How to treat an abscess on the finger near the nail

That run up the fingers, face, and children and adults. Abscess can be caused by many reasons, but the main component – the germs. Appears inflammatory process after the occurrence of splinters, scrapes, wounds or cuts on the legs or hands, mainly near the nail.

Causes suppuration of the finger near the nail

An abscess on the finger near the nail

Acute inflammatory process in the finger near the nail doctors call paronihii. Causes of inflammation are trauma nail ridges after the injections, cuts, bruises. When disturbed integrity of the skin, cloth fingers penetrate pathogenic microorganisms: fungi, streptococci, staphylococci. If a person has a weakened immune system then develops purulent process. Pus under the nail occurs after such triggering factors:

  • the fungus on the nails of hands or feet;
  • bad pedicure or manicure;
  • cuts near the nail shaft;
  • violation of venous blood circulation;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the ingrown nail.

How to treat an abscess on a finger of an arm or leg

In paronihii the infected person feels in a place of pathology throbbing pain, the skin becomes reddish and swollen. Place swelling begins to fester, and without therapy pain syndrome is very intense and the temperature rises. How to treat an abscess on the finger near the nail, know the doctors, so when there is symptoms of anxiety the patient must immediately contact the medical facility for help.

Conservative treatment

Nimesil for the treatment of abscess near the nail

In the initial stages of an abscess can be processed independently. If you run up a finger on the hand or foot with weak the pain will help bath with a solution of potassium permanganate (weak), anti-inflammatory ointments and compresses them. After treatment with manganese should apply a bandage to one of the selected antibacterial drugs, apply it to the inflamed areas, tape up and keep the day. Best ointment for boils on the finger – Vishnevsky. Quickly clean the abscess drugs Levomekol, Gentacin, Dioxin ointment.

If the pain becomes frequent and throbbing, and the abscess is big, cure of paronychia at home – to go to the surgeon. After diagnosis, the doctor usually prescribes these drugs:

  1. Nimesil is a nonsteroidal tablets, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen. They stop the inflammatory process.
  2. Ichthyol ointment. It reduces redness, draws out the abscess and swelling. Put on the affected area.
  3. Lamisil antifungal medication, Orungal. Are assigned, if the disease is accompanied by a fungal infection.
  4. The Antibiotics Metronidazole And Clindamycin. Destroy the causative agent, improve the patient’s state of health.

Folk remedies and herbs

Our ancestors knew how to treat an abscess on the finger near the nail. If dry rot around the nail cut, free of burrs or corn, use the following procedure:

  1. Grilled onions. Bake the onion right in the husk in the oven until soft. Cut out the middle so not to damage its integrity. A ball with a hole put on the finger of a boil, fix a plaster or bandage. Keep the compress 3 hours, if necessary, repeat the procedure.
  2. Baby soap. If flushed and sore toe near the nail, for example, the little finger, thoroughly lather it on baby soap, cotton wool, apply to the place of the boil overnight, fixed with adhesive plaster. The compresses do as long as redness and pus will not remain a trace.
  3. The herb St. John’s wort. When the finger swelled up and festered, pulling pus make an infusion of Hypericum. For this Cup of boiled water you need to pour a spoonful (tablespoon) of dried herbs, then allow to infuse for half an hour in a warm place. Then let cool, blot with a infusion of Hypericum gauze or bandage, and apply compresses to the finger lock for 20 minutes. The procedure is performed several times a day until recovery.
  4. Kerosene. How to treat an abscess on the finger near the nail with a combustible mix? Very quick and easy! Dip your finger with the boil in purified kerosene for a few minutes. Substance disinfects tissues, promotes faster recovery.


The removal of an abscess on his finger

In the absence of positive dynamics after conservative treatment, the surgeon may suggest removing the pus from the finger surgery. The procedure is simple and is done under local anesthesia. To see how the operation is performed in the Internet photos and video. Brief description of the interventions:

  • after anesthesia over the ulcers incision is made;
  • pus and dead tissue are removed;
  • if the patient has a subungual panaritium, then removed the nail;
  • antibiotics are local actions;
  • superimposed plaster;
  • after the patient daily make new dressings with wound-healing medicines;
  • the postoperative period lasts one week.

What to do if you run up the child’s finger

An abscess on the finger near the fingernail of the child

Often children try to tear the cuticle on your finger, then almost always there is suppuration. How to treat an abscess on the finger near the nail of the baby? To help the child before the arrival of the doctor a warm bath with sea salt. Put in the warm water of the sea (kitchen) salt, drip a few drops of iodine and hold the finger of the child in the solution for 5 minutes, do so 5-6 times a day. Contribute to the relief and the bath with infused herbs including: chamomile, plantain, sage.

Prevention of periungual felon

Rubber gloves for cleaning

To avoid suppuration under the nail, hands should always be kept clean. It is advisable to remember the fact that it is easy to overdry the skin detergent, after which she covered with cracks through which penetrate the microbes. Tips for the prevention of suppuration around the nail:

  1. When cleaning or working in the garden, always use gloves.
  2. When dealing with cutting and piercing objects, be extremely careful.
  3. After work lubricate hand moisturizer or barrier cream.
  4. Do not use nail devices that belong to another person.
  5. Timely seek medical care for injuries of the hand in order to avoid complications.

Video: how to treat an abscess on the finger near the nail

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