabies in adults

Method of infection, symptoms, disease development in adults – all of this coincides with the course of the disease in children. Way to treat scabies is the same as described above. The only difference is the area affected: an adult, generally you have to use a lot more medicine to treat the whole body. It should be remembered that prophylactic treatment to family members and people with whom you had contact. Bed linen, clothes should be washed in very hot water (better to boil). The mattress should be taken to the dry cleaner.

Woman scratching neck

How to get rid of scabies medication

In order to find a way how to quickly cure scabies, you should consult a doctor. It can determine the optimal treatment that will give best results in minimal time. Therapy is conducted in their own home. On the market are several groups of medications are needed to treat scabies. You can register:

  • tablets;
  • spray;
  • ointment;
  • to recommend folk remedies.

Emulsion benzilbenzoata

Children are assigned 10%, adults 20% drug. This suspension, which resembles milk, is easy to apply and quickly absorbed, has no smell. To eliminate itching enough 1 reconciliation, and to kill parasites – 2. After the first treatment and two days later the patient need to completely change bedding. Method of application:

  • before applying, you must swim;
  • on the 1st day of treatment is applied to 100 g of the inflammation;
  • 4-and the procedure is repeated.
  • on the 2nd, 3rd day, carry out the procedure is not necessary.

Emulsion benzilbenzoata from scabies

How to cure scabies ointments

Another form of medication to treat the mange – ointment. Most often prescribed the drug Permethrin, which can be released in the form of lotion, spray or cream. This option is slightly more expensive than those described above, are assigned a 5% cream. Before buying, always read the readings in the ear medication, because there are creams with permethrin, which are available for treatment of pubic lice. For therapy enough 2 skin treatments.

Has proved itself ointment Wilkinson – combined tool for local use with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic effects. 100 g of product falls:

  • 15 g of tar;
  • 15 g of purified sulfur;
  • 30 g of ointment naftalannoy.

Do not use this medication with acute eczema, chronic renal failure, hypersensitivity to the ingredients. The method used is the following:

  1. 1 times per day you need to RUB the ointment on the affected skin.
  2. Cannot be used on the face, scalp.
  3. Apply within 3 days.

Pills for scabies

In addition to local external therapy, there are ways on how to treat scabies with oral medication. Doctors usually recommends that the drug Ivermectin. This antiparasitic pills, they are sold only in America and Europe. You can order their delivery, if you buy in online pharmacy. Need to carry two pills with a gap of a week. After therapy, you need to repeat the examination. The drug there are several contraindications:

  • cannot be applied during planning of pregnancy, carrying the child;
  • discard Ivermectin in the presence of Allergy to components of the product;
  • not recommended in the presence of asthma, a weakened immune system;
  • for other parasitic diseases.

Pills for scabies

Treatment of scabies with spray

Another option how to treat scabies at home – aerosol Spregal. Popular and effective option of medication for external use. One spray means is enough to treat the patient and carry out prevention for all family members. Method of application the following:

  1. First, you need to clean up.
  2. Immediately after bathing, spray on the entire affected skin surface. Keep the sprayer at a distance of 20 cm from the surface of the body.
  3. No need to rinse off, re-bathing carried out not earlier than 12 hours.
  4. Be sure to change and treat the bedding and clothing.

How to cure scabies at home folk remedies

Among the options of how to treat scabies, the doctors allow the use of folk recipes. Their performance is not always confirmed, but they are often used in preventive measures. Many people simply buy a ready remedy in the pharmacy at a reasonable price, than to prepare the ointment or cream. However, homemade recipes always include only natural ingredients that attracts many. To use these options should only be with approval of the doctor.

Treatment of scabies in humans tar soap

The main component of soap has a strong odor that repels ticks, does not allow them to re-penetrate the skin. Soap has explicit antiparasitic effect, so this is another option how to treat scabies. The price is low, easy to find. You need just in the shower fully lather the entire body and 1-2 hours to wash it, and then take a shower. This option not everyone will like, because the smell is quite specific and many do not like.

Soap tar

Cure scabies at home with herbs

Traditionally, in the folk recipes used charges of plants and various herbs. If you have started to show signs of scabies, treat it using these options:

  1. A decoction of buckthorn. It is added while taking bath, you need to be in the water at least 20 minutes, maintain a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, it will help to open the pores and release the clamp. You need 2 liters of water put 100 g of buckthorn bark. Boil the liquid for 15 min., let stand for 3 hours. Broth strain and add to a bath, which it is recommended to take per day 8-9 times.
  2. Collect the yellow flowers of tansy, grind them to a pulp and RUB the affected area. In the early stages of the disease will be enough for 2-3 treatments to effectively treat scabies.
  3. The flowers of Rue pale yellow in color with a strong odor, anti-inflammatory effect. Add 500 ml of boiling water over 1 tsp of herb. Boil and remove from heat. Allow broth to cool, strain it and lubricate before bedtime the entire body. Continue the procedure until until the symptoms.

Buckthorn bark for decoction

The price of media for the treatment of scabies

As a rule, to treat scabies a long time, so the cost of treatment is relatively low. However, the price of drugs is significantly different, so the person chooses the option that would combine high efficiency and reasonable cost. The following is the approximate price of popular drugs for the treatment of scabies:

  • The spregal, the bottle 152 g – price from 820 rubles;
  • coal-tar soap, 90 g – 40 p.;
  • Benzyl benzoate cream 20% 25 g – price from 18 p.;
  • Permethrin 100 ml – 105 p.;
  • sulphur ointment, 25 m – 40 p

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