How to do baby massage

massage for children under the ageSmall children can’t workout, or gymnastics. However, physical activity is necessary for them. The correct massage helps to strengthen the muscles of the baby and improve the blood circulation, to boost immunity, to help the child adapt and better understand your body. In addition, baby massage can replace the game, providing plenty of excitement for the child. Of course, it is important to know how to massage the baby in order not to cause him harm. This is what we will explain today.

Basic rules of massage

Optimal for massage is the first half of the day. Child up to this point has not yet tired and ready for this new experience massage.

Before conducting the massage is better to ventilate the room. So, you catch two birds with one stone: the muscular load and air baths. But the room should be warm, because

Massage is useful to not dry skin, smearing her pre-hypoallergenic oil or baby cream.

Massage children under one year should not be carried out immediately after a meal. Optimally, if you are with your baby for an hour before a meal, but if you want to work out after him, wait at least an hour, not to disrupt the digestive process.

If the baby perceives the massage negatively and cries all the time, try to change of motion, posture, massage. Start with a few strokes and increases with time during a session, then the child will get used and will not be capricious.

How to massage a newborn?

Massage a little baby fit all parts of the body: legs, belly, handles, back, earlobes and head. Start stroking should be from the feet, moving in the direction of the tummy and up.

  1. Foot

Take foot of the child in her palm, holding the leg over the tibia. The thumb of the other hand vycherchivaya foot figure eight, moving not quickly and accurately.

You can then test the reflexes of the baby: holding stop, press down your finger on the skin at the base of the fingers, they reflexively shrinks.

  1. Feet

Massage month the child should be directed primarily to the weakening of muscle hypertonia. This phenomenon is due to the fact that almost all the babies were born, up to 4 months to test strain muscles and tend out of habit to press the legs and arms to the torso.

Relax the muscles will help stroking and flexion movements. Putting the child on the back, take foot in hand and enjoy stroking the back surface of the leg from the foot to the kneecap, not reaching her. Then stroke the lateral surface.

Useful and voluminous stroking, the thumb goes along the side surface of the foot, and 4 fingers at rear.

  1. Hands

Before massage baby, put your thumb in the palm of the baby, so he squeezed her hard enough. Other hand to make gentle strokes external and internal side of the arm alternately 7 times.

For other exercises, it is necessary that both of your thumbs were trapped in the hands of a child. Other fingers hold his hands. Handle and dilute it a little shake. Maybe the kid will complain, because it is in the comfortable position now of being crushed limbs to the body. In this case, spend the stroking instead.

Massage 4 — month-old child allows you to add a new element: rubbing. Gently RUB the child’s hands from the palm to the shoulder, repeating the movement up to six times.

  1. Back

Starting with the neck gently stroked his back, moving along the shoulder blades and below.

If the baby can lie on my stomach without feeling discomfort, it is possible to conduct an exercise in which he will seek to lift his head up. At the first home gymnastics sessions before giving a massage to a child, should be held his legs.

  1. Belly

The correct massage of the abdomen helps to get rid of heartburn that benefits not only the child but also the parents because the baby cries less and is quieter.

Stroking the abdomen clockwise with gentle movements, without hurting the groin and into the right side of the ribs. After that go to lateral movements: the back side of the left hand is placed on the right abdomen at the bottom, whereas the right palm to the left abdomen at the top. Hands move towards each other and in the opposite direction.

  1. Earlobes

Finish the massage for children under year on the earlobes. Here collected a large number of nerve endings, and if the child procedure time was acting jittery, probably after strokes and mild tingling of the ears will feel better.

Technique, how to massage a child in 3 months, a little change. Added new, more complex exercises, for example, simulation of walking and crawling. However, pats, soft rubbing will not disappear, they can start the massage before you move on to more active movements.

Why you need a restorative massage for infants?

Probably, after reading the article you left the question of whether baby massage to a year. But if you still doubt, give you the main useful properties of massage.

  • Helps eliminate even severe colic;
  • Helps to cope with hypercosm muscles;
  • Allowing the passage of the child have residual reflexes, which should not be adults in a healthy condition;
  • Allows to prevent deformation of the feet, including clubfoot;
  • Prevention of scoliosis;
  • The development of muscle tone. If parents do regularly restorative massage for children, they are more likely earlier start to crawl and walk.
  • Strengthens the immune system. Everyone knows that charging enhances the protective functions of the organism, but many newly minted moms lose sight of that massage for the baby is the same, and active physical exercise for adults.

Benefits of infant massage are many more, but I think all the benefit of these home treatments you already understand. Before the massage, it is better to consult a doctor, because he, like any other medical technique, there are a number of contraindications.

Be healthy!

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