How to treat cystitis in women

Difficult to confuse cystitis with another disease. With a pulling sensation in the lower abdomen, frequent urination and a burning sensation in the ureter is familiar to many women. Women are much more likely than men to suffer from inflammation of the bladder due to anatomical structure of the body. The female urethra is wider and shorter, which causes the ingress of infection.

Treatment of cystitis in women at home

The woman has a stomach ache

The disease is caused by pathogenic microorganisms: Staphylococcus or E. coli. They penetrate the urethra into the bladder, causing inflammation. Starts cystitis, acute form: the woman every 15-20 minutes feels the urge to urinate, pain, a burning sensation in the lower abdomen. In hemorrhagic cystitis in the urine found blood, increased body temperature. If left untreated, over time the inflammation becomes chronic and lasts for years or a lifetime.

For a woman to cure cystitis, need to be examined, and then to identify the cause of the disease. Usually the doctor after laboratory studies appoints a course of antibiotics, herbal remedies, and antispasmodics. In the treatment of cystitis, women are advised:

  • drink plenty of water, herbal concoctions to quickly «wash» pathogens from the bladder;
  • to comply with bed rest;
  • strictly control the cleanliness of the genital organs;
  • sit in warm water with a decoction of herbs, remove an acute pain;
  • remove from the diet of fried, fatty, spicy meals, alcohol, coffee;
  • to use low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits.

Antibiotics for cystitis

To destroy the infection needs antibiotics. Pills from inflammation of the bladder women is administered after accurate establishment of the pathogen. Share a antibiotics for cystitis in 3 groups:

  1. Tetracycline «Tetracycline», «Minocycline», «Doxycycline».
  2. Penicillin – «Amoxicillin», «Ampicillin», «Cephalexin», «Cefaclor».
  3. Sulfa – «Sulfamethoxazole», «Sulfisoxazole», «Sulfamethizole».

Ointment Tetracycline

Recently widely used in the treatment of cystitis, strong antibiotics – «Monural», «Levofloxacin», «Naizin». Duration of therapy depends on the shape and course of disease, and the treatment lasts no more than a week. If a woman will take antibiotics over a long period, you may experience side effects such as disorders in the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. With great care should be taken antibiotics to patients with diabetes, pregnancy, menopause, during lactation.


What else treat cystitis in women? Effective herbal vegetable-based. These include «Kanefron», which contains anti-inflammatory combination of herbs. The drug reduces pain and cramps in women with cystitis and urethritis. From inflammation of the bladder helps to get rid of natural herbal remedy «, Monural». Pills cystitis with an extract of cranberries inhibit the proliferation of the surface epithelium of the urinary tract of pathogenic microorganisms due to the high content of proanthocyanidins.


For the effective treatment of cystitis in women and girls doctors use antispasmodics. These include drugs that can relieve muscle spasms of internal organs. When recurrent painful spasm takes place, the woman feels relieved. Medicines in this group remove the symptom of frequent urination, the sphincter relaxes. The advantage of antispasmodics is their performance, and the lack of side effects during treatment of dizziness, lethargy, drowsiness. Than treat cystitis in women (an antispasmodic):

  1. «But-shpa».
  2. «Drotaverine hydrochloride».
  3. «Drotaverine».

Antispasmodic no-Spa cystitis

Cystitis treatment at home folk remedies

Exacerbation of cystitis in women requires antibiotics. To antibacterial medications, you can add a folk remedy, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, enveloping effect. The complex treatment the genitourinary system includes lingonberry or cranberry juice, kidney tea, herbal infusions, decoctions, fees.

Herbs cystitis

Chronic inflammation of the bladder to be treated with decoctions of medicinal plants. Popular herb for cystitis bearberry, chamomile, St. John’s wort, cowberry leaves, rhizome of the yellow pond lilies. They are easy to buy over the counter, brew as normal tea, and then periodically to drink. For the prevention of disease herbal treatment can be conducted daily during the month.

Another good recipe for traditional medicine against bacterial cystitis – treatment the infusion of fennel. Seeds plants to grind into flour, then 1 teaspoon to brew 200 ml of boiled water, to insist hour, after drinking with sediment. This should be done during the week every morning on an empty stomach. This method will help a woman to get rid of urinary incontinence.

Diet for cystitis in women

When there is acute inflammation of the bladder, the first task of women is to enhance the flow of urine from the body. Cause this condition will help the inclusion in the diet of salted foods, alkalizing foods. In addition, you should drink plenty of fluids. To eat during illness have four to five times a day in small portions. During an acute attack of cystitis before to go to the doctor, you need to resort to the following ways to increase the flow of urine:

  • drink daily at least two liters of plain water;
  • drink several glasses of green tea;
  • drink herbal tea according to the scheme: half a glass every 4 hours.

Folk remedies for treatment of cystitis

At the first signs of illness exclude from your menu foods that cause irritation of the bladder: meats, marinades, sweet pastries, confectionery, coffee, strong tea, spices, spicy food, sharp spices. Instead, it is recommended to give preference to milk-vegetable diet, which is optimally adjusted combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. A list of products that is indicated in the treatment of cystitis:

  • fruits and vegetables fresh;
  • boiled beets;
  • dairy products;
  • boiled meat or fish;
  • vegetable soups made without meat or fish broths.

How to treat cystitis during pregnancy

The woman carrying the baby or feeding the baby, to numb the pain of any inflammation be careful. Unfortunately, acute cystitis in pregnant women due to weak immune system is common. Self use of tablets, ointments, candles or folk remedies for its treatment can lead to undesirable consequences.

At the first sign of recurrence of acute or uchenomu urinate urgently contact your doctor. Specialist, given the form of cystitis, pregnancy, assign the administration of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic medicines, which help to reduce the symptoms individually in each case.

How to cure chronic cystitis

Even at the present level of development of medicine to give a guarantee to the woman about a complete cure of chronic cystitis can not no doctor. Is a time to chill bladder and not to cure the disease, inflammation will come back after hypothermia, prolonged nervous stress, prolonged use of tampons or sexual intercourse. In addition to drugs, which is important for the prevention of disease and its treatment go to a healthy way of life without alcohol, Smoking, proper nutrition.

The woman on reception the doctor

To what doctor to address cystitis

The majority of Russian women with symptoms of cystitis hasten on reception to the gynecologist. You should know that the treatment of inflammations of the genitourinary system urologist deals. Information about what this male doctor – rooted among the population myth. For proper diagnosis and effective treatment she should complain to the urologist.

Video: Treating bladder inflammation


Olga, 37 years:the ultrasound determined I have interstitial cystitis. I had no idea that this disease may be of bacterial origin. Especially didn’t know how to treat cystitis in women with this diagnosis. The doctor prescribed me antidepressants and antihistaminic preparation «Hydroxyzine» which made me puzzled. Helped the back ache stopped.

Elena, 23 years:I don’t like being in hospitals for any reason, but when after a month I had severe cramps in the ureter and the irrepressible urge to the toilet, I don’t mean I ran – flew to the gynecologist, in order to alleviate the condition. The examination found pus formation in the bladder mucosa, so the treatment took a long time.

Anna, 18 years old:After much cold, began to appear abdominal pain, then started to really hurt back. As self I am afraid to do it, then immediately called the doctor. After anesthesia I was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with «acute pielotsistit». Treated in the hospital for about 2 weeks, so there were no health effects.

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