How to quit Smoking at home

Bad habits catch on quickly, but getting rid of them is very difficult. With tobacco the mankind got acquainted even before the onset of a new era. Through five centuries of plant that contains nicotine, came to the shores of the Old world. Spread across the continent was lightning fast, but even knowing that Smoking is addictive and harmful to health, has not reduced the ranks of smokers. Nowadays, as then, only some are looking for ways on how to quit Smoking. There is the chance to quickly get rid of bad habits?

The dangers of nicotine to the body

Nicotine is dangerous rapid adaptation of the organism to it. Their pernicious influence he exercised on two levels: mental and physiological. The latter is a direct impact on health, because Smoking negatively affects the metabolism and hormones. Scientists do not stop to study again and again proving that if you don’t quit Smoking, it will lead to the emergence of a dangerous, incurable diseases.

The psychological component of addiction is even more dangerous, because it encourages people to take up a cigarette. With its «easy» flow produces addictive, and a person is not able to give up Smoking. The brain gets used to the state of euphoria, feeling of relaxation, peace, therefore Smoking is not perceived by the brain as something dangerous to health. The struggle with addiction will have to start with overcoming psychological problems.

Why do people smoke

Smoking helps to relax

To get rid of feelings of discomfort, to get away from the stress, hide, irritability, to calm down. The reasons may be quite different, but the result of one – hand reaches for his pack of cigarettes, comes short of state of comfort for which you have to pay the appearance habits and health. Circle of friends, and among adolescents the desire to demonstrate their «maturity» is too often the reasons why people start Smoking. Experience grows, the smoker feels less pleasure, and at some point decided to quit, preferably quickly and permanently.

The advice of psychologists how to handle the urge to smoke

  • To make a decision. This step will begin the path for everyone who wants to quickly quit Smoking. Efficient way implies that one takes the decision himself and consciously, that is, it recognizes the presence of harmful habits and ready to act. Important not to confuse desire with determination, the latter will manifest itself as a deterrent even when others would offer a cigarette and Smoking.
  • To set a goal and to prepare for changes. Motivation is a good basis, and it also will help at first at the decision to quit Smoking. Difficulties can not be avoided, because the body is used to getting their dose of nicotine, and the brain – a moment of relaxation. To win a negative reaction to quitting Smoking especially difficult for the first seven to ten days, and it will have to consider preparing for changes.

Do my favorite things

  • To find new meaning in life instead of Smoking is the best way to distract you while you accustomed to live without cigarettes. Select the appropriate mode of the day, avoid stressful situations, free time to devote to the beloved, to learn meditation – these are all ways to help your body to relive stress at failure from nicotine addiction. Avoid radical measures in order not to worsen the situation, as an alternative to Smoking is, search for close to you heart.
  • Seek assistance from doctors, therapists or people who have a successful experience how to quit Smoking. It is difficult to resist the habit alone, at the present level of communication to find like-minded people will come to specialized forums. Not all the tips, recipes, measures can help to quickly quit Smoking, but knowing about them will expand your ideas, how to quickly get rid of a bad habit. The doctor will prescribe medications to initially cope with the urge to smoke.

Effective ways to quit Smoking on your own at home

How many years the mankind has been familiar with tobacco, the same time he looks for effective ways how to quit Smoking. If the hypnosis session a therapist, traveling to remote places and asceticism is not your option as quickly to quit Smoking, you will have to find other ways. They are there field-tested by those who themselves have quit Smoking at home.

Nicotine patches or chewing gum

Nicotine patch and gum for Smoking cessation

They have roughly the same principle: the structure includes a small dose of purified nicotine. The patch or gum Smoking help gradually reduce the level of dependence. The body gets «dose», but each time less, which contributes to the gradual withdrawal from cigarettes. One plate of plaster enough for the day, stick it on the hip or shoulder, and the duration of the course is 10 weeks.

Gum helps nicotine to penetrate oral mucosa, but, like the patch, it eliminates the ingress of toxic tar into the lungs. Hold in mouth gum it takes about half an hour, gradually reducing the duration. With the negative aspects of both ways how to get rid of Smoking in the home is the presence of nicotine, which continues to influence the heart and vascular systems of the body, the gum still causes stomach upset.


Help avoid depression, insomnia, headache, symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Some of them include a synthetic analogue of the alkaloid (nicotine), but unlike cigarettes, drugs deprived from the collision with the toxins, tar, smoke. Medications that help get rid of the habit of Smoking, divided into the following groups:

drugs Nicorette in the fight against Smoking

  • Replacement therapy. Purified nicotine in a harmless dose enters the body, reducing, and subsequently eliminating the urge to smoke. The most famous among them – Nicorette, which for two decades is still relevant. The drug comes in the form of gum, spray, adhesive plaster, mouthpiece, penetrate through the mucosa. Doses are selected individually, like other drugs in this group because it impacts the experience and the health of the smoker.
  • Sedative medications when quitting Smoking help relieves irritability, and normalize sleep. Effective drugs, for those who wish to quickly stop Smoking in the home, are considered as tincture of Valerian, Novo-passit, valokordin. Taking your meds the first few weeks not less than 3 times per day, but concurrent administration of two and more impossible, it is necessary to take only one sedative.
  • Drugs with bio-stimulating action is a tincture of ginseng, schisandra or Rhodiola rosea extract or Siberian ginseng. Lethargy, tiredness when quitting Smoking represent a common symptoms, so it would be good to choose one of the listed drugs to take it twice a day, but not in the evening, 20 drops.
  • Vitamins – required drugs for those who decided to quit Smoking. It is better to choose a multivitamin complexes where there are A, B1, B6, C, and E that will help to cleanse the body of toxins. The duration of intake of vitamins by Smoking cessation is at least a month.

