How to treat an abscess and suppuration of the finger nail

in the photo the abscess on the finger near the nailSuppuration of finger nail can be caused by a variety of causes and effects, main component of which are the germs. Another, more scientific name of this disease – felon. It appears in the case of wounds, cuts, scrapes, or even splinters on the hands, more rarely feet, near the nail.

Common cause education inflammation of the finger – poor quality manicure (pedicure). By the way, even a beauty salon, creates a good impression, may not always be the guarantor of a positive outcome. If it is wrong to trim cuticles, around nail wound is formed, open and accessible to a wide variety of microbes. So do not trim cuticles, only push it with special tools. In this article we will tell you how to treat a panaritium and how to draw out the pus from the wound, avoiding more serious consequences.

How to treat an abscess on finger

In that case, if you just pay attention to the fact that the formed pus under the fingernail leg or arm, treatment may be simple and fast. If the situation is running, you must consult the doctor to avoid unpleasant complications and surgical intervention.

Many noticed an abscess under the nail on her hand, not willing to go to the doctor and try to cure it yourself. However, many do not know, than to treat an abscess on finger near the nail, and can only hurt yourself. Enough to know that the felon is formed, «thanks» to such bacteria as staphylococci. And they are not known to respond to most of antibacterial drugs. So, fighting against staphylococci alone, you can only lose time, run the course of the disease and complicate the situation to the doctor who could cure an abscess as soon as you approached him, if this had happened much earlier.

However, there are times when an instant meeting with the doctor is impossible. In this case, you can use some popular and drugs. In the treatment of an abscess on the finger or toe will help the following folk tips:

  • warm or even slightly hot baths (you can add teaspoon of baking soda and salt, potassium permanganate, eucalyptus or calendula). This procedure is best done during the day every half-hour.
  • if the inflammation has turned into pus, can be applied on the wound with aloe or a simple baked onion. In order for this thing is well kept, wrap it up in a bandage. Bandage change every three hours.
  • if the toe is severely inflamed, you need to prepare a poultice of soap and garlic. As in the previous paragraph, the garlic and bake grind to a pulp or cut into small pieces. Mix with powdered soap and apply to the finger. Change the dressing every three hours.
  • if you want to replace the ointment, pulling pus, you can use an ordinary potato. Fresh pulp applied to the damaged area, tied with a bandage or gauze and change every three hours.
  • if you want to speed up the process of ripening of the boil, prepare a poultice for the night. Add a piece of white bread in warm milk and the soaked pulp attach to the finger. In the morning gently remove the bandage.

Panaritium of toe

Panaritium of toe have similar symptoms and reasons for the emergence of a similar problem. However, be cause for the appearance of an abscess near the toe can serve as additional factors, such as ingrown nail, fungal nail or foot, diabetes. The last reason may be not too obvious, is that this disease disrupts blood circulation in lower extremities. The most common felon of the big toe.

In order to get rid of unpleasant disease, you can use the methods of traditional medicine, described above. However, such treatment is suitable only in the early stages of inflammation. If the process is already running or you don’t know how to treat a panaritium on the toe, it is better to consult a doctor. Also mandatory is to go to the doctor if treatment doesn’t help or raise body temperature.

Don’t be afraid to visit the surgeon. He will suggest the most optimal way out of the situation. Even if you need surgery, do not panic. It just sounds so scary. Actually, a skilled surgeon will make a small incision and remove dead and infected skin, components . Thus, the inflammation will spread and soon will pass.

An abscess on the finger nail of the child

photo suppuration of finger nailNoticing an abscess on the finger near the fingernail of a child, any good parent will start to worry and worry for their child. If this happens to you, first take the child to the doctor, he will examine the injured area and will provide the necessary guidance.

But you can help your child even before going to the doctor. Methods commonly used and acceptable for the treatment of adults, but significantly mitigated. So, if festers finger near the nail the child or if the inflammation has just begun, follow the advice below.

  1. Make a bath of warm water, marine salt (if by hand was not suitable and the usual + a few drops of iodine) and soda. Keep the damaged finger there for 5 minutes and repeat throughout the day 5-6 times.
  2. Another option for the bath, contributes to the recovery: weak manganese solution. Recommendations for use are the same as in the previous paragraph.
  3. Apply a paste of raw onion to the inflamed spot at night for a speedy recovery.
  4. In between baths you can finger to apply a compress of diluted vodka.
  5. If you don’t trust folk medicine, use this ointment levomekol drains pus and reduces inflammation for fast time.
  6. If the child has already appeared fester, and the place where the pus may come out, you can use Vishnevsky ointment. Is a tool that can help in the treatment of various skin lesions. It promotes the excretion of pus and germs from the wound. Spread Vishnevsky ointment on a bandage and apply to the damaged area overnight. In the morning remove the bandage and wipe the finger with alcohol or its solution.

But remember, in order to have a child was not a felon, you need time to accustom him to health, right to trim nails to avoid brosteni and give him as much time as possible.

Be healthy!

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