How to remove Wen

Found a small seal under the skin? If it is soft to the touch, has certain limits, it doesn’t hurt – maybe it’s the Wen. The swelling is a cosmetic problem, is a benign, to cancer does not apply. Find out more about its causes and various methods of treatment.

How to get rid of Wen

Lipoma is a common condition, particularly among women 30-50 years. Accurate data on the causes of their formation from the doctors, but it is possible to identify factors that contribute to development. This:

  1. Sedentary or sedentary way of life.
  2. Hormonal disturbance.
  3. Heredity. Lipomas can occur in multiple generations in the same place.
  4. Unbalanced nutrition, which the stomach does not have time to remove all the waste decay.
  5. Excessive consumption of alcohol.
  6. Decreased activity of the thyroid gland and pituitary gland.
  7. Diabetes.
  8. Diseases of the genitourinary system.
  9. Improper care of skin.
  10. The atypical cells of adipose tissue in the body during fetal development.

How to remove a fatty lipoma? Note that medical indications for removal of no, because tumors do not transform into malignant. The decision on treatment is taken by the patient independently, in most cases due to the aesthetic unattractiveness of Wen. Highlights:

  • If the lipoma is greater than 3 cm, the recommended surgical method.
  • In other cases, can be used medical method (puncture of education and the introduction of the treatment solution), laser treatment.
  • There is a popular ways to remove.
  • It is not recommended to puncture the Wen of their own, so as not to contaminate it.

Talc or lipomas under the eyes

How to remove white bumps on face

To get rid of unsightly formations on the cheeks, lips and other parts of the face that are worth a visit to the beauty salon. How to remove a fatty lipoma? Specialist can offer:

  1. Chemical peeling weak acid solutions to clean the sebaceous ducts and to remove the superficial layers of the epithelium of the skin on the face. Method is suitable for those who have small, neosporine, not growing the Wen.
  2. The mechanical cleaning. The conservative method by which you can remove on their own education. The benefits of a salon – sterile conditions, guaranteed results. The essence of mechanical cleaning – incision or puncture of the sebaceous ducts.
  3. The laser treatment. An innovative method through which it is possible to remove lipomas on the face, without scars and complications. The laser not only removes the lump, but also effectively disinfects, prevents complications, of recurrence.

How to get rid of white bumps on my face pharmacy means? You can buy the creams, ointment that improve blood circulation, metabolism, tissue softening. Pharmacy tools require long-term use, they are less effective than other methods, but also give a certain result. Well-proven ointment is Ice, is entirely composed of herbal ingredients, essential oils. The tool should be applied on the problematic area to seal the plaster. Another popular drug, the ointment Vishnevsky.

How to remove white bumps under the eyes? If more than one, or are they scattered all over the skin, it is recommended to go to the doctors – it is difficult to remove multiple small changes improvised ways. In order to get rid of tumors, should work with medical gloves, is required to treat the skin with antiseptic. Do not use with iodine or green paint. After the removal of the need to treat sick place Levomekol until complete healing.

Treatment at the beautician

How to get rid of white bumps on body

If you want to remove education themselves, without the participation of doctors, be careful – possible formation of scars and abnormal growth of adipose tissue. So, how to squeeze the Wen? Sequence of actions:

  1. Buy new medical gloves, single syringe.
  2. Treat working tool with alcohol.
  3. Treat the lump and surrounding tissue antiseptic.
  4. When education dries up, pierce it with a needle – the result is a liquid.
  5. Re-treat the problem area with antiseptic.
  6. Every day several times to use the Treatment until complete healing of the wound.

How to remove a fatty lipoma at home

Check out popular ways that will help to remove the lipoma:

  1. Onions and soap. Take the ingredients in equal amounts, both grate. The resulting mass is put on the stove, cook about 15-20 minutes, cool. The curative mixture was put on the Wen, wash off after 40 minutes with warm water. Soap and onions great fight with a fat, make an antibacterial effect. After several treatments, white warts should disappear.
  2. With aloe. Cut the leaf of a plant, a pulp apply to the Wen, stick a band-aid, leave to cure until morning. During this time, biologically active substances penetrate inside, improve fat metabolism, cleanse the skin.
  3. With baked onions. Vegetable need to be cut in half, bake in the oven, then several times a day to make a compress for 10-15 minutes. Due to this popular method of subcutaneous the swelling should disappear in a few days.
  4. Celandine. You need to rip the plant when there is orange juice, apply it on the lipoma. Treated plants require about a week.

Flowers of celandine

Professional removal of Wens

A successful method for the treatment of lipoma is surgical intervention. Experts can solve the problem with endoscopic surgery or traditional surgical method. Popular non-contact method is laser removal. In addition, doctors can use a radio wave scalpel, cryotherapy. The choice of method of treatment determined by the doctor.

Removal of fatty lipoma laser

To education no longer appeared necessary to remove not only the contents of the shell, but all modified fat cells. This is only possible with surgery, for example, a laser. If education is small, the patient receives local anesthesia, and then cut through the lipoma, simultaneously sapaeva vessels. After the doctor heals the capsule Wen, pulls her top, produces husking lipomas and destroys the residual fragments. The final step is suturing of the wound edges. The operation lasts no more than 15-20 minutes, scars, wounds intervention does not leave.

Like removed surgically Wen

On the forehead, back, neck may appear lipomas of large size (from 3 cm). To remove them often used the traditional surgical technique is a scalpel. Surgery is performed under local or General anesthesia. The doctor makes an incision, removes the education, the sutures. The disadvantage of the method – the scars remain. If you think, what method, and how to cut Wen, prefer laser or radiowave scalpel.

Video: removal of lump on face

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