How to stop a bloody nose

A separate disease a nosebleed is not considered. It is a consequence or low humidity, or more serious pathologies of internal organs. Do you know what to do when nose bleeds? The instructions below can help in this situation.

Causes of epistaxis

Epistaxis in a woman

The fact that the human nose can begin to bleed often indicate those prior symptoms:

  • headache;
  • discomfort in the nose;
  • a feeling of dizziness;
  • the appearance of tinnitus.

A frequent cause of the phenomenon of epistaxis acts overheating of the body. In summer it can be the result of heatstroke, and in winter – increased for cold temperature. During pregnancy, women are faced with this problem because of hormonal changes or deficiency of vitamins, because most of the nutrients gets future child. To provoke bleeding can vasoconstrictor drops. Their constant use dries mucous membranes of the nasal cavity and leads to rhinitis. In this disease epistaxis occurs in the morning.

Among the more serious reasons for this phenomenon are:

  1. Injury or slight bumps lead to profuse bleeding, because the lining of the nose fits a lot of blood vessels.
  2. Inflammation of the nasal cavity, such as cancer, polyps or papilloma.
  3. The disease, which is a violation of blood coagulability. Such pathologies include problems with the liver and spleen.
  4. For high blood pressure bleeding is often accompanied by the appearance of dizziness or nausea.
  5. Pathology related to the heart and blood vessels or the kidneys.
  6. The weak nature of the vessels or the low level of platelets in the body.
  7. Treatment of acetylsalicylic acid or other blood-thinning drugs.

First aid for nosebleed

The girl is bad

The problem nosebleeds because of dry air to solve a very simple. Periodically need to humidify the room using:

  • spraying room spray;
  • hanging wet towels on the batteries;
  • placement on windowsills houseplants.

Formed from the mucous membrane of the nose, dry crusts will help drops of rosehip oil or sea buckthorn. If you have problems with blood clotting, it is recommended to drink herbal teas on the basis of yarrow, nettle or plantain. In addition, you must add in your diet plenty of foods with vitamin K. these include spinach, cabbage, lettuce, bananas, eggs, and dairy products. Prevention does not guarantee that people will not have this problem. You need to understand how to stop bleeding from the nose.

An adult

The main condition in the manual how to stop a nosebleed is to tilt your head back. Otherwise it will lead to the draining of her throat and even getting into the respiratory tract or the stomach. The result can be vomiting. In addition to tilting the head impossible to lie down on the pillow. Instructions on how to quickly stop the bleeding from the nose, includes the following steps:

  • it is convenient to take;
  • press head, the chin touch the chest) or just tilt it;
  • applying to the nose a handkerchief or any cloth, soaked in cold water or wrapped by tissue paper ice;
  • use vasoconstrictor it dripped into the nostrils, or to resort to an emergency, to using lemon juice;
  • if stop does not work, then your fingers to push the nose against the septum, and yet to breathe through the mouth.

If the patient is in the supine position, it is necessary to keep the primary head position was lateral. It is not recommended to blow your nose, otherwise the crust formed, which prevents bleeding, damaged or relapse will occur. How to stop severe bleeding from the nose? Apply method with a cotton swab, pre-moistened with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and inserted into the nostrils. It then needs to soak with water and remove. Instead of tampons you can use a special sterile haemostatic sponge purchased at a pharmacy.

Ditini Nosov gravotech

In children

It is especially important to take measures to stop bleeding in a child. The phenomenon in babies is often noted as a result of picking your nose, physical overload or deficiency. Instructions on how to stop a bloody nose in a child includes the following steps:

  • to put toddler to blood flowed without interference;
  • apply cold product or ice to the nose, forehead and neck;
  • to loosen clothes around the neck, open the window;
  • legs to wrap up warmly;
  • for a quarter of a minute to clamp the fingers, the wings of the nose, connecting them with a partition;
  • when heavy bleeding moistened with hydrogen peroxide swabs and enter them in the nose;
  • the drip vasoconstrictor drops to a child.

What to do if a nosebleed does not stop

A doctor examines a child

Sporadic and mild bleeding easy to stop, to prevent their recurrence. If such cases occur more often, and the blood is all, it is a good reason to go immediately to the doctor or for help in an ambulance. When heavy bleeding in addition to the above actions you need to keep the wings of the nose pressed to the wall. When you call the ambulance, be sure to follow the advice of the operator.

At an early age, epistaxis often occurs because of hit in the nose foreign objects. The main condition – do not try to get it on their own, and refer the child to a hospital or an ambulance. The same needs to be done in the following situations:

  • when groping in the nose of any of the wound;
  • if the duration of bleeding exceeds a quarter of an hour;
  • when the blood from the nostrils is often during the week.

Video: how to stop a nosebleed at home

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