How to prevent wrinkles on your face?

The beginning of wrinkles on the face tells about the beginning of the process of aging. However, this process can be slow, and the wrinkles reduced if we follow certain rules, which we now describe.

How to prevent wrinkles on your face?

Healthy eating

Your meals should be healthy and balanced, it should contain vitamins, minerals and proteins. They are essential to your skin was smooth and it did not appear premature wrinkles.

How to prevent wrinkles on your face?

It is also very important to drink a lot of water, which will wash you a long time to keep your skin elastic. On the day you should drink six to eight glasses of water, and then in your cells, water balance is restored.

How to prevent wrinkles on your face?

Quitting Smoking

Smoking on the face is affected negatively in the result of the addiction to this habit you automatically increase the risk of premature skin aging. Also as a result of Smoking the oxygen supply to the skin decreases, and this may cause skin cells damage, and the formation of the collagen decrease.

How to prevent wrinkles on your face?

The influence of ultraviolet rays

Prolonged exposure to the sun during summer, your skin will dehydrate and dry up, and as a result, you will be able to appear early wrinkles. Skin damaged by ultraviolet radiation, is not restored. To avoid this, you should wear hats and sunglasses. Also use a sunscreen with a high protection factor.

Physical activity

If every day to workout for twenty to thirty minutes, your skin will healthy. It is also important every day to be outdoors. In addition, your skin is very harmful and the stress can help you cope yoga.

Vitamin E

The oil solution of vitamin E is a strong antioxidant, so it can be very effective in dealing with the early appearance of wrinkles. You can buy it at any pharmacy, and it costs quite inexpensive. Apply this vitamin on the skin, and it will protect it from further damage. Vitamin E is very effective to fight free radicals, and thus, raspugivali especially deep wrinkles. You just need to apply this oil before bed on problem areas.

Almond oil

Another oil that can rejuvenate your skin. Massage the skin with this oil daily and it will help you to reduce the damage of your skin and wrinkles. In addition, it will be very useful for dry skin and will remove irritation and even peeling. Also almond oil has moisturizing properties and is able to make your skin supple, elastic and soft. Apply almond oil on your skin and let it dry. It would be better if you apply it on the skin overnight and wash off in the morning.

How to prevent wrinkles on your face?

Olive oil

Now olive oil is used very frequently for creating all kinds of cosmetic products. It contains many nutrients that can give your skin radiance and smoothness, it is also effective to clean and moisturize her. For these purposes, you would be best to use unrefined oil, because it is best for you will help in the fight against wrinkles.

How to prevent wrinkles on your face?

Aloe Vera

In Ancient Egypt began to use aloe Vera for beauty and health. Then it was called «plant of immortality», because people used it in order to prolong the youthfulness of skin. The aloe Vera gel into the skin, quickly absorbed and can improve the structure of its cells, thereby slowing the aging process.


Combine folk remedies for skin care with correctly chosen face cream, which is designed to fight aging of the skin. Need to the composition of this cream includes vitamin A derivatives such as tretinoin or retinol. They will help greatly slow down the aging process of your skin.

How to prevent wrinkles on your face?

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