How to withdraw alcohol from the body

Yesterday was a violent party, and in the morning you realized that against the intoxicating drug need the antidote? Weathering of alcohol from the body – especially individual case, so the question of how to move away from booze, for each has his own answer. Find out how much alcohol can be withdrawn from the body and how to deal with intoxication.

How to quickly remove alcohol from the body at home


The most simple ways how to bring alcohol from the body at home:

  • brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with a minty mouthwash;
  • wipe with a wet towel;
  • take a cold refreshing shower or wash with cool water;
  • plenty of fluids to drink, especially effective strong tea or coffee;
  • to walk outside in the fresh air or well to erode the space from bad smells;
  • to eat ascorbic acid, fruit, especially citrus, to absorb the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver.

As remove toxins from the body

In case you’re wondering how to remove the alcoholic intoxication of average weight, it is appropriate to apply the medication. Pills and injections should not be used if the human condition is extremely difficult. In this case, need urgent hospitalization in order to avoid coma and transition into a stupor. Valid on doctor’s prescription means:

  1. Apomorphine. Is administered intramuscularly or intravenously, after which you need to drink more than a liter of warm water to cause a desire to vomit.
  2. Kordiamin. Remove alcohol from the body will be released through intramuscular or intravenous injection.
  3. Caffeine. Means for injection, which is injected into a vein, muscle.
  4. Metronidazole in high doses.
  5. Subcutaneous administration of Aspirin for sweat and ethanol from the blood.
  6. Vitamin C and Aspirin to make you sober.
  7. Insulin is injected under the skin, and glucose 40% intravenously.

The Drug Kordiamin

Using Regidrona

In its pure form, without any additives, regidron at home apply in the case of alcoholic intoxication, to take the poison from the body. The medication restores normal acid-alkaline balance. Substance sold in powder form in Salecah that needs to be diluted with water. The treatment takes 3-4 days to eat during treatment is permitted, but with the exception of sharp, fatty foods. Nausea, urge to vomit it is better to take small portions, until the unpleasant symptoms will not be able to remove.

According to the instructions regidron taken in accordance with human weight: 10 kg make 10 ml. If a person weighs 80 kg, then in the night you need to drink 0.8 l of solution. If the status is gradually improving, the dose of 10 ml can be reduced to 5. The solution used, if a person has a kidney disorder, intestine, diabetes, individual intolerance. In addition regidrona, you need to take another the purified liquid to recover the water balance.

To replace means to remove alcohol, and is available in pharmacies counterparts:

  • Hydrovit Forte: a bag of drugs 200 ml of fluid per day calculation in accordance with weight from 20 to 60 ml per kilogram of body weight.
  • Trihedron: sachet in 0.5 liters of clear liquid.
  • Rosolen: implemented in different dosages and diluted to 100, 500, 1000 ml of water.
  • Tsitraglyukosolan: you can buy in three dosages, to choose an optimum depending on the severity of intoxication.

Powder Hydrovit Forte

Tablets for liver

Quick treatment medicines can not be called, because the liver holds 90% ethanol, which for alcoholics is threatened by different pathologies. Taking pills should be well before planning to get behind the wheel of a car. In this case, use a special enzymes that speed up liver processing harmful substances and their output. But to save people from the consequences of intoxication: weakness, nausea, vomiting, unpleasant smell drugs not.

Activated carbon

The drug is generic in the matter of time of its use: it is possible to take pills before, during, and after a stormy feast. Body burden of toxins is large, but with pills, the rate of excretion of harmful substances takes place faster. To tell you how much alcohol leaves the body with the use of coal, it is difficult, but the pills quickly improves the condition in case of strong nausea. Calculation of tablets: 1 piece per 10 kg weight of wild booze party.

In addition to activated carbon need to drink a lot of liquids to cleanse the body completely. After alcohol necessary to take not less than 5 tablets, and in the morning, if the body has a hard, take a portion with the calculation of the weight of the patient. If you don’t want to get drunk and not think about how much alcohol leaves the body – you need to take the pills before meal.

What products remove toxins from the body

The girl drinks milk

Neutralization and rapid elimination of toxic breakdown products of alcohol in the blood will help to exercise and some foods. These include:

  1. Milk. Accelerates metabolism, improves peristalsis.
  2. Lemon. Large amounts of vitamin C accelerates the dissolution and release of the alcohol through the kidneys and skin.
  3. Parsley. The antioxidants accelerated urination, which displays the decay products of alcoholic beverages significantly.
  4. Green tea. Its effectiveness lies in the same principles as the effects on the body, and parsley.
  5. Garlic. Speeds up the enzymes in the liver that stops the activity of alcohol.
  6. Coffee. A Cup of strong drink combined with lemon significantly improves overall health, but only if the person is not suffering from high blood pressure.
  7. Cabbage. Speeds up the metabolic mechanisms of intestinal and toxins are removed faster.

