How to sunbathe?

As soon as the first prigreet sun, most women are already thinking about a beautiful tan. And the easiest and most secure method is sunbathing. Unfortunately, not all know and observe basic rules of behavior in the sun, so will sunburn and even sunstroke. To make your holiday in the sun is not wasted and that your stay in the sun brought to you only pleasure, you should follow the basic rules of stay in the sun.

Rules of safe tan

The main criterion for the exposure to the sun has time. Some women believe that the longer they are under the sun, and even in the hottest time, the faster they will light up. However, after this stress, the skin will not look their best, it will turn red, and not gold, is what you wanted. And feel you will after this bad because of a long stay under the sun during the hottest hours you can get burned. And if you don’t want to ruin your vacation, use the presented rules:

•The most appropriate time for sunbathing are the hours of the morning to eleven in the morning can be in the sun without consequences. Currently, there is little chance of getting sunburn. In the evening you can sunbathe after sixteen hours.

•Being in the sun, remember to protect your head with hats. Always take it with you to the beach, a hat or cap and sunglasses, because you do not want the sun shining into your eyes.

•When you take the sun, remember that every ten minutes it should change its position. Perevorachivatel from back to stomach and Vice versa. This technique will help to relax your skin and it gets red and will not burn.

•Tanning by the water, remember that once you swim, the skin must be wet the towel. On wet skin exposure to the sun occurs two times stronger, and therefore the risk of a burn increases.

•And most importantly – use a special sunscreen that will protect you from the negative effects of sunlight.

Sun protection

The main cosmetic products on vacation should become for you exactly sunscreen. Without them, you will get burned very quickly. Probably no need to remind what are the disadvantages might be associated with burned skin. So be sure to buy a home even with special protections, which should be selected based on the type of your skin.

The major indicator of such cosmetics will become a Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Next to this abbreviation is the number. And the higher it is, the stronger the protection. For women with very fair naturally skin should choose the SPF 50. Because this skin is the most susceptible to sunburn. If your skin is light, but not as brown hair, you fit SPF 30, for you this may be sufficient. Well, black-haired darkie can purchase SPF 15, and even 8.

Each package of such cosmetic products contains instructions on how to apply it. Some tools are recommended every half hour to apply to the skin, or to refresh after a swim and some can last a few hours, and the water they are not afraid.

After sun

Not everyone knows that even after sunbathing at home for your skin is necessary to apply special tools. Such funds are usually well – written «after-sun» or «after sun». Even if in the sun, you use a special tool, your skin is too dry and gets a small but stress. Therefore, it is necessary to humidify. This is what sent the impact of these funds.


In some cases, despite the fact that you were guided by certain rules, it may happen that you will not be able to avoid burns. Most often this can be due to sudden change of climate, because our body gets used to a certain exposure to sunlight. However scorching the sun’s rays tropical countries begin to more aggressively work on your skin. Sometimes even after a few minutes in this sun you may get burned. So just in case, should get remedy for sunburns that will ease your well-being after the aggressive effects of the sun. And your skin will be able to quickly recover.

Of course, summer is a great time to relax by the sea and getting a beautiful tan. However, if you want to make your holiday nothing is ruined, you should adhere to our recommendations that will help you to spend your vacation with health benefits. Choose the right sunscreen and always be prepared before the insidious, but a beautiful sun.

How to sunbathe?

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