Home training hypnosis

At home successfully practiced training online how to quit Smoking. Together with hypnosis, they referred to as alternative methods, but effectiveness is proven in practice, but how safe is it – you decide. Unconventional methods affect the subconscious, and justify its effectiveness, when you want to quickly quit Smoking. Using their other methods, drugs to help stop Smoking, it is faster to achieve the desired result. The effect of the training and hypnosis aimed at supporting motivation and willpower.

With the help of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette

Widespread method to quickly stop Smoking in the home. At its core it is a device like a nebulizer, and on the outward signs is a cigarette. Inside is placed a replaceable capsule that contains purified nicotine and the process of Smoking is almost indistinguishable from the traditional, but less harmful to health.

With the help of Allen Carr’s book

Reading is a good way to occupy their free time and free way to quit Smoking. To want to give up the pernicious habit of the smoker is useful to get acquainted with literary work of Allen Carr. His work titled «Easy way to stop Smoking» became a cult classic, because it sets out the methodology, proven ways how to get rid of bad habits. The author himself experimented with many methods, so read or listen to the audiobook as a practical guide, useful for those who want to overcome addiction.

Folk remedies against Smoking without pills and patches

  • Baking soda. To get rid of the desire to smoke cigarettes will help a solution prepared from 0.2 l of water and 1 tbsp. of baking soda. Rinsing the mouth when you want to smoke, after a while there is an aversion to Smoking.
  • A decoction of oatmeal. The tool recommended for those who want to quit Smoking, which helps release toxins. Prepare a decoction of 1 Cup water and 20 g of oats (seeds), fresh broth to insist within hours, strain, take in the morning before eating.
  • A decoction of St. John’s wort is a kind of antidepressant, which calms the nervous system while quitting Smoking. Brewed a decoction of 250 ml of water and 40 g herb to drink as a tea three times a day.

The decoction of Hypericum

  • The infusion of eucalyptus is prepared at the rate of 1 tbsp. spoon eucalyptus leaves 0.4 l of water. Boil the broth, to insist hour, then add a tablespoon of honey. Make the infusion, if you decide to quit, you have seven times a day a quarter Cup. The course duration is 1 month.
  • The use of nails is a proven method that helps you quit Smoking. Cut nails, cut out of cigarette tobacco and mix it with the nails, then the mixture is placed in the shell of the cigarette. After that smoke will not want to, because the smell is disgusting to Smoking.
  • Yoghurt cigarette is another popular method which helps to quickly quit Smoking. To take a normal cigarette, dip it in the yogurt, dry and try to smoke. «Flavor» works perfectly, the desire to smoke no longer occurs.

Foods that help get rid of the addiction

The first week, when you want to quit Smoking, there is a craving for smoked meat, pickles. Fear is a better reason not to quit, but you have to control your appetite, and then the extra pounds will not appear. To quit Smoking at home, you need to stick to a diet, and it provides in the diet must be present dairy products. Their number is determined by the «bigger is better», as the choice and quantity of vegetables and fruits.

Do not abruptly stop Smoking during pregnancy

Better than after – that’s the best recommendation for women smokers who of sott to get pregnant. If pregnancy has already occurred, quitting Smoking faster. Hypoxia or lack of oxygen due to the action of nicotine has serious health consequences for the baby. The difficulty is that some drugs are allowed to adopt in the first trimester of pregnancy, but women have the deepest motivation to quit Smoking is the health and life of the child.

Video: how to easily quit Smoking forever and not gain weight

Strong commitment, motivation, effective ways – it all helps to move in the right direction to those who are quitting Smoking. Health problems cause fear, but no less desire to quit Smoking manifest themselves in negative emotions about overweight. If the decision to refuse from bad habits finally taken, fear of gaining weight should not become an obstacle. How easy it is to quit Smoking, avoiding mistakes and not gaining weight? Learn more about the important points described in the video.

Feedback about the results

Paul, 43 years old, Novosibirsk:there Were three attempts to quit Smoking, but all to no avail. Desire is not determination. When the heat became unbearable, come to his senses. Have tried many things, but without willpower it is foolish to start. At first very good patch, drank herbal teas, revised the mode of the day. Hold 2 years, the desire to smoke anymore.

Olga, 34, Wedge:the Habit of foolishly started Smoking while still a student. I began to notice that the skin, nails, hair all in a terrible state. So the best motivation for women. Gum, the patch, the magnets in my ear did not help. Vitamins, the infusion of eucalyptus helps meditation, a new hobby.

Constantine, 39 years old Tyumen Throw for the fourth time. I’ve tried hypnosis, traditional methods, trying to escape something, but still frustrated. To quit Smoking is not easy. Each time was a bit longer, the desire not to smoke is, you want to try the electronic cigarette, suggest a band-aid and a couple of true radical means to go to the wilderness, where no cigarettes.

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