Folk remedies

Lovers of folk medicine can use some recipes that will lead to consciousness faster in order:

  • Mint water. Add a liter of pure liquid a sprig of mint, slice of lemon and a little honey and drink a cocktail, in small portions. So will alleviate nausea and headache.
  • Broth. For preparation will need: big spoon of yarrow, peppermint 3 tablespoons. All pour a glass (200 ml) of boiling water and drink half an hour at a time. Make the broth should be warm.
  • Broth. Hot chicken soup with cumin you need to drink in a volume of 0.5 l at a time to improve health.

How to clean the blood at home

The hospital can be replaced with home treatments to remove the comedown after the party, if you have serious diseases and contraindications. Here are a few methods of blood purification home:

  1. Drink a lot of fluids, take activated charcoal and ascorbic acid.
  2. If you have a headache – drink soluble aspirin, not to injure the stomach.
  3. To use glycine for the flow of more oxygen to the brain.
  4. The use of oatmeal broth.
  5. Act assistant for blood purification will become brine from cucumbers or cabbage, to accelerate the normalization of electrolyte balance.
  6. Infusion on the grass, which is composed of geranium meadow.
  7. Tincture and decoction of a succession.

Girl takes a shower

How to quickly sober up

In case you need a quick sobering up need to apply measures that will enhance the tone of the nervous system:

  1. To wash the snow.
  2. Rinse in ice water.
  3. It is good to massage the feet, ears.
  4. Take a cool shower or bath.
  5. Chew or hold in mouth a Laurel leaf.
  6. To make rinse the mouth with mineral sparkling water.
  7. Brush your teeth with a minty toothpaste.
  8. To drink strong coffee, tea with lemon cleansing. Ginger, mint and green tea suitable to get rid of toxins.
  9. The acceleration of the process of selection of urine to detoxification. It is possible to eat parsley, green tea, watermelon, strawberries, zucchini.
  10. Enhance brain activity: to read, to talk, to fill the crossword puzzles and solve logical puzzles.
  11. Not to use nicotine in order not to worsen the condition of the body.
  12. Ammonia.
  13. Injections of furosemide.

Than pokapatsya alcohol in the blood

Hospital dropper

How to bring people from binge at home or on an outpatient basis? A surefire way to drive out the remaining alcohol from bodies it is a drip. Alcoholism or poisoning often joined with a similar procedure. After treatment, the patient is in a medical facility until her condition improved. This period can be assigned to the IVS, which supports the work of many internal organs. The composition of the solutions varies, but in most of the cases contains the following components:

  1. Saline is injected up to 1.5 l depending on the severity of intoxication. Is replaced by glucose (solution 5%), gemodez, salt solution.
  2. Drugs, struggling with vomiting.
  3. Drugs relieving cramps.
  4. Angiotensinii funds.
  5. Drugs to support of the myocardium.
  6. Components that enhance the circulation of blood in the brain.
  7. Sleeping pills.
  8. Antidepressants.
  9. Anti-Allergy drugs.
  10. Potassium, calcium, magnesium.

Time of alcohol elimination from the body

How much alcohol is excreted from the patient? You need to consider the necessary data: gender (male and female carry the drinks), the weight of the driver or not (level of ppm in the analysis will be determined). In the table-the calculator, the following terms, as to bring different alcohol from the body depending on the dose: 100, 300, 500 gram, weight of the person and the type of fluid:

Drink 60 kg 70 kg 80 kg 90 kg 100 kg
Beer 5% 52 min.

2 hours 37 min.

4 hours 21 min.

45 min.

2 h 14 min.

3 hours 44 min.

39 min.

1H. 57 min.

3 hours 16 min.

35 min.

1 h. 44 min.

2 hours 54 min.

31 min.

1 h 34 min.

2 hours 37 min.

Champagne 11% 1 h 36 min.

4 hours 47 min.

7 h 59 min

1 h. 22 min.

4 hours 6 min.

6 h. 50 min.

1 h. 12 min.

3: 35 a.m.

5 hours 59 minutes.

1 h. 4 min.

3 hours 11 min.

5 hours 19 minutes.

57 min.

2 h. 52 min.

4 hours 47 min.

Port 18 % 2 hours 37 min.

7 h. 50 min.

13 h 3 min.

2 h 14 min.

6 hours 43 min.

11 hours. 11 min.

1 h. 57 min.

5 hours 52 min.

9 h. 47 min.

1 h. 44 min.

5 hours 13 minutes.

8h. 42 min.

1 h 34 min.

4 h. 42 min.

7 h. 50 min.

Vodka 40 % 5 hours 48 min.

17 hours. 24 min.

29 h

4 h. 58 min.

14 h 55 min

24 hours 51 min.

4 hours 21 min.

13 h 3 min.

21 hours 45 minutes.

3 hours 52 min.

11 hours. 36 min.

19 h 20 min

3 h. 29 min.

10 h 26 min

17 hours. 24 min.

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