How to prepare for pregnancy

as prigotovitysya-to-pregnancyWhen you decide to become a first-time mother, or to give the world another one or even two charming men, I want to wish you good luck and patience, because waiting for you is a great way: 9 months of carrying a little miracle, anxious expectation… But one only hopes for luck in this delicate matter, I’d rather not, and we need to prepare for future pregnancies, as morally and physically. First of all, the expectant mother should be fully healthy. Unfortunately, today, it is rare to meet a fully healthy person, but performing a number of simple rules, it is possible to prepare your body for conception, carrying a pregnancy and upcoming birth. In this article we want to teach expectant parents how to prepare for pregnancy and what should be given most attention.

Why the need for preparing for pregnancy?

Before talking about the preparation, the woman should understand why it is necessary. First of all, we’re not talking about preparing to conceive, it’s easy and requires no special rituals, we are talking about the main component of the successful birth of a baby — good health of the mother.

The first reason why it is necessary beforehand to examine his body — is to identify all sorts of internal infections, including sexually transmitted diseases, which you may not even suspect. After all, to treat the identified «sore», being in position, the woman will be much harder and more dangerous, as most of the drugs leave their imprint on the development of a fetus.

The second reason special training is the adjustment of supply. The diet of the average modern person only 20-30% is from natural, quality ingredients. The human body is forced daily to cope with the attack of harmful substances, provoking failures and violations of various organs and systems. So, before you «settle» a little man to his body, it is best to be cleansed from all the bad components, and enrich the body with vitamins and minerals. What should be the diet during pregnancy, see the link /pravilynoe-pitanie-dlya-beremennh-women/

And another important part of advance preparation is the presence of the modern woman constant stress, worries, which, in turn, are often the «instigators» of a number of diseases and pathologies. Therefore, in order to prepare the body for pregnancy, you need to seriously rebuild my nervous system.

How to start preparing for pregnancy

When is an issue about the future of pregnancy, women often wonder where to start planning. Correctly executed consistent actions, it will lead you to the fulfillment of a cherished dream — the birth of a healthy baby.

First of all, the woman need to visit some experts, to determine the overall picture of health:

  • Gynecologist. To the specialist you need to visit first to make sure that your women’s health is not in doubt. After pelvic examination and delivery of various strokes, the doctor often suggests women to undergo ultrasound examination of the organs of the little pelvis, to exclude the development of various diseases and inflammatory processes. This is especially important for those women who have a history of some problems of «feminine», such as erosion, miscarriage, missed abortion, disruption of the ovaries (cysts), etc When it detects any infections in the urinary-genital system, you need to stop actively trying to conceive to full recovery in the future, you are unable to upset an emergency. Also the doctor can give professional advice on how to prepare yourself for pregnancy.

However, at the planning stage, a woman should take a blood test for the detection of antibodies to rubella, in the absence of such, it is recommended to be vaccinated in order to protect yourself and your baby from serious complications.

  • Therapist — a doctor of a wide profile, he will be able to see your card illness earlier, to perform the condition today. Probably for this, the doctor will prescribe you the delivery of common blood and urine tests, chest x-rays.
  • Dentist. To solve all dental issues, preferably before pregnancy, because then the use of anesthetic drugs and x-rays would be highly undesirable.
  • Another expert of a narrow profile if you have observed this, for example the cardiologist, endocrinologist, phlebologist etc. will not be superfluous to consult with him, and if necessary, to pass additional examinations.

In addition, a woman must undergo a medical examination, preparing for pregnancy male is also needed. For this, the future father to go and see a urologist to get tested for certain infections, inflammatory processes or other disorders which prevent normal conception. If a couple fails to conceive for more than six years, it is recommended for the man to donate sperm to the study, which is called semen, using it you can determine how fluid the sperm are and what their number, this allows to estimate the fertile ability of men to conceive, and to exclude the fact of infertility.

When all the experts are completed, the results of the survey is very inspiring, with health there are no problems, then you need to perform a number of rules how to prepare your body for pregnancy:

  • To abandon bad habits, that is to quit Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, this applies to both partners. Take all his will into a fist and preparing for pregnancy with full responsibility, if you want the baby was completely healthy.
  • To stop taking hormonal contraceptives have at least 3-6 months before the planned conception.
  • To review diet, to include in your diet «right», healthy foods: vegetables, fruits, fish, milk drinks, iron-containing products.
  • To take care of her physical form, namely, lose weight, improve body and muscle tone.
  • Start taking a multivitamin and folic acid, especially if this pregnancy is planned in the winter or spring, these periods are very poor in vitamins.

Many are interested in the psycho-emotional side, as I mentally prepared for a pregnancy, the issue of concern not only moms but also dads. The right mental attitude plays an important role during the planning and throughout subsequent pregnancies. Therefore, the maximum protect yourself from stress, let go of all the fears and worries, communicate only with positive people, spend time outdoors, love yourself in spite of all the changes that are happening, and most importantly remember that children is a great happiness, talk about your dreams and desires with your loved ones, but try not to cross the line of fanaticism and obsession. It is better to know all the details of how to prepare for pregnancy paired together and work together.

How to prepare for pregnancy after 30?

Later, the kids in our time are not uncommon, women most of the time spend on education, building a career, and then fully ready to devote themselves to family and children.

Preparing for pregnancy after 30 needs to be special, from a medical point of view, women over this age limit are in the category of risk and require more careful monitoring.

It is clear that all cases are unique, the woman may at a later age is fine to carry and give birth to a healthy baby, but a natural physiological, gynecological and hormonal changes has not been canceled. Gradually changing ovarian function, the elasticity of organs and tissues also undergoes certain changes. So, deciding to have a baby, a woman should consult a gynecologist, as well as learn some of the nuances of how to prepare for pregnancy in 30 years and more.

  • Visit the experts. Except for those doctors that have been described above, Ponderosa woman must visit a family planning center and consult with a geneticist to assess the possible risks of pregnancy. In addition, the doctor who deals with the analysis of hereditary diseases and predispositions, will tell you how to prepare for pregnant women after 35 years.
  • Lead proper lifestyle and eat right. About this point, but somehow rarely paying attention.
  • Stop dieting, complete rest and do gentle sports.

Preparation of body for pregnancy is not a mandatory part during planning. But! It’s easier to prevent all possible risks and pathology to the birth in you a new life than to poison the little man of pills and potions. Do not be afraid of tests and examinations, they are the key to the birth of healthy, beautiful and happy baby in a conscious and responsible parents.

Health to you and your baby!

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