How to lose weight effectively

As it is not banal sounded, but the best remedy for effective weight loss was and still is regular physical activity. And in addition to efficiency of weight loss, regular and easy physical activity have the highest safety for the body than other methods of weight loss. After all, in order to be healthy, a person must get from food all the necessary substances. But if for weight loss selected path when physical activity remains low, but imposes restrictions in food, the body may be deprived of some very important components. If normally eat, not forgetting about exercise, the body will take away all need for myself, and the excess is «burned».

Regular exercises help not only lose weight but also promote better health. Because the active muscle decreases the ability for blood clots in blood vessels, normalize contractile ability of a myocardium at the expense of moderate increase of blood content of calcium ions decreases the likelihood of coronary heart disease. But not every physical activity has beneficial effects on the body.

Here is important to its character. For example, heavy physical work, such as longshoremen, miners, or loggers, on the contrary, contributes to the development of coronary heart disease. After all, intense weight training increase blood cholesterol levels. And long-term cyclic load on the muscle as running or fast walking, the most effective for burning fat and, as a consequence, to prevent the formation in the blood of excess cholesterol.

People often resort to exercise as a means for weight loss. And this way it lives up to its expectations. But most people opt for expensive classes. For example, aerobics or fitness. And not only in the unconscious belief that expensive services are more effective than free classes, such as Cycling, Jogging or regular swimming in open water. Rather, it comes from unbelief in your power and perseverance. Paying for the services of professional trainers, people hope to find in their face is not as many mentors, how many kind of bosses, whose task will be the promotion of regular exercise.

Speaking about circular exercises — running, Cycling, swimming — it is possible to recognize that the most high-quality method of weight loss does not exist. And the reason is this. When such exercises have the ability to find the optimal load level. The pulse rate should not exceed 140 beats /min. Then will not occur oxygen starvation. That is, the body’s need for oxygen will be met fully. If you consider the fact that during exercise, the main fuel is fats, oxidation of which requires a substantial amount of oxygen, sufficient supply of tissues with oxygen is of great importance.

If we consider for example aerobics, it is easy to establish that the condition of absence of oxygen hunger is not satisfied. Because the muscle work is not conducted in a cyclic mode, and «aerobic». The pulse rate varies in the range of 130 — 160 BPM And many students experiencing «shortness of breath» — that is, lack of oxygen, which is unfavorable for fat burning. In this case, muscle nutrition will be due to the oxidation of more «easily flammable» of energy – carbohydrates. Of course, it’s silly to give up modern possibilities for an active holiday. But the old methods should not be neglected. After all, they will give the maximum positive effect.